The pretense of innocence in a poisoned game

Remember those halcyon days of youth when they taught us how to kill?

A one-sentence essay

You decide if it works …

Muddy and bloody in Louisiana and Iraq

What will you do about your son who pumped bullets into the chest of an Iraqi woman while he was high on Quaaludes and listening to heavy metal on his I-pod? What will you do when he comes home, and his government tells him to do the same thing here?

Eyeless in Gaza’

What we look for in others is what we need to see in ourselves

The Monster’s Paw

Jewish Attack on Chossudovsky presages an end to freedom of logic

The fish parade

Just when you think you can see the world, something happens in your own backyard

The ghost in the chapel

Let sanguine healthy-mindedness do its best with its strange power of living in the moment and ignoring and forgetting, still the evil background is really there to be thought of, and the skull will grin in at the banquet. — William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience You can’t get paid for a real [...]

Who’s wagging whom?

Do sinister Jews control the world or are they mere puppets of some white racist Illuminati?

The Radical Middle

It’s no longer Zionized Left vs. Armageddon Right — the new political Feather of Truth is honesty

Detoxifying self-deception

Acharya S can prove Jesus Christ never existed, and your preacher can’t prove ‘He’ did

If Joe was right …

… then Zionist neocon crazies plan to kill millions to control the world — but who was Joe, really? John Kaminski reflects on the passing of the late, great Joe Vialls and finds much to intrigue

Are you prepared for World War Three?

When that defining moment finally comes, will you have the time to remember what you could have done to stop it?

Recipe for extinction

Criminal governments, corrupt media, comatose public: the perfect combination to permanently eradicate the human species

When the cops are the crooks

When the cops are the crooks

Staged bombings terrorize everyone while the real perps keep getting richer

Agents Provocateur?

How the hell can you really tell valid criticism from clever deception?

Sick strategies for senseless slaughter

The murderous fools are not trying to end the war in Iraq; they’re trying to keep it going as long as they can so as to maximise the slaughter

A spring morning in the autumn of America

The planet’s population has quadrupled in the 20th century, in response, the global ruling elite has concluded if they are to continue living in the luxury of their Wackenhut-guarded enclaves, the numbers need to be radically reduced

Parallel Universes

In this world, lies are lucrative, but the truth doesn’t pay much

The corpse of American culture

Where all the heroes are fake and the icons are revered for their lies

Peace groups continue to miss the real issue

World wide demonstrations to protest the US invasion and occupation of Iraq are planned for March 19. But, writes John Kaminski, they will accomplish absolutely nothing unless the participants understand the real forces behind of the US invasion