Olympics Whistleblower Fears For Safety, Reveals Identity

Olympics Whistleblower Fears For Safety, Reveals Identity

“I’m now afraid that I might be in physical danger”, says the journalist who revealed lax security procedures at the upcoming Olympics could open the way for a terror attack

Olympics 2012 Conspiracies & The BBC

Is the BBC trying to discredit specualtion about a ‘false flag’ terror attack at the upcoming Olympics before the Games have even begun?

Whistleblower Reveals Plan To Evacuate London During Olympics

Ignored by the corporate media, an undercover reporter reveals serious lapses in Olympic security. Leaving the 2012 Games wide open to a terrorist attack. Includes video

Member of Free Syrian Army posing with Looted Christian cross and priests robes. Click to enlarge

Syrian Rebels Ransack Christian Churches

The fact that supposed ‘Syrian rebels’ have made a point of desecrating Christian Churches says much about them, their NATO supporters and whom and what they really serve

Mitt Romney. Click to enlarge

Eyewitnesses: Mitt Romney Attended Bilderberg 2012

Four separate witnesses report seeing Romney at the venue for this years Bilderberg meeting

Secretive Bilderberg Group Set To Meet In Virginia May 31st-June 3rd

Secretive Bilderberg Group Set To Meet In Virginia May 31st-June 3rd

Bilderberg are set to select Mitt Romney’s running mate, with Florida Senator Marco Rubio the prime candidate to take the VP slot

Mysterious Booms Return To Clintonville, And They’re Louder

Dozens of reports overnight puts ‘earthquake’ explanation in doubt

Ethicists Argue Killing Newborn Babies Should Be Allowed

“Merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life” write the authors of a paper published in the ‘Journal of Medical Ethics’

Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Geoengineering

Bill Gates Pours Millions Into Geoengineering

Billionaire funds projects aimed at sowing the upper atmosphere with sulphur particles

Ex-Israeli Intelligence Officer: “Pearl Harbor” Style Attack Will Be Pretext For War On Iran

Jerusalem Post article implies staged attack will be used to justify all-out U.S. military assault on Iran

Iowa Vote Count To Take Place At Secret Location

Open and above board? Or rigged and counted at a secret location so as to hide the process from public scrutiny?

Detention Camp Order Follows Preparations For Civil Unrest

Halliburton subsidiary preparing to activate FEMA camps across the U.S.

Chinese Government Official: ‘US Threat To Pakistan Is Threat To China’

Chinese military stages massive wargame exercise near Pakistan in response to build-up of U.S. troops

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack

Russian warships enter Syrian territorial waters in a move seen as aimed at deterring any Western military “humanitarian intervention”

Federally Funded Street Lights Capable of “Recording Conversations”

Taking surveillance to a whole new level. Includes video

US Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran

US military air transports packed with fully equipped battle-ready troops will fly to the Middle East this week as the Israeli, Saudi and Egyptian armies go on full alert

Sources: US Gives Israel Green Light For Iran Strike

During his recent visit to Tel Aviv Israeli hawks pressed US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for the go-ahead to strike Iran. The alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi envoy is seen as signalling exactly that

NATO Loots Libyan Gold As Tripoli Falls

Global central banks will now get to carve up Africa’s most oil-rich nation while helping themselves to around 144 tons of gold bullion. Even as they eye up their next target for “regime change” be it Syria, Iran or Pakistan

President Kennedy shortly before his assassination in Dallas. Click to enlarge

LBJ Night Before JFK Assassination: “Those SOB’s Will Never Embarrass Me Again”

Lyndon Johnson’s former mistress blows the lid on President Kennedy’s assassination. Includes video

Dow Bloodbath Could Herald “Great Depression”

Seven months after President Barack Obama gave a State of the Union speech in which he that “the stock market has come roaring back,” the New York Times admitted Friday that America has entered a double dip recession