The Victims of Foreign Banker’s Wars in the Land of Eternal Stupid

Stupid is what makes it possible for billions of dollars known and many billions more, unknown, to go to Israel, while food stamps are cut in the US

Haute Tension in Broken Heartland

In the history of humanity this time around, there has NEVER been so many feckless characters prominent on the world stage. You can’t tell the politicians from the entertainers

The Cowgirl from Hell on the Damnation Train

As long as there are wars there will be an economy and there will be something to steal. This is the fuel that the Damnation Train burns. It burns the hopes and dreams of the people

Stop Living in the Back Room of the Central Banker’s Underwear

They’re like trap door spiders living in a woven cocoon of imagined security. They are the true Untouchables, or so they think. They emerge, periodically, to suck the life blood out of whomever is handy

Big Ass Neon. Las Vegas Style and O Solo Mio Frottage

Have you not noticed the proliferation of vampire and zombie flicks? This is not accidental

Evolutionary Moonwalkers on the Wheels of Obscenity

America cannot survive Obamacare but… that is only one of the ravenous beasts tearing at its hindquarters. The great carcass of what might have been lies rotting in the sun, surrounded by hyenas and other carrion feeders

A World of Flaming Shit and Shake n’ Bake Truths

Mind how you go and watch your step. There’s shit everywhere these days

The Sinnergogues and the Mannischewitz at the Circlejerk De Soleil

Cheer up comrades, the more ridiculous and outrageously stupid it gets, the closer we are to the anticipated conclusion. They haven’t gotten to the fullness of their insanity yet

How About a Nice Slice of Poppa John’s Acne Breakout Pizza?

They may kill a lot of people (they’re already doing that) but eventually it will catch up with them. It is inevitable. A goodly number of the formerly sleeping classes have finally woken up

Twerking Whores and Chicken McNuggets are Made from the Same Ingredients

Hopefully something useful will slip between these words and briefly glimmer like a candle in the dark

The Old Soft Shoe Outside the Kingdom of Boredom Ad Infinitum

He’s back on form, and for those who are interested, has been given some astrological insights into a personal ordeal

Twisting in the Wind, a Momentary Hiatus

He’s back. After a brief absence, a welcome return

No Pain… No Gain… and NO CENTRAL BANKERS!

Slowly but surely the truth is becoming more powerful than the lies. This accounts for the manic intensity on the part of those grown fat on lies. The ground is moving under them. Terra is no longer firma for them

Michael Rivero in the Crosshairs of the IRS, in Toadstool Nation

Michael Rivero in the Crosshairs of the IRS, in Toadstool Nation

What do you do to a man that you can’t seduce or subdue any other way? You send the IRS in after them

The Nocturnal Bot Flies of the Apocalypse

There is an all out war on anyone and everyone, who is in opposition to the Satanic, Israeli (same thing) push toward Armageddon. They are coming up against cosmic judgment and it’s coming down on them

Doing the Doggy Paddle in Deep Dung Jell-O

It’s gotten pretty dark of late. Is that the darkness before dawn? Or, is it the prelude to a yet deeper darkness? Is that light at the end of the tunnel a train, or the way out?

Darkness at the Break of Noon as the Dawn Breaks and the Dung Beetle also Rises

Given the utterly strange atmosphere and pending madness of the moment, a Visible Origami is out of the question and we must move directly to Smoking Mirrors

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States

Bobbing for Road Apples in the Late Great American States

“All the world’s a stage and we are merely players, each having their exits and entrances” As the bard (or Francis Bacon or another) so aptly puts it, everything is for the purpose of demonstration

The Big Squeeze in De De De De Denouement City

Even a surprising few of us, joined together in common cause, can bring forth serious change upon the face of this beleaguered planet

Hell's Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor

Hell’s Unfinished Symphony in Illegal Minor

I see the breaking down of the moral climate and the visible corruption of government agencies, along with the slow, tumbling decline of various religious institutions