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Pierre-Henry Bunel, a former agent for French military intelligence, tells of the origins of Al Qaeda and its ultimate purpose

Busted while reporting in Alexandria, Va.

With cyber attacks on this website and Christopher Bollyn’s, the suspicious death of Paul Vigay and the abduction of Jihaad Unspun editor Khadija Qahhar, it seems a clampdown is underway. In the latest episode, Wayne Madsen was arrested

Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as ‘Greater Israel’

Using American money, American armaments, American military power and American lives

Did the U.S. Navy have its revenge for the Israeli attack on the Liberty?

Did the U.S. Navy have its revenge for the Israeli attack on the Liberty?

Wayne Madsen reports that the U.S. Navy may have secretly exacted retribution for the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty by sinking the Israeli submarine, the INS Dakar, in January 1968

Obama faced with security problem at outset of transition process

Even before he has assumed office, Obama faces questions about the degree of Zionist penetration of his administration

Impending military confrontation with Russia?

A chain-of-command – operating out of Dick Cheney’s office – has been set up and tasked with creating a new Cold War with Russia, reports Wayne Madsen. Seems like they are their way to succeeding

Another 9/11 waiting to happen

This report ties in with a reliable psychic who says that a nuclear device has been secreted in the southern United States. When detonated the blast will be blamed on Iran, thereby opening the way for a full U.S. nuclear strike on Israel’s main opponent

Modus operandi of a pre-9/11 Israeli “art student” revealed

One of the over 120 Israeli “art students” held after 9/11 and then deported, has spoken of her “assignment” in America

Air Force refused to fly weapons to Middle East theater

Its been disclosed that the six nuclear armed cruise missiles transported across the U.S. recently were destined for the Middle East to be used in a nuclear strike. But it was aborted due to internal opposition within the U.S. Air Force and Intelligence

Growing Bush-Cheney Rift Over Iran

Reports filtering out of Washington’s Beltway suggest that a serious rift has opened between President Bush and Vice President Cheney over how to deal with Iran

Al Qaeda Aligned Lebanese Group A False Flag Operation?

The new “Al Qaeda” aligned group may not be all it’s claimed to be but it gives the US and its NATO allies a pretext to take control of Kleiaat airbase in northern Lebanon

Purge of French Intelligence Underway

Only days after the election of Sarkozy a purge is underway in French Intelligence services, like similar previous purges in the U.S., British, Australian, Danish, and Italian intelligence services

New U.S. Airbase in Lebanon?

Before his assassination, Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri was known to have been strongly opposed to any U.S. bases in Lebanon. Now Wayne Madsen reports that plans are emerging for a new NATO/US military base in northern Lebanon

Terror in Algeria and Morocco: A Warning to France?

Are the recent “terror attacks” in Algeria and Morocco false flag operations meant to influence the outcome of the French election and ensure victory for neocon Nicolas Sarkozy? (pictured left)

Three Strikes and He’s Out?

Not only for his involvement in the cash for peerages row but for his crimes against the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, he should swing. But with the elite control of the legal processes he will probably retire well provided for

The Litvinenko radiation poisoning and a mysterious plane crash

Sources report that Tony Blair and key members of his cabinet have been co-opted by the Russian-Israeli mobsters and are being steered in the same way that the Bush administration’s foreign policy is now largely shaped by the Neo-cons for Israel’s benefit

Israel’s Double Game in Southeast Asia

Israel’s Double Game in Southeast Asia

Arming terrorists with Khmer Rouge Weapons

Corporate Media Downplays Washington Anti-War Rally

How the mainstream media worked to minimise the numbers involved in Sunday’s anti war demonstration. In contrast to earlier pro-Israel rallies where the numbers involved were inflated

Major Escalation of Middle East Tensions

The mainstream media has reported a US Special Forces raid on the Iranian consular office in northern Iraq, what has been omitted however is that a second US attack was stopped by Kurdish troops

Boris Berezovsky’s Other Friend

Apart from his connections with Alexander Litvinenko, Boris Berezovsky (left) has string of business ties to other, highly dubious characters