The Man Who Would Be King

Some say that Prince Michael of Albany has a more legitimate claim to the throne of England than the Windsors. Are they right? And why are the Windsors and the mainstream media delberately ignoring him?

“Dark Forces”

“Dark Forces”

There are few real accidents in history and the version we see in the history books, may have happened entirely differently in reality. A prime example being the murder of Rasputin nearly 100 years ago

Too Much of a Coincidence

Too Much of a Coincidence

In response to the attempted “terror attacks” in London and Glasgow earlier this year, Gordon Brown has proposed a raft of new draconian legislation. We look again at the events that helped pave the way for this

Why the Sudden Clampdown on Revisionists?

Modern Israel was founded on the memory of the ‘Holocaust’, which today it is used by the Zionists to extract financial and political gain. Thus anyone who questions the ‘Holocaust’ is challenging Zionist power. Hence the furore over Iran’s conference

Who’s That Man?

Who’s That Man?

It’s Saddam Hussein of course. Or so western media and Coalition authorities would have us believe. But was the man sentenced and supposedly executed in Baghdad really Saddam Hussein?

The "Gourd of Ashes"

The “Gourd of Ashes”

With a US led strike on Iran now said to be scheduled for June, we look at the possible consequences

“A Harlot, a Trollop and a Whore”

Britain’s Royalty had more bad press as the contents of Prince Phillip’s letters to Diana were revealed and even more serious allegations made

Who Does George W. Bush Really Serve?

Who Does George W. Bush Really Serve?

It has been reported that he has been found in the Oval office, face down in prayer to that which he serves. But who or what exactly does he serve?

Crop Circle Intrigues 2007

Crop Circle Intrigues 2007

This past summer has been a momentous season for crop circle research, involving pristine new formations, British Intelligence and black, unmarked helicopters. Rixon Stewart explains

“Terror” Fraud

Indications that a crackdown, ostensibly to fight “terror” and help “stabilise” the situation in Iraq, may be imminent

Bertrand Russell – Illuminati Strategist

Nothing is as it seems and sometimes even the best of men can turnout to embody the very worst. Like “humanist and philosopher” Bertrand Russell

Back to the Future!!! Part 2

Back to the Future!!! Part 2

Given Einstein’s endorsement of Hapgood’s ideas it is reasonable to ask whether his hypothesis could actually happen again and if so when

Something Evil This Way Comes?

We are not being told everything about the London terror attacks and, just like 9/11, contradictions and anomalies are appearing in the official account. We look back and try to fathom what really happened?

Murder By Remote-Control?

Further indications that Dean Warwick, an intelligence insider and pioneer of alternative energy generators, was taken out at Probe International conference last weekend. Plus more indications that Pam Am Flight 103 was shot down

Double-Talk, Double-Think

In a recent speech, Director General of MI5, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller announced that 30 ‘terror plots’ against the UK had been uncovered. We read between the lines to reveal what she was really saying

Was Timothy McVeigh Really Executed?

Was Timothy McVeigh Really Executed?

Despite what the mainstream media may say, there are indications aplenty that Timothy McVeigh was NOT executed

Will You Bow Down Before Their God?

The ultimate goal of the “War on Terror” is not the elimination of terror because much of that is being staged. No, the real objective is the introduction of a new deity for mankind, the Illuminati’s very own, Lucifer

The Stephen Lawrence Affair

Ten years ago Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a brutal knifing. On the anniversary of his death we look back and examine how his killing was used and exploited for more sinister purposes

Documentary Alleges Pope Linked to “Child Abuse Cover-Up”

Startling allegations were made in a recent BBC documentary but there may be more to these claims than there first appears

Where's Flight 77?

Where’s Flight 77?

It may have been a gaffe but Donald Rumsfeld is on record of talking about the “missile” that hit the Pentagon