These Things are True if we Are True

What can any one of us do about the gathering darkness, as it rides that iron hoofed skeleton horse? At the very least we can face the evil within

A Freak Circus Fashion Show for Dysfunctional Morons

The obvious transcendence of Satanism into every aspect of society is by now undeniable. Imagine what must be going on behind the scenes!

It’s Not Easy to be Arthur Topham

I am reminded always that behind every appearance of the devil there is an angel concealed and which only needs to be seen to produce the force of its being

Into the Deep and Dark Mindinao Trench of Doubt

The signs are flashing on that Las Vegas strip of dancing neon that is the internet. They read California and “seismic event” in big letters.

Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go

Try as Hard as You Can and then You Let Go

The majority of us no longer know what normal is. The shared awareness of what it was is being bred out of the masses in specific steps

It Could be Vegas and it could be Varanasi

Most of us do not look forward to the tests and trials that come our way in our journey through life. But for some, the experience here is about even more concealment and artifice

Holocaustianity, Political Correctness and Information Control

Holocaustianity, Political Correctness and Information Control

This is The Age of Political Correctness. What we have is a modern day variation of what Mao put into place in China

The Mind is the Ugliest Part of the Body

Everything begins and ends in your mind. Everything that affects you affects you because of the state of your mind

The Relentless and Irresistible Dirty Snowball of Approaching Destiny

That dirty snowball is going to come right down Main Street everywhere and be just as big or small as karma demands

The Winds of Change are Blowing in from the Sea

Things are in flux. They are always in flux but… sometimes… they are in a state of real and dramatic change. These are such times

Stuck Inside WTF with the Laurel Canyon Blues Again

Did the Rolling Stones play around with Satanic energies? We know they did. Is Marilyn Manson a Satanist? Assuredly. We’ve got pictures of him with Anton Szanador Lavey and he directly states that he is

Mr. Apocalypse: the Hardest Working Archetype in Show Business

The countdown continues… to what? That remains to be seen. But everywhere on the planet, Mr. Apocalypse is at work

It Furthers to have Eyes in the Front of your Head

It Furthers to have Eyes in the Front of your Head

This is not some kind of ‘poor me’ soliloquy. It’s a matter of fact appraisal of how it is and… I will tell you why

The Madness of Kings and Fools

I suspect this summer and the rest of the year to be massively transformative. Negativists will see it as a world’s end scenario. Positivists, like myself, will see it as something else entirely

Pop Goes Elie the Weasel

Let it not be said that I have anything against particular sexual acts, I don’t. It’s more a matter of who is doing them and WHY

ZOG and the Catamite Hordes on the Shifting Sands of Time

When it comes to the force of runaway vanity, coupled with cluelessness, there is no limit to how far people will go when they have no idea where they are going

Dancing with the Lizards on the way to Kansas City

The truth lies beaten, bleeding and alone. It’s sprawled in the alley where winos piss on it. You can see it that way but the truth is inviolate. You can’t touch it unless it wants you to

Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughter House of History

Like Butchered Sheep, Hanging on Hooks in the Slaughter House of History

When cabals are engaged in seeking to legalize every form of sexual practice, no matter how bizarre, you should know we are in the last gasp of a dying age.

Lies, More Lies and the Temporary Profit of Falsehood

Bright and early at 5.00 a.m., local time, Smoking Mirrors on Oscar picks and one of the ways that Evil comes to destroy itself.

Water Bearer Consciousness and the Cloud of Unknowing

Desire and all of its handmaidens; sirens… if you wish, are dangerous voices to be plucking out of the wind. What’s playing on your Walkman? Who are you listening to?