Improved memory of a Pentagon media eye-witness

CNN’s Jamie McIntyre is caught contradicting himself when he said on 9/11: “From my close-up inspection, there’s no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon” – in distinct contrast to what he says today

The false morality of supporting Israel

Leon Uris’s Exodus may have provided the groundwork for its foundation but today Noam Chomsky and his like help protect its providers by denying their significance

Meet the new Osama, Imad Mughniyah

Bin Laden is past his ‘sell by date’ and Zarqawi really only worked the market for Iraq anyway. So a new “terror threat” has been created, as ever with the willing assistance of the mainstream media. Xymphora chronicles how

Proof of a conspiracy

The fact that the Kennedy School of Government removed its logo and made more prominent a disclaimer merely confirms Walt/Mearsheimer’s original contention

How much is a Palestinian child worth?

The Israelis seem to have learned well from the Nazis, writes Xymphora. The difference being that they are doing to the Palestinians what Hitler’s thugs once did to untermenschen – without generating any of the negative publicity the Nazis did

More agents-provocateurs in Iraq

Is much of the seemingly senseless violence in Iraq being carried out by agent-provocateurs in order to provoke civil war? Xymphora looks at the ways this might be being done

Milosevic as a Cautionary Example

The real ‘new world order’ may be those countries like Venezuela – with much of South America following – and Iran, who have seen what is really going on and are no longer willing to play the games dictated by the Americans, the British and their allies

Daniel Pipes and moral obligation

“I think the great achievement of the coalition was to get rid of this hideous totalitarian thug running Iraq,” said Daniel Pipes(left) recently. However in 1987 Pipes was advocating that the US support and supply the very same “totalitarian thug”

The Ignorance Defense

It’s longer a valid excuse. Bush and his Zionist collaborators have claimed ignorance so often that whether it be about Iraq or Hurricane Katrina, it’s starting to sound a little hollow

Franklin’s fate

Larry Franklin has been sentenced to twelve years in jail for his role in the AIPAC spy scandal. However, as Xymphora explains, there is a twist to this

To inquire about the case

David Rosenbaum’s murder is moving from tragedy to comedy and back again as a second suspect was arrested after he walked into a Washington police station to ”inquire about the case”

Why is my face on TV?

David Rosenbaum’s assassination has been solved after his killer walked into the local police station and obligingly handed himself in. Very convenient, so much so that the whole thing stinks

Holocaust II and the neocon conspiracy

It’s a mystery how small group Zionist intellectuals took over US foreign policy and steered it against America’s better interests. Xymphora takes a closer look at how this was done and the ramifications

Competing conspiracies

With the new credibility of conspiracy theory the new technique of deception is to use a veneer of conspiracy to sell your latest lies. Because the nuttiest conspiracy theory couldn’t be worse than what you might read on the front page of the New York Tim

Bomb Trigger

The obvious targets of the Amman blasts were Palestinian intelligence chiefs who were meeting Chinese military officials. The message was clear: China should not be making friends with Palestine But what triggered the blasts is another matter entirely

The Jordan river of lies

There are all kinds of problems with the Official Story of the Jordanian bombings. I’ve mentioned some already, and here are some more

Why was Mehlis picked?

The UN could have picked any prosecutor in the world to investigate the Hariri assassination but chose Detlev Mehlis because of his track record in the case of a 1982 bombing. Was he, in effect, chosen to frame Syria for killing Hariri?

The ground war in Syria has begun

Iran is not the next target in the “War on Terror”, it’s too well prepared and too many are expecting it. Syria is the next step, writes Xymphora, and virtually ignored by the mainstream media the fighting may have already started

Zionism and Anti-Semitism

Considering that some of the biggest anti-Semites in the world are the Zionists; it is more than a little ironic that they continue so successfully to use the ‘anti-Semite’ attack as part of their propaganda war to justify what Israel gets up to

Civilwarland in Bad Decline

The UK/US Coalition is clearly trying to foment civil war in Iraq. First two SAS men disguised as Iraqis were caught planting explosives in Basra, now two US Special Forces men dressed as Arabs have been caught parking a car bomb in Baghdad