Genesis: Financial Control

Bible commentary isn’t a regular feature on this website. However, as Kevin Boyle points out this could be seen as a direct forerunner of The Talmud, The Protocols, The Communist Manifesto and the writings of The Frankfurt School of Psychology…

Fair Questions for Any British M.P.

Kevin Boyle left these questions with his M.P. over a year ago with a request that he get back to him. The M.P. still hasn’t replied

Mainstream Media and the Truth is Like Father Ted Kicking Brennan Up the Arse

Mainstream Media and the Truth is Like Father Ted Kicking Brennan Up the Arse

So outrageous it couldn’t possibly be true. Could it? Includes video

Why We Are Confused

Kevin Boyle on the attempted creation of a global banker-compliant cowed ‘monoculture’

BBC’s Newsnight: The Jewish Drive For War

Did BBC reporters call in an air strike on a school playground in northern Syria and film the consequences? It wouldn’t surprise Kevin Boyle and nor would it surprise us

Days of Reckoning and Mad Dogs

There’s a reckoning coming and we all know what happens to mad dogs. Eventually.

The Book of Mormon

Kevin Boyle encounters a ‘musical’ that illustrates just how terminally degenerate Western Culture has become

The Gay Agenda and the War Against God

While the Independent claims that “homosexuality is a natural occurrence”, as Kevin Boyle explains, some are using it to further their own sinister agenda

Mr Obama! Mr Cameron! We Must Arm the Turkish Opposition Now!

Kevin Boyle, tongue in cheek, on fulfilling a moral necessity that we may sleep more soundly

Alex of Zion Plays a Blinder at the BBC

Alex of Zion Plays a Blinder at the BBC

What was it Lenin said? The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves. Includes video

“The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed.

“The Controversy of Zion” by Douglas Reed.

Douglas Reed and the Jews: a review by Knud Eriksen

Ex-Chief Rabbi: Jewish People Their Own God

Ex-Chief Rabbi: Jewish People Their Own God

From the very mouth of the esteemed Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. Includes video

‘Human Gas Chambers’ and the Church of Satan

How Holocaustianity has striven to supplant the crucifixion with the Shoah. Includes video

Is David Icke a Zionist Agent?

Like Les Visible, we despise David Icke. However, Kevin Boyle has noted a glaring omission in his work and wonders if Icke is more than just an egotistical plagiarist?

Satan Enthroned

If you are a soldier you fight for them. If you are a policeman you enforce their laws. If you work for the secret services you serve the same dark force and moreover, you probably don’t even know it

BBC1’s ‘Big Questions’ Preventing Honest Debate

Christ said “THE TRUTH SHALL MAKE YOU FREE”. But the BBC is the very last place people should turn to find it

Secularism Is State-Sponsored Satanism

Kevin Boyle on how black magician Aleister Crowley’s dictate, “do as thou wilt”, has become the guiding principle behind modern seularism

The War Against Common Good

Moves to promote gay marriage aren’t for ‘equality’. The object is to degrade traditional marriage and undermine its role in providing social cohesion

Cutting Out The Middle Man

UK schools are being taken over by corporations where academic achievement is now rewarded with a scheme cumulative discounts, writes a teacher. Meaning that schoolchildren are being conditioned to see achievement purely in material terms

Leader of Child Killers Pretends to Weep for Victims

Leader of Child Killers Pretends to Weep for Victims

As we have heard no regrets whatsoever expressed regarding the 170+ children he has murdered himself in Pakistan, only a total fool could take his grief-ridden act seriously