The Nocturnal Bot Flies of the Apocalypse

There is an all out war on anyone and everyone, who is in opposition to the Satanic, Israeli (same thing) push toward Armageddon. They are coming up against cosmic judgment and it’s coming down on them

Doing the Doggy Paddle in Deep Dung Jell-O

It’s gotten pretty dark of late. Is that the darkness before dawn? Or, is it the prelude to a yet deeper darkness? Is that light at the end of the tunnel a train, or the way out?

Darkness at the Break of Noon as the Dawn Breaks and the Dung Beetle also Rises

Given the utterly strange atmosphere and pending madness of the moment, a Visible Origami is out of the question and we must move directly to Smoking Mirrors

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States

“All the world’s a stage and we are merely players, each having their exits and entrances” As the bard (or Francis Bacon or another) so aptly puts it, everything is for the purpose of demonstration

The Big Squeeze in De De De De Denouement City

Even a surprising few of us, joined together in common cause, can bring forth serious change upon the face of this beleaguered planet

Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor

Hell’s Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor

I see the breaking down of the moral climate and the visible corruption of government agencies, along with the slow, tumbling decline of various religious institutions

Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents and Big Ones

Good or bad, karma is definite and absolute and will find you one way or another

Lighting Up the Bug House in the Age of Looney Tunes

Oddly, it seems the saner I am getting, the crazier other people are behaving.

Mr Apocalypse is Dancing in the Meringue of the Doomsday Cake

There is nothing back the way we came and there is nothing to be found or learned in the appetites and pursuits of the masses; lest it is your intent to share their fate

An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Dewey, Lipshits, Cheatem and Howe

An Off the Rack Lawsuit from Dewey, Lipshits, Cheatem and Howe

You are never so tightly bound as you might imagine. The darkness will pass and the servants of the darkness will pass with it

The Trayvonita Tango, over to Hayseed County in the Teratogenic States of America.

The Trayvonita Tango, over to Hayseed County in the Teratogenic States of America.

Yes, this pandering, race-baiting, narcissist, with his narcissist wife and Will Smith, designer children, has ‘Property of the Synagogue of Satan” tattooed on his ass

The Nearly Unendurable Stench of a Gone Dead Culture

Real change is coming. Some of the centers of true evil, are finally coming under the lens of cosmic justice. Step by step, inch by inch, in Tel Aviv, in Washington D.C., in Istanbul, in Cairo, transition is in flux

The Lidless Eye and the Yo Yo Dance of Butch Napolitano

Do not deceive yourself on any account concerning this freak of aberrant Nature. As depraved and dark as you can paint her, she is worse than that

It's the American Way; not to go. C'est Terrible

It’s the American Way; not to go. C’est Terrible

Lao Tzu said something about the people having it good when they barely know their leader exists. It gets worse when they admire him, and even worse when they hate and fear him

A Cup of Upchuck Formula, Down at the Paddles Club

It is a sad affair that I have to say this …but ANYTHING that mucks up the interests of Israel, America and the U.K. is good for the human race

The Monsters of Irony and the Beasts from the Pit

Everyone that might have stopped them, is now owned by them, or scared of them, or bought off by them. What does that leave us with? All that leaves us with is you

Of Ring Pass Nots, Animated Shits and Positive Ends

Due to problems encountered in Beijing, where the editor is currently located, there was some slight delay in posting this. Those problems seem to have been resolved so here is the most recent Smoking Mirrors

The Ship of Fools on the River of Darkness

These days, magazines, newspapers, books, TV, movies, theater and concerts, are mostly geared toward low brow consumption. It’s canned beer and greasy burgers for the stomach and the mind, guaranteed to give you a fat head and a big behind

Singing and Dancing in a Golden Shower

John McCain and Lindsey Graham are determined men, whose biggest regret is that they don’t get to do the determining

Lowdown, Dirty, Rotten, Filthy Liars

They are contemptible and damned. Equally contemptible, is the public who supports these monsters and who chant “USA! USA! USA!”