Keith Vaz and the Silence of the Saldanha Family

Keith Vaz and the Silence of the Saldanha Family

Apart from the fact that she was a ‘devout Catholic’ and mother of two, doubts persist over Jacintha Saldanha’s suicide. So has Keith Vaz asked her family not to ask too many questions?

UK is Primarily a Racist Society

But maybe not in the way you might assume. Kevin Boyle explains

If Sodomy, Why Not Necrophilia?

Let’s admit it folks. Jimmy Saville, with his privileged access, his sets of keys and his midnight trips to Leeds General hospital morgues, was an enlightened trailblazer

‘Gay Marriage’ and Unnatural Vice

Why are Britain’s political leaders trying to make what was once termed ‘unnatural vice’ seem acceptable? The answer may be worse than you think

Bishop Williamson’s Blog, Dictatorship Imminent

The latest instalment of the blog that got Bishop Williamson sacked

The British Public Support the Palestinians

The British Public Support the Palestinians

Despite the best efforts of Zionists and the corporate media, the tide of public opinion is turning. Includes video

Interview with Expelled Bishop Williamson

The expulsion of Bishop Williamson reveals a widening gulf in the Catholic Church. Includes videos

Catholic Church expels Bishop Williamson. Questioning ‘The Holocaust’ Will Not Be Tolerated

Kevin Boyle on what amounts to a weaponisation of human empathy and what happens to those who question the process. Includes video

Sodomy Protected, Christianity Rejected by UK/EU Powers-That-Be

The dictates of the Learned Protocols of Zion are becoming a manifest reality in the UK today. Kevin Boyle explains

We Have Won The War for Truth

Like they say the truth will out even as the media, in this case the BBC, do their utmost to disparage “conspiracy theorists”

Holocaust Propaganda (Yet Again) Not To Be Trusted

Holocaust Propaganda (Yet Again) Not To Be Trusted

Kevin Boyle writes in answer to Henry Makow’s recent posting and in the process exposes more Holocaust deception. Includes video

BBC Promotes English Democrats, a Party With No Assets, No Income..( No Membership?)

BBC Promotes English Democrats, a Party With No Assets, No Income..( No Membership?)

Kevin Boyle looks at th English Democratic Party’s Director’s report and finds a big nothing. Is this a real political party or a hollow sham?

BBC Promote Unheard-Of ‘Spoiler’ Party

Why are the BBC, and the Guardian, promoting a splinter group from the UKIP that virtually no one has heard of? Is this an attempt to divide and rule?

David Icke Promotes the Zionist Agenda

David Icke Promotes the Zionist Agenda

Interestingly enough, the fact that this correspondent had trouble getting this to us should affirm that the Powers That Be don’t want this publicised

A Cause For Hope

A Cause For Hope

The Deputy Prime Minister is such an obvious oaf that he unwittingly exposes our political system for the farce that it is

The Jewish Media

Zionist control of the Western media is clearly evident in the sneering, cynical comments on Rachel Corrie included here. Features poignant video of the 11-year-old Rachel

Speaking in Codes and the Absurdity of Anti-Semitism’

The Protocols described it as “indispensable… for the management of out lesser brethren.” While today a psychopathic cabal use it to manipulate ordinary Jews and Gentiles

It is illegal to pay your taxes

Or it should be if you don’t want to help fund state-sponsored terror. Kevin Boyle explains why. Includes video

Out in the Open. Al Qaeda Are Our Boys

It has now been officially acknowledged. The British government is helping fund the ‘Syrian opposition’ but that being the case, what does that make us? Includes video

Tony Farrell, the ‘Gulf of Tonkin’ Incident and the Bloody Obvious

The former principle intelligence analyst for the South Yorkshire police has just presented evidence to ALL police Chief Constables and Principle Analysts that 7/7 was a false flag. Will they take heed, ignore or dispute it?