Obama-Duterte Blow Up: What the Corporate Media Doesn’t Get

Wayne Madsen on the real reason behind the bust-up between President Obama and Philippines President Duarte

The Breedlove-Stoltenberg Plan for NATO’s Russia Campaign

Hacked private Gmail messages sent by Gen Breedlove show the former NATO chief was intent on inciting conflict with Russia

Unmasking ISIS: The Shocking Truth

Unmasking ISIS: The Shocking Truth

“George Washington” and Wayne Madsen reveal who’s really behind ISIS and what their real agenda is

Marco Rubio, 1989, dancing and singing in a South Miami troupe that combined the Chippendales with The Village People.

Rubio’s coke house, gayish dance troupe, and foam parties

Like Barack Obama, presidential hopeful Marco Rubio appears to have a not-so-secret past. Wayne Madsen explains

Kemal Ataturk, making Masonic sign, and the crypto Jews 
called Donmeh who control Turkey

Modern Turkey: a secret Zionist state controlled by the Dönmeh

Turkey has been an Illuminati Jewish fiefdom for almost 100 years. Wayne Madsen explains

Evidence Shows Clinton Ran a Parallel, Outsourced State Dept.

Evidence Shows Clinton Ran a Parallel, Outsourced State Dept.

With help from George Soros Hilary Clinton set up a parallel State Department answerable to her and not the president or Congress.

George Soros

Soros/CIA Plan to Destabilize Europe

The same forces that orchestrated the various ‘colour revolutions’ and the ‘Arab Spring’ are behind Europe’s migrant crisis. Wayne Madsen explains

Mysterious Death of Ex-White House Chef Revealed

Mysterious Death of Ex-White House Chef Revealed

Wayne Madsen on the mysterious death of Walter Scheib. Was the former White House chef eliminated because he knew too much about the Bush crime family?

Wayne Madsen:”Greek Finance Minister is a Globalist with ties to the International Banking Cartel!”

A trojan horse in the new Greek government? “It’s all in the branding,” says Wayne Madsen

Charlie Hebdo and its Anti-Gentile Allies

President Hollande reportedly DID NOT invite Netanyahu to Paris for the memorial service but the Israeli leader appeared nevertheless, to insult his French hosts and politicize the service for the victims of the massacre

Hebdo attack rife with ‘false flag’ clues

The attack on Charlie Hebdo carries many of the tell-tale signs of a false flag operation. Wayne Madsen explains

The British plan to steal Scotland’s independence referendum

Wayne Madsen reports that his sources report that the actual “Yes” vote for Scottish independence is leading the “No” vote by a full 11 percentage points…

FEMEN protester at EURO 2012 in Kiev. Click to enlarge

US Ambassadors in Ukraine & Russia foment revolution

Ukraine is a neo-con testing ground for Russia. Wayne Madsen explains

Wayne Madsen 2013 "Voices from the Grave"

Wayne Madsen 2013 “Voices from the Grave”

Wayne Madsen on the death of Jean Palfrey (pictured left), a DC madam, and others with insider info on 9/11

Syria Intervention: The Beginning End of The American Empire

Syria Intervention: The Beginning End of The American Empire

We know that Alex Jones is questionable but Wayne Madsen has some genuine insider info; in this case on Obama and the U.S. military’s relutance to intervene in Syria

US planned maritime ‘Maginot Line’: From Indian Ocean to Pacific

America’s security interests from east Africa through the Indian Ocean and into the South China Sea are not based on any security threats, but to preserve America’s leading modern characteristic: Financial greed

Was Industrial Sabotage at Play with Super Jet crash in Indonesia?

The crash of the Sukhoi Super Jet 100 in Indonesia recently may well have been the result of sabotage. Wayne Madsen explains

Christianity Around the World in Under Assault, but Not from Muslims

Christianity Around the World in Under Assault, but Not from Muslims

Christianity is under assault, not from main stream Islam but from a nexus of Jewish and «Christian» Zionists allied with the disruptive forces of non-governmental organizations financed by George Soros

Are Netanyahu and Mossad planning an aerial assassination of President Obama?

Do recently disclosed emails reveal a Mossad plot to assassinate President Obama? Wayne Madsen assesses the evidence

Reggie Love (centre). Click to enlarge

Repost: Obama’s Sodomite Past Comes Back To Haunt Him

Veteran journalist Wayne Madsen has dug up the dirt on an issue that can render the president wide open to manipulation and blackmail