No Reason To Believe

Are all Americans brain damaged? Is there no lie the American people won’t swallow without question?

Medical Monsters Turn Joy Into Horror

Medical Monsters Turn Joy Into Horror

A mentor, a psychologist by profession, once said that modern medicine was in essence “satanic”. This latest Kaminski article illustrates why

Are Americans worth saving?

Or will Mother Nature do to us what we have done to her?

Trapped in a terror trance

Trapped in a terror trance

Every president in our lifetime — and long before — has been chosen to serve in the White House, not in the role of leader of the American people, but as the plantation foreman

America's death dance. Click to enlarge

America’s death dance

If you think you can hide from the future and that all these problems will somehow blow over, then you should realize you’re already as good as dead

Demonstrators in Ferguson. Click to enlarge

Anatomy of a riot

The primary question I have is — when you punch a cop in the face and try to steal his gun, shouldn’t you expect to be shot? It would seem to be a reasonable expectation to me.

George Orwell quote. Click to enlarge

You must know by now

A checklist to run past your favorite local elected official to make you realize how important it is to vote him (or her) out of office as soon as humanly possible

Requiem for a Failed Species

Requiem for a Failed Species

Take the pill to cure the disease you didn’t know you had until they told you that you did — will you believe them?

Obama Bin Laden Weekend at Bernies. Click to enlarge

Living in the Land of Lies

Once the hope of the future but now its albatross, American political power is now founded on lies. Nothing but lies

Making a war on the world a war against ourselves!

Ordinary people have really no idea what’s going on, argues John Kaminski

America: Hijacked  by an alien presence

America: Hijacked  by an alien presence

Who benefits from this endless warmaking besides the incomprehensibly rich oil companies, the greedy bankers and the puffed up politicians who sell weapons of war to everyone who can buy them?

Washington in ruins. Click to enlarge

The Truth About Our Future

If we don’t learn the real 9/11 story, the police state is here to stay and so is our slavery

The Peace They Promise is Never Ending War

Throughout its history, but even more vividly in recent days, the US has revealed itself to be a warmongering liar, with a president who is a proven criminal

Still from CCTV footage of Michael Brown threatening store owner shortly before he was shot. Click to enlarge

Society Splitting at the Seams

John Kamiski has some serious questions about what really happened in Ferguson. Includes surveillance footage that lends credence to police claims about Michael Brown

The Psychos Who Aim To Kill You

The Psychos Who Aim To Kill You

Cops routinely get away with the murder of innocent people, while innocent people are routinely put in jail for crimes they did not commit. This is the state of America in 2014.

World War 3, Anyone?

Is this your government? Because it’s sure not mine.

Our Leaders are Traitors

9/11 is a chicken bone in the American throat. That condition is usually fatal. Unless removed, the prognosis for America is terminal

The scales of fear and trust

The scales of fear and trust

In 1946 George Orwell wrote an essay about freedom of the press. That might have been nearly 70 years ago but as John Kaminski explains, it’s still highly relevant today

Your Hiding Place

The effect of faraway mass murders on your ability to dream

Tomorrow Has Been Stolen

Tomorrow Has Been Stolen

Environmental scientist Guy McPherson has become the Dr. Doom of our present day. His prognosis for humanity’s future is brief because our time has all but run out. John Kaminski explains