A Ruse to Save Blair’s Political Ass?

Washington insider Wayne Madsen writes that the current Trans-Atlantic “terror” scare is a ploy to save Blair’s faltering political power in the face of growing threats by his non-neocon deputy and none other than Prince Charles

Israel and US planned Lebanon invasion in June

Intelligence insiders report that the Israeli attack on Lebanon was planned in June as a joint operation with the Bush administration assisting the Israelis with overhead imagery and signals intelligence intercepts

Rocky shoals for Bush marriage?

Granted, it may seem like tabloid gossip but nonetheless, if true it could have an indirect impact on international affairs…Updated

Current Assault on Lebanon Part of Broader Israeli/US Plan

So says Washington insider Wayne Madsen, as he details how the political turf in the US is being prepared for a wider war against Iran and Syria

We’re Next

We’re being conditioned not to resist – to renounce our humanity and accept the new reality they impose on us

The “Chesapeake Triangle”

Chesapeake Bay is becoming to Washington, DC what the Jersey Pine Barrens were for the New York and Philly mobs – a place where people simply disappear

9/11 and the Israeli “Art Students”

A long serving member of the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, has confirmed that the Israeli “art students” who caught the attention of the DEA prior to 9/11, were themselves keeping the 9/11 hijackers under surveillance

East Timor’s “Sudden Rebellion”

As foreign troops land in East Timor and gun battles rage in the island’s capitol, Wayne Madsen examines the role of Paul Wolfowitz, oil and Australian private military contractors in the turbulance

Ex-Mossad Officers Intimidating Air Passengers

Wayne Madsen reports that former Mossad and Shin Bet agents are now routinely screening air passengers across the world; specifically targeting and intimidating journalists

The Israeli Torture Template

The Israeli Torture Template

The controversy surrounding Abu Ghraib may be about to resurface, reports Wayne Madsen. As evidence mounts that the Pentagon hired Arabic speaking former Israeli security personnel as interrogators

White House Ordered Prisoners at Abu Ghraib Sodomized

The Bush Administration has sunk to a new low. Wayne Masden reports that orders for the sexual humiliation of prisoners at Abu Ghraib came directly from a homosexual and peadophile ring operating inside the White House

V for Vendetta

Wayne Madsen examines V for Vendetta, a movie set in a near future fascist England that already has right-wingers stateside hopping mad

The Privatisation of War

Wayne Madsen reports from a two day Special Forces conference where he finds the trend in modern conflicts is increasingly toward “private security contractors”. In plain language, mercenaries

The Israeli, Dubai, Chertoff Connection

Also tied into this nexus were Osama bin Laden, smuggled diamonds and the Russian-Israeli mafia

Renewed Afghan Drug Trade

Renewed Afghan Drug Trade

While the Taliban had put an end to the drug trade when they were in power, Wayne Madsen reports that President Hamid Karzai, the U.S. viceroy for Afghanistan, is profiting from a renewed drugs trade

Preparations for US Strike on Iran in “Final Stages”

Preparations for US Strike on Iran in “Final Stages”

With extensive contacts within the US military and Intelligence community, Wayne Madsen reports that various sources report preparations for a US strike on Iran are close to being finalised and may even involve tactical nuclear weapons

Latest Bin Laden Tape an Obvious Fake

The 911 attacks are beginning to look more and more like the Reichstag Fire, both engineered to bring about fascist control, writes Wayne Madsen as he explains why the latest bin Laden tape is such an obvious fake

Col. Ted Westhusing “Suicided” in Iraq

Serious questions remain concerning Col. Westhusing’s “suicide” in Iraq. The army’s chief ethics expert was murdered, according to Carlyle Group insider

NSA: Listening in on its own employees, journalists, and members of Congress

Paranoia and rampant suspicion have become the hallmarks of despotic tyrannies and, as Wayne Madsen reveals, they run deep within the Bush administration

Cheney’s Visit to Covert Torture Center

Cheney’s Visit to Covert Torture Center

Washington insiders report that when Dick Cheney flew to Poland for the 60th anniversary ceremonies marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp last January, he took a short detour marked by chilling cynicism