Lying About The Dead

‘Blair to blame for 700,000 rotting corpses’, says Craig Murray former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan

How I know Blair faked Iran map

How I know Blair faked Iran map

A former British Ambassador and Head of the Foreign Office’s Marritime Section explains how

Fake Maritime Boundaries

More on the former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan claims that doctored maps are being used to justify the British incursion into Iranian territorial waters

British Ambassador: Uzbeks Tortured Into Falsely Confessing Al-Qaeda Membership

For alleging that MI6 and the CIA are using confessions extracted by torture in the ‘War on Terror’, Craig Murray, the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan has been suspended

The War on Shampoo

“More propaganda than plot” writes Briton’s former Ambassador to Uzbekistan, last summer’s liquid bomb scare was a Home Office sponsored hoax!

Hazel Blears made a claim to MPs I know to be false

Justification given by one of Tony Blair’s ministers for banning an alleged Uzbek terror group was based on propaganda and downright lies, so says Britain’s former ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray