The Military Must Stop Complaining

The murder of women and children continues even as discontent grows among British military chiefs. Kevin Boyle explains

Spiritual War: Where Are The Christians?

Why do we need Israeli Christians to point out this bald truth? And why have those Christians who have pointed it out been ordered to be silent?

Global media serves the synagogue of satan

You only have to look at coverage of 9/11 or 7/7 or the Israeli/Palestinian conflict to understand how the media serves certain “interest groups”. Kevin Boyle explains

It’s All About the Jews

Even though we don’t entirely agree with Kevin on this we post it in the interest of free debate.

Ireland Royal Visit: Peace or Reoccupation

In asking if the Queen’s visit to Ireland is all it seems, Kevin Boyle reveals a little-known and largely unpublicised fact about British royal males

The BBC’s War on Truth

The BBC’s War on Truth

Another Sunday, another job well done by our satanic engineers of consciousness

7/7 Inquest Report: WHAT WILL BECOME OF US?

7/7 Inquest Report: WHAT WILL BECOME OF US?

In reaching its predictable conclusion the 7/7 Inquest unwittingly revealed some glaring anomalies: including missing bodies and no autopsies. Kevin Boyle looks at those anomalies and asks why the media pointedly ignored them

Bin Laden’s 9/11 Confession (not)

This September 28, 2001, interview with Osama bin Laden never made into the Western press. The reason is simple: bin Laden denies any involvement in 9/11, the real perpetrators, he says, were Zionists

The Death of Bin Laden Means Terrorism Will Go Nuclear. Updated

False flag operations are part of American history, 9/11 being one of the most recent. Will news of the death of 9/11’s claimed mastermind lead to an even bigger false flag? Updated with videos

Jewish Influence. Racism In Action

Private residence, dead children…..’humanitarian’. Slips out like a glossy turd

There Are No Anomalies. One Principle Directs All

Note the involvement in this enterprise of the now notorious Tavistock

Governor BOE: The Democratic System is a Fraud Created to Disable Opposition to Bankers’ Rule

Some great quotes from those in a position to know what they’re talking about

Excellent News: Cynicism At All-Time High. Elected Politicians Almost Universally Loathed…

Slowly but surely the light is beginning to dawn as to whom our leaders really serve

UK 'Anarchists' Are Part of MI5: Updated

UK ‘Anarchists’ Are Part of MI5: Updated

There are indications that the ‘anarchists’ who ran amok in London on Saturday were agent provocateurs. Kevin Boyle who was at the protests explains

Don’t Trust the Libyan Horror Stories

In 1991 we were told of Iraqi soldiers killing premature babies in a Kuwaiti hospital. This was later proved (and admitted) to be a complete lie. Now similar sorts of stories are filtering out of Libya

Cosmic Evil and the ‘Great Game’

If military action against Libya is for “humanitarian” reasons the Palestinians must be shaking their heads in bewilderment

Old Terrorism New Terrorism

Do you remember the days when the people who terrorised England were IRA bombers…..along with, perhaps, the occasional serial killer? How things have changed

Iraq Vets KNOW 9/11 Was an Inside job

When the realisation takes hold that people are being killed because of politicans lies then the seeds of insurrection are sown. Particulalrly when soldiers begin to understand this, as revealed in the linked video

Talmudists Define Themselves as a Satanist Enemy Within

The majority of Jewish people know little or nothing about this horrible book but these quotes make an interesting contrast to the words an Auschwitz survivor on Palestine

Auschwitz for Schools and the New Religion (Part I)

The Shoah has been elevated to a religion, like other faiths enshrining sacrifice as a means to empowerment – worldly power. Teacher Kevin Boyle examines how this new faith is being promoted in our schools