Trayvon Lunacy

Trayvon Lunacy

Now that this showpiece trial is over, all those placards reading “Justice for Trayvon” can be packed away with all those “Free O.J.” T-shirts collected back in the ’90s

The Iceberg Warning

The Iceberg Warning

America’s fate? Think ‘Titanic’ and start making for the nearest exit

America’s Independence Day Hypocrisy

America has little to celebrate beyond duplicitous politicians and an unthinking populace who’ve allowed genocide to be committed in their name. John Kaminiski explains

Assange-Mannings-Snowden. Click to enlarge

Shaping us into Robots

John Kaminski explains why for some honesty is now beyond the range of acceptable human behavior

The Bitter Memories of a French Kiss

The Bitter Memories of a French Kiss

A glimpse into the genesis of what has turned the USA into a country no longer recognizable as the bastion of freedom and liberty everybody in the world once thought it was

When Morning Becomes Electric

The light at the end of the tunnel is the spark that lights the future. John Kaminski on what could be the 20th century’s most important discovery

Begging to be Holocausted

Begging to be Holocausted

The society that lies together dies together. John Kaminski on how karma always comes home to roost

Surviving the Avalanche

Surviving the Avalanche

Do you sleep soundly at night knowing the cops may break down your door at any time?

Kaminski Gets Booted Off Another Network

As John Kaminski explains, even on those outlets that proclaim their ‘independence’ censorship is alive and well

False Flag Terror Tricks Freedom’s Death Sentence

Now anyone can be taken away, never charged and never seen again

Cheering enslavement and deception

Cheering enslavement and deception

All those people seen cheering police state behavior by the police, should know that your day is coming, and sooner than you think

Why is there no trail of blood? Why is he conscious? And why is the knee so far away from his main body?

Brought To You By Cops Posing as Terrorists: The Big Sleep

Will we ever wake up and see the spreading scam for what it is?

Escaping the path to ruin

Escaping the path to ruin

Few anticipated the day when signing their mortgages could end up in foreclosure, repossession, living on the street, and not having enough to eat. Yet that is the situation in America today

Tell the Truth and Go To Jail

The new Holocaust religion is the thought-control device that enables all the other lies to remain in place amongst the dulled minds of the anesthetized populace

Kaminsky on jewish control

The Ghost of Ezra Pound

John Kaminski tells the tale of a gang of cutthroats killing and robbing across space and time

Oil lies becoming more preposterous

They lied about 9/11. They lied about the need to make war on Iraq. They lied about the reasons they started bombing Afghanistan. Now they are lying about the Gulf of Mexico oil leak

They’re still lying about oil disaster

Oil industry insider insists ‘20 million people are entrapped in harm’s way’

Servants of the dark lord

The Web Bot prognosticator Clif High said on Rense Radio last night that a billion people are about to die because of the great oil volcano caper of AD 2010

Why War is Inevitable

The key to virtually all our present problems in societies throughout the world can be traced to this single paragraph, because it explains the scam that precious few people have realized is the root cause of every war in the last 200 years