V for Vendetta

Wayne Madsen examines V for Vendetta, a movie set in a near future fascist England that already has right-wingers stateside hopping mad

The Privatisation of War

Wayne Madsen reports from a two day Special Forces conference where he finds the trend in modern conflicts is increasingly toward “private security contractors”. In plain language, mercenaries

The Israeli, Dubai, Chertoff Connection

Also tied into this nexus were Osama bin Laden, smuggled diamonds and the Russian-Israeli mafia

Renewed Afghan Drug Trade

Renewed Afghan Drug Trade

While the Taliban had put an end to the drug trade when they were in power, Wayne Madsen reports that President Hamid Karzai, the U.S. viceroy for Afghanistan, is profiting from a renewed drugs trade

Preparations for US Strike on Iran in “Final Stages”

Preparations for US Strike on Iran in “Final Stages”

With extensive contacts within the US military and Intelligence community, Wayne Madsen reports that various sources report preparations for a US strike on Iran are close to being finalised and may even involve tactical nuclear weapons

Latest Bin Laden Tape an Obvious Fake

The 911 attacks are beginning to look more and more like the Reichstag Fire, both engineered to bring about fascist control, writes Wayne Madsen as he explains why the latest bin Laden tape is such an obvious fake

Col. Ted Westhusing “Suicided” in Iraq

Serious questions remain concerning Col. Westhusing’s “suicide” in Iraq. The army’s chief ethics expert was murdered, according to Carlyle Group insider

NSA: Listening in on its own employees, journalists, and members of Congress

Paranoia and rampant suspicion have become the hallmarks of despotic tyrannies and, as Wayne Madsen reveals, they run deep within the Bush administration

Cheney’s Visit to Covert Torture Center

Cheney’s Visit to Covert Torture Center

Washington insiders report that when Dick Cheney flew to Poland for the 60th anniversary ceremonies marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp last January, he took a short detour marked by chilling cynicism

Saudis, Enron money helped pay for US rigged election

According to informed sources in Washington and Houston, the Bush campaign spent some $29 million to pay polling place operatives around the country to rig the election for Bush. Now however, some of them are starting to talk

Internet Censorship

Internet Censorship

Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Cisco Systems have honed their skills at Internet censorship for years in places like China, Jordan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, and other countries. Now it’s making its debut in the USA

Abu Ghraib Abuse Ordered by White House Perverts

According to U.S. intelligence sources: sexually-explicit photos taken at Abu Ghraib were specially ordered by a homosexual and pedophile ring operating inside the Bush White House

A Bush pre-election strike on Iran ‘imminent’

Another White House insider reports an impending pre-election attack on Iran. Will it happen? It’s anybody’s guess but don’t say you weren’t warned

Neo-Cons on the Brink

Our military leadership may be the only power that can challenge those who seem intent on destroying not just the United States, but the entire world, writes Wayne Madsen

Hariri reportedly assassinated to make way for large US air base in Lebanon

Reports are coming in that Hariri’s assassination was authorised by Bush and Sharon to open the way for the construction a massive US air base in Lebanon

Was Bolton behind death of State Department official?

The deaths of INR/NESA official John J. Kokal and ex-CIA and NSC official Dr. Gus Weiss bear an eerie similarity to the death Dr David Kelly. All 3 disputed claims that Iraq possessed WMD and all 3 died in highly suspicious circumstances

Hostile Incidents Increasing Between US Military and Private Military Contractors in Iraq

Reports of fighting between US troops in Iraq and private military contractors (mercenaries) have gone from a trickle to a steady flow

US Embassy in Baghdad inquires into reports that American troops in Iraq have mutinied against their officers

WMR has learned that the US embassy in Baghdad is checking into reports that U.S. troops in Iraq, including National Guardsmen, Army and Marine Corps Reserves, and regular military troops from Louisiana and Mississippi, have mutinied against their officers and are demanding to be immediately sent back home to help their families. It is not […]

U.S. base in Paraguay established to protect Sun Myung Moon’s water and land resources

Soon, the mothers and fathers of U.S. military personnel will be able to take comfort in sacrificing the lives of their sons and daughters for a self-proclaimed Messiah

Clearing the Baffles for 911

Clearing the Baffles for 911

The neo-cons have done to the US Intelligence Communnity what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans, writes Wayne Madsen, as he details how the USS Cole was struck by an Israeli cruise missile and how the Global ‘War on Terror’ is a sham