Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Syria: More Black Propaganda from the Bush Lie Factory

Remember the ‘credibility gap’ of the Vietnam War? Or the Office of Special Plans, devised to pass off lies and fabrication as fact? Now, are we stupid enough to believe whatever the Pentagon tells us through their trusted shill, the corporate media?

Blackwater Mercenaries: Coming Soon To Your Town

New State Department Ministry Slams Alternative News

Citing ‘exaggerated fears about depleted uranium’, the US State Dept says, ‘a number of strongly held associations spring to mind, including radiation illness, cancer, and birth defects.’ All of which, it says, are exploited by alternative news websites

Turkish Intelligence: Al-Qaeda a US Covert Operation

Turkish Intelligence experts agree, and echo what many western observers have long suspected: namely, that Al-Qaeda may be no more than a front set up by Western Intelligence agencies to further their own plans

General Byrnes: Our Smedley Butler?

Major General Smedley Butler was the most decorated soldier in US military history. He was also an outspoken critic of war profiteering during Roosevelt’s term. Is General Brynes, recently fired for alleged sexual misconduct, his modern day counterpart?

Fake al-Zawahiri Video Warns of More Attacks

In the world as decreed by George W. Bush and Tony Blair, the engineered phantasmagoria rules, thus keeping alive the scary campfire story of “evil ideology” terrorists gunning (or suicide-bombing) for innocent Americans and Brits

Charles de Menezes: Executed to Instill Fear?

Official apologies and excuses aside, Kurt Nimmo asks: could it be that an innocent Charles de Menezes was deliberately and knowingly gunned down?

No Compromise to Corporate Journalism Already Compromised

Most of the Internet still enjoys what passes for freedom of the press because it can be so easily ignored or marginalized, writes Kurt Nimmo. On the day the blogs actually make a difference, the plug will be pulled and the electronic forums shut down for

Nine Eleven Down the Memory Hole

Kurt Nimmo chronicles the efforts to defame and discredit Bush Administration insiders who have dared question the official version of events on 9/11

FBI Snoops Library Patron, Uncovers Book Defacer

The frontline in the “War on Terror” now starts in your local library

Senator Joe Mulls Bullet-Stopper Conscription

As the fighting drags on in Iraq, pushing US Army recruitment figures to a new low, the question of conscription is back in the spotlight again

AIPAC Wants You To Die In Iran

Forget Iraq, the real threat to US interests is Iran, or so the American Israel Public Affairs Committee would have you believe. Kurt Nimmo on this year’s annual AIPAC meeting where calls for an attack on Iran were the underlying theme

Snake Oil Salesman Farah Sells Info on Terrorist Attacks

Some might call it a confidence trick. But Joseph Farah claims evil Islamic terrorists have infected themselves with an Ebola like virus and are intent on spreading mayhem and disease. To learn more about protecting yourself just send 200 dollars to Farah

Sharon: Kleptomania in Palestine to Continue

Ariel Sharon – a war criminal with a long list of crimes to his name: including Sabra, Shatila and most recently Jenin – has told the world from Bush’s fake ranch in Texas the Israelis have no intention of ever giving an inch to the Palestinians

Defaming the Iraqi Resistance is the Name of the Game

An Italian journalist trying to expose “abuses and violence from the occupation forces” has been kidnapped, allegedly by the Iraqi resistance. Like Margaret Hassan, writes Kurt Nimmo, she was an unlikely choice being a thorn in the side of US occupation

Scheer on al-Qaeda: A Day Late and a Few Billion Dollars Short

Now that al-Qaeda has served its purpose – and helped Bush win his second term – it is acceptable for the corporate media to ask the obvious: is al-Qaeda, a “Boogeyman”? Of course it is Sherlock

Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental Illness

Opposing Bush: A Form of Mental Illness

Senator Bill Frist plans to file a bill that would define ‘political paranoia’ as a mental disorder, paving the way for individuals diagnosed as such to recieve treatment. The Senator’s spokesmen say the bill has a good chance of being passed

Operation Barbarossa and Operation Phantom Fury: Different Only by a Matter of Degree

Kurt Nimmo asks: Will President Bush and other members of his administration ever face a war crimes trial for the recent events in Fallujah?

Is the Kidnapping of CARE’s Margaret Hassan a CIA-Mossad Op?

Margaret Hassan has been kidnapped but as yet, nobody knows who her abductors are. Could it be that her abduction is part of a counterinsurgency operation devised to make the resistance look bad and thus turn world opinion against it?

An Engineered Excuse for Killing Iraqis

Last week, U.S. Military Intelligence report found that Abu Mus’ab Al Zarqawi wasn’t and has never been in Fallujah. However, the Bush administration and the U.S. media insist on spreading the lie that he’s hiding there in some secret location