Neurosis in Search of Psychosis and a Purgatory of Perversity

I know many people consider the idea of a very great percentage of famous and powerful people being practicing Satanists as possibly a reach or an exaggeration. It is not.

The Ineffable’s Piano Player and the Symphony of the Apocalypse

‘Don’t be deceived by appearances’. Adversity is quite often serendipity in camouflage, depending on the reaction to it

The Dance of the Scorpion and the Flight of the Eagle

Hardly a week goes by when my mind is not drawn back to certain prophetic lines in Yeats poem, “The Second Coming”. “Things fall apart”, most definitely and “the center cannot hold”

The Road to Damascus Factor and the Great Swamp Fundie

A judge once said, paraphrasing here, “I can’t define what pornography is but I know it when I see it.” Well this pornography, of a kind

Twerking with Anne Frank in a Dancing Zombie Musical

The cosmos has a wicked sense of humor and… more and more you are going to be seeing things and hearing about things that are just not part of the usual script that we’ve been suffering through

All these Things: in the Context of the Apocalypse

These are what have been called, “interesting times”. Though, as recently inferred, it depends on what you’ve been up to and on what you believe to be real

The Many Splendored Opportunities of an Abundant life

A properly understood and more fully operational mind is a magic carpet to anywhere. Yet, the primary objective of most people in this age is to clutter it up with trivia and non stop distractions

Of Devil Signs and the Singularity of Force

The road to remorse is paved with people who figured that if they didn’t grab it they wouldn’t get it. Remember, though it might be true that “fortune favors the bold”

Israel Executes Three Little Girls and it Doesn't Matter

Israel Executes Three Little Girls and it Doesn’t Matter

I am more and more amazed with every passing day that so many people can carry on as they do and be so completely indifferent to what is going on around them and what is headed in their direction

The Small Print on Mr Apocalypse’s Business Card

Change is on its way. What has long been concealed and suppressed, is roaring to the surface like some Hell rider on a subterranean subway train

Living in a Time of Darkness on a Sea of Madness

As The Apocalypse intensifies, all kinds of bizarre evidence floats to the surface of a dead lake. Everything is coming to the surface

Cosmic Laundry Day … slip Sliding Away

A couple of days late, due to some minor problems with a server upgrade, but better late than never

No Time for Dumbasses, Steampunking on the Gloom Train

Consider the case of the recalcitrant mule, who decides he’s not going any further. What happens is that the mule is going to get a serious taste of the whip. As has been noted, “those who will not hear must feel”.

Gotchaland and the Angels of Retribution

When the cosmos decides the time has come, the time has come. There is no reprieve. there’s no higher court of appeal.

A Written Christmas Card of Gratitude and Thanks

A lot of people are less interested in the truth of anything but rather to what degree they can use it for the purpose of self promotion. Real wisdom is humble

Yahweh’s Boys, the Wide boys from the Temporal Swamp

Once again, Irony raises it’s shaggy head, in an etymological fashion, when we note that these Earthy representatives of the Klingon Empire are called AshekeNAZIS

A Treatise on not Criticising the Criminals who Abuse Us

Every man and woman of note has a secret life of shame. Sometimes it is not so secret but… in the end, we are judged by the aggregate of the good and bad we have done

Turbo Stupid and the Dominoes of Interactive Evil

In the face of looming cataclysms of all sorts there is so little reaction among the masses. They can see, should be able to see what’s happening around them but… nada. They just continue to channel surf and shop

Mr Dutroux to the White Courtesy Phone

It’s been going on for a long time. All these baubles and superficial attractions, they glitter like the freshness of morning for the eyes inflamed by false dawns and trivial objectives

Evil Passing and the Planetary Kali Yuga Blues

Evil is nothing if not facile and adaptive. It’s truly chameleon like. Evil knows how to dress the part. It’s social haute couture and celebrated everywhere that the low life enjoys the high life at the expense of all other life