The World is a Rumor, Born from the Day Dreams of God

Think of the world in terms of being lost in deep woods and think of one’s higher qualities of being like a compass and a flashlight. Without them you are in trouble

The Ugliness of War and the International Bankers who are Behind It

Now that the enemy has infiltrated The Shire the sun breaks out only occasionally, probably to remind you that it is still there, though hidden much of the time

The Fall of the Darkness and the Coming of the Light

We never think about time being short until, suddenly, it is

The Tribe Has Decided to Go After Jeff Rense

The Tribe Has Decided to Go After Jeff Rense

Most telling is the constant inference that Rense is making his money off of the aged and infirm

Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes

Something Dark and Malevolent is Moving Behind the Scenes

We know that money does funny things to people. They always want more. Has this happened with David Icke?

Following the Whiffenpoof in an Ever Tightening Spiral

We are what we are regardless of what we may have convinced others that we are and the more corrupt we are the more we are surrounded by others of equal corruption

Some Are Sicker Than Others

Rather belatedly but better late than never. Includes video

A Strange and Curious Incident

It is time to visit the most recent event in my travelogue back and forth across this strange planet

The Obvious Plots of the Servants of Darkness

These days, any criticism leveled at the way the servants of darkness do business puts one in danger of being labeled an agent of intolerance and discrimination

Nothing in the World is Permanent

It’s said that every master has a secret life of shame

Walking Half-Blind Through the Minefields of Material Darkness

Some of the greatest crimes against humanity are not considered crimes at all; the crimes of fashion, advertising, journalism, finance and a welter of other activities

Standing on the Shoreline of Fathomless Time

Standing on the Shoreline of Fathomless Time

The darkness and the agents of the darkness are ramped up to stir as much confusion as possible, before they must make their exit, willingly or otherwise

Stuck in a Groove or a Rut or … What?

Apologies to Les Visible and readers. Somehow we missed this posting from last month. Smoking Mirrors on the last round-up

Dancing in the Drip Fest of the Lords of Stomach and Groin

Dancing in the Drip Fest of the Lords of Stomach and Groin

There they sit, side by side, like Roman statues. The two great low gods of Materialism, rampant on a field of blood. The Lords of the Stomach and the Groin

Updates and Outtakes and WTF?

After a brief absence that left some concerned, he’s back

The Departments of Fantasy and Aberrant Fiction

You know that you have entered the cultural badlands when banks and corporations control the governments, the press and the entertainment industries.

The Coming Judgements and Liberation of the Avatar

The world is upside down. What seems to be the heights of attainment are actually prison cells. What seems to promise freedom delivers bondage.

The Ineluctable Marriage of Karma and Global Transit

There are too many of us for the wishes of the few and they have set in motion various plans to exterminate billions so that nothing but a permanent servant underclass will remain.

One Day the Spiritual Sun will Shine into the Prisons of the World

Tens of thousands are locked up in conditions you can’t imagine if you haven’t been there. I have been there.

These Things are True if we Are True

What can any one of us do about the gathering darkness, as it rides that iron hoofed skeleton horse? At the very least we can face the evil within