Charles Freeman and the Art of Shadow Boxing

The ruling crime families need the psychopathic mindset of the Judaics in and outside of Israel to carry out their dirty business. But that doesn’t mean that they let them get away with everything.

Exposing the Matrix – The Democracy Hoax

At the core of the Matrix, filthy rich Jewish investment and central bankers, intermarried for generations with Europe’s old and new elites, now vigilantly observe the world around them for potential new political causes to hijack and exploit

Blaming the Jews

Maybe things have to get much worse before they can get better. But one thing I know for sure, writes Rebel of Oz; if we all wait for someone else to make corrections, nothing will ever be done

Open Letter to Abraham Foxman

From an anti-Zionist activist

Is Rep. Ron Paul a CIA Spook?

This is an old trick and it’s used in Britain too, where the head of the anti-immigration BNP is also reputed to be an intelligence asset. This gives the authorities a handle on opposition to their policies while mainting the illusion of political freedom

More on Who Makes the Terror Videos

From a reader, some intriguing insights into who was really behind reports that bin Laden would speak to the world on the anniversary of 9/11

From Yogi with Love

A selection of emails to Ziopedia reveals the near psychopathic malignance of hard line Zionists. In this case one, Ronald Yogamn, who works under the guise of the Animal Health Foundation and the Florida Holocaust museum

Living with the Matrix

Or the irreversible effect of developing blue pill resistance

Jews Anonymous Launched

Much like Alcoholics Anonymous, the newly formed Jews Anonymous is intended to help any Jew who joins rid themselves of any sense of superiority over humanity and embrace all of mankind

Dare to care – Why I don’t believe in the Holocaust

The only way we can establish what really happened in WWII is through open research and debate, not repressive “Holocaust denial” laws.

Reiner, Gibson and the libel of anti-Semitism

If being critical of Israel or AIPAC or Holocult heresy laws is anti-Semitism, then we all should wear this label with pride, writes Rebel of Oz

A Thank you To All Starbucks Customers

You may not have realised it but when you enjoy a coffee at Starbuck’s you are also helping to further the “War on Terror” and Zionist wing of the Military Industrial complex

A Staged Attack on Atlanta, Dallas or Houston on Dec 27???

Purported ‘Intelligence insider’ reports of a proposed nuclear attack on mainland USA. We cannot verify or dismiss this but leave the reader to decide. However, if the report is authentic, publicity may actually prevent it from happening. You decide

Jewish Graves Vandalised in France

In what is becoming a familiar story, more Jewish graves have been vandalised, this time in Lyon. However the question the mainstream media fails to ask is: who is really behind the desecration and why?