Ernst Zündel: A Prisoner in a State That Does Not Exist

A Rebuttal to Criticism of “Telling the Truth in the Realm of Lies” “Es wird daran festgehalten, daß das Deutsche Reich den Zusammenbruch 1945 überdauert hat und weder mit der Kapitulation noch durch die Ausübung fremder Staatsgewalt in Deutschland durch die Alliierten noch später untergegangen ist; es besitzt nach wie vor Rechtsfähigkeit, ist allerdings als [...]

Big Government: Taxing the Gift of God

Why income tax is immoral and must be abolished One of the most beautiful words in the English language, indeed in any language, is “freedom.” Yet the word and the concept it describes often mean different things to different men, and at different times in history. This is because freedom, and the enjoyment thereof, is [...]

Bush’s Very Own Declaration of Independence

My Very Own Declaration Of Independence By G.W. Bush, date to be arranged The Unanimous (i.e. Me) Declaration of Independence When, in the course of inhuman events, it becomes necessary for the American government to increase the political bonds which has connected it with the state of Israel, and to assume among the lesser powers [...]

Tony Blair Caught Protecting Elite Paedophile Ring

NATO boss and Blair government insider Lord Robertson has threatened to sue Scotland’s leading independent newspaper over internet allegations that he not only used his influence as a Freemason to procure a gun licence for child killer Thomas Hamilton, but was also a member of a clandestine paedophile ring reportedly set up by Hamilton for [...]

Blackout in Britain

Alleged Paedophiles at Helm of Britain’s War Machine

Denying Everything: A Holocaust of Bacon and Lies

Mike James reports from the border of Switzerland and Germany, a land where Holocaust ‘heretics’ are now routinely thrown in jail for voicing their opinions

French and Dutch Patriots Rout the New World Order

With the decisive French Non result and Dutch voters also rejecting the EU constitution, writes Michael James, the fight-back has begun

Lying Is Good Government – Blair’s New WMD Inquiry Chief

In following President Bush in his usual poodle-like fashion, the war criminal Tony Blair has approved the launch of an inquiry into Iraq’s mysterious absence of weapons of mass destruction. And in so doing, he has appointed another notorious proponent of deceit, Lord Butler, to head up his planned “limited hangout”. Following in a long [...]

Germany Imposes Draconian Internet Tax On Citizens

Compulsory Mass Registration Of Mobile Phones Next Germany has become the first country in the world to tax private personal computers that are deemed to be “Internet-capable”. The plan, long in the offing, was agreed in Berlin by the Conference of Prime Ministers of the Federal States of Germany on October 8. It is being [...]

Washington’s ‘Poisoned Relations’ and the German Problem

Notwithstanding Gerhard Schroeder’s re-election as Prime Minister of Germany, the President of the United States has made it known that he still expects regime change. Mr Schroeder does not possess weapons of mass destruction, nor is he threatening the economic welfare of the American people. His crime is much worse. He has called into question [...]

The Painfully Silent Genocide of the German People

If your news staple is CNN or the BBC, you probably won’t have heard that hundreds of thousands of Germans are now suffering levels of poverty unknown since the Weimar republic. Mike James reports on the decline of a once proud and prosperous nation

Making Out Like Everything is Normal

What’s good for Israel is good for America and the rest of us. So let’s make out like everything is just swimmingly, perfectly normal. Which it is. Isn’t it?

The Brutal Psychic Destruction of Our Children by Government Decree

Everything in the twisted minds of the psychopaths who govern from Westminster under the auspices of their serpent masters has a rhyme and a reason

Concentration Camps Await EU Dissidents

As across the Atlantic, throughout the length and breadth of Europe concentration camps are being readied and former Gulags reactivated. Ostensibly to hold ‘unwanted migrants’ – one has to wonder: are they really being readied for EU dissidents?

Final Message to the Good and True People of England

Where will you be when the curtain drops? Asks Mike James as he reflects on what his native land has become; and how its enemy now lives in Whitehall and sits ensconced on benches in the House of Parliament

Mike assaulted, leaving Germany

Mike James, a regular contributor to this website has been attacked. He gave as good as he got but his experience needs wider exposure. Please read this and spread it around

The Coming Mass Expulsion of Jews from Britain

The Edict of Expulsion was issued by King Edward the First nearly 800 years ago in response to alleged “Blood sacrifice” rituals. It required the expulsion of Jews from Britain and significantly, has never been rescinded. Mike James comments on it

Globalist Parasites Take Fright as German Patriots Prepare for Government

Correspondent Mike James reports from Germany that something stirs in the Teutonic heartlands

A Much Greater Prize

The face of a young Israeli girl caught by a passing photographer as she scrawled “with love” on one of the Zionist state’s missiles tells a story, writes Mike James

Big Pharma Pushes “Miracle Cure” for Holocaust Denial Syndrome

“Holocaust Denial” has finally met its match, writes Mike James from Germany