Rep. Ron Paul and Israel

I hate to break the news but Democracy is a horse race where the ruling elite owns all the horses, writes Rebel of Oz. And Ron Paul is their best horse

Ehud Olmert’s Memorial Day Speech

There is plenty of evidence that our governments and media are controlled by groups and people benefiting from the Holocaust story. And there is even more evidence that our governments and media have no qualms about lying to us again and again

Immigration, Multiculturalism, U.S. Elections and Jewish Gatekeepers

Or how ‘Multi-Culturalism’ is another word for “Divide and Rule”

NATO, Afghanistan and the ‘all about oil’ myth

Rebelf of Oz exposes one of the most persistant myths behind the “War on Terror”

Vanity Fair’s Gaza Bombshell or the Machinations of the Matrix

You got to learn to read between the lines, when it comes to professional liars like the corporate media. Let’s start with the title, ‘The Gaza Bombshell’. The subliminal message is that we are being told something new. But are we really?

No illegal drugs, no ruling elite

A father’s advice for his daughter on her eighteenth birthday

Blood Money

A message for those who put their material wealth before conscience

Paedophilia and its role in the New World Order

Like drugs, the ruling elite use sexual perversion to enrich themselves and augment their power.

The Role of Feminism in the N.W.O.

How legitimate grievances have been cynically exploited

The Fallacy of Multiculturalism

How the old ploy of divide and rule has been rebranded and presented as multiculturalism

Don’t get fooled into another Waterloo

Remembering a timely lesson from the past will help us avoid making the same mistake.

Ron Paul’s ‘Permanent Revolution’

Ron Paul got fooled by his Jewish advisers that if he does this and does that, the Jewish bankers will make him U.S. president. Who knows, maybe one day they will, but only after having completely ruined the U.S. economy

Religions of the New World Order

230 years ago, when the Rothschilds started their quest for world domination, things were so much easier. They could simply rely on fellow Jews, their strong tribal instincts and traditional Jewish supremacist views towards ‘Gentiles’. Not any more

Why I believe the Jews are lying about the Holocaust

Rebel of Oz spells out why he doesn’t buy the standard storyline about the “Holocaust”

The Pursuit of True Liberty

Only a small minority of us have the mental capacity to recognise that our world is just a Matrix-like virtual reality and that we are blindly marching towards a one-world tyranny. Even fewer of us have the psychological make-up to stand up and fight

The Role of Torture in the War on Terror

Rebel of Oz on one of the great mysteries in the “War on Terror”

The Judeo-Christian oxymoron or the real clash of civilizations

Christian churches as we know them are the last thing that Jesus had on his mind when he lead his revolt against the oral traditions of the Pharisees

Lets Get the Facts Straight on Torture

It would be extremely naïve to believe that banksters puppet Obama was serious about getting his predecessor into trouble by releasing incriminating photos

Time to get them off that gravy train and hang them high

Why can a crack pot drug addict work out where to buy drugs, but the police can’t? Or could it be that the drugs business is so cloaked in illusion because the authorities are so heavily involved?

The Apostle Paul and the Jewish Dark Art of Gatekeeping

The strategy of systematically suppressing discourse that is ‘bad for the Jews’ is not new. It goes back as far as the Roman days, if not further.