The New Iron Curtain

After being banned by, and having Mayor Bloomberg prevent WHCR, the Voice of Harlem, from interviewing him, essayist John Kaminski is proving too hot to handle, for some. We feature his latest as he asks: what’s that shadow in your mind?

Who made this plan?

Ugly Americans, Dancing Israelis and the crown are endlessly making war on the whole world

The weight of demons

9/11 hoax, phony Iraq war, poison media propaganda wind up justifying torture

The Setup To Destroy America

Failure to recognize what’s really happening and who is really behind current events is going to cost us our lives, our country and our planet

How long do you have?

Will you wait to be killed, or ID the real perpetrators?

Pain in the brain

Footprints of the elephant in our living room

In a perfect world

What is missing from our current structure of government is something you can find in your home, writes John Kaminski. The presence of kids practically guarantees you have it. Some would call it love

Words to play by

His new book recaps the disintegrating history of the 21st century, as John Kaminski asks: will you fight for your life, or run from it?

Sickness in the static

You know they lied to you, but you’re too scared to admit it

Where’s Eustace?

Famous author/researcher says, “Israel actually plans to exterminate the entire Arab Muslim population in the world …” and now he’s missing!

A Night at the Opera

It’s not funny, as John Kaminski explains, we’re lost in the music and cannot hear the words

Cultural wormhole

Fasten your seatbelts, put on a helmet, and prepare to go mobile — the ride is about to get rough on the road to Ragnarok, the old Norse legend of the final battle of the world

The emissary

Writing of a strangely prophetic dream he had long ago, John Kaminski asks: what if your decision alone determined the fate of humanity?

The real war

How will you behave in your last battle?

The universe is a laughing woman

Our planet has become a toxic landfill because men’s rituals obscure reality

Voices from the grave

Still stuck for a decent Halloween costume? Don’t worry. We’re making ghosts a lot faster now, writes John Kaminski as he reflects on how horror has now become mundane reality

Fast Car – Shadows On A Lonesome Road

We are like passengers in the back seat of a fast moving car, writes John Kaminski, being driven by a madman toward the edge of a cliff

The song we all will sing

Remembering the principal point of interface reduces the amount of senseless murders

The quintessential false dichotomy

Criticism of religion is only fair when the critic isn’t saying ‘my god is better than your god’

The cost of the lies and the price of truth

If this or some missive in the next few weeks turns out to be my last, let me state now that it has been the greatest honor to have written what I really felt and have so many respond with such enthusiasm. Thank you very much, and stay safe, if you can