David Cameron delivers his UN speech. Click to enlarge

Cameron Calls for Clampdown on “Non-Violent Extremists”

Something has obviously rattled David Cameron’s cage and we think that we’ve played a part

Yes votes in No pile at Scottish referendum. Click to enlarge

Video Proof ‘Scotland Independent’ Vote Was Rigged

Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond has announced his intention to step down but perhaps he shouldn’t go, at least not until he’s seen this

Transhumanist sculpture at the site of the Bilderberg conference 2013 at Grove Hall, Hertfordshire, England. Click to enlarge

21st Century Satanism: A New Ethos

There’s a new belief system whose proponents are convinced they’re onto to something big. Some would even sell their souls for it and guess who’s waiting to buy?

What Motivates Putin?

Is Putin’s apparent opposition to the New World Order part of the plan, as has been suggested? Or does he have his own agenda?

The Shape of Things To Come: Repost

The Shape of Things To Come: Repost

Written in 2003 and later posted on the web, this article is more relevent today that when it was written. Particularly in light of events unfolding in the Ukraine

Lost Prophets frontman and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins. Click to enlarge

Peaches Post-Mortem Inconclusive

Although post mortem proves “inconclusive” for Peaches Gedolf’s “unexplained, sudden death”, we ask: did her role in helping expose Ian Watkins (pictured) play a part? Was she viewed as a liability?

Word on the Next Major False Flag

From a trusted psychic friend on the nature and location of the next big one

Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial Faced Murder and Rape Charges

Fake Sign Language Interpreter at Mandela Memorial Faced Murder and Rape Charges

Talk about a fitting epilogue. This is a manifestation of real karma at work

Iran Offered President Bush Nuclear Deal in 2003

Iran Offered President Bush Nuclear Deal in 2003

John Kerry says Iran proposed a nuclear deal in 2003. However, the Bush administration kept quiet about it and never even acknowledged the offer

The Last Roll of the Dice

The Last Roll of the Dice

Time is running out for the Zionists. Confronted by mounting awareness about them they may feel compelled to stage another false flag. But it will have to be big and may even involve a nuclear weapon

Samantha Lewthwaite Click to enlarge

The White Widow

What transforms an “ordinary” young British girl with little “confidence” into the leader of a ruthless gang of Muslim terrorists who kill on her command?

BBC reporter Ian Pannell in Aleppo, allegedly trapped by the fighting there. Click to enlarge

Syria: New Horrors!!

In the face of public reluctance to attack Syria the BBC has come up with new horror stories. The Syrian government aren’t just using chemical weapons, they’re bombing children’s playgrounds with napalm!!

Mail Online headline. Click to enlarge

Who Benefits?

Syria has agreed to allow UN inspectors to examine the site of the chemical weapons attack. The White House says that’s “too late to be credible”. Meaning we are heading down the same road we went with Saddam Hussein and his fabled WMD

Albert Pike

Rehmat is a Fraud

In 1871 Freemason Albert Pike wrote of “agentur” of the “Illuminati” who would stir strife between Muslim, Christians and Jews to ignite a Third World War. We may have just identified one

Understanding the Anti-Christ

A recent trip to Beijing brought home a realisation of who the anti-Christ is and why he’s in America

Satanism in the 21st Century: Source Code

Satanism in the 21st Century: Source Code

Forget the ghouls and demons, this is altogether more sinister and persuasive. Re-posted to coincide with the airing of Source Code on Channel 4, Sept 25

Inquiry Shifts to Suspect’s Russian Trip

Although the Times doesn’t say as much, hard evidence linking the Tsarnaev brothers with the Boston Marathon bombings has yet to be found. Could it be because there is none?

Dzokhar Tsarnaev, the younger alleged bomber. Click to enlarge

As Fugutive ‘Bomber’ is Captured: My kids were framed, says Boston bombing suspects’ father

The younger alleged ‘Boston bomber’ has been captured alive. Will he be able to expose the lies in the case built him and his late brother?

'Rebels' from al-Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra sit on a truck load of ammunition in Syria. Click to enlarge

Militant rebels in Syria announce merger with al-Qaeda

Looking at al-Qaeda’s history this was almost to be expected

Iran: A Whispering Campaign Unfolds

Iran has made some headway on the diplomatic front recently. The response in the corporate media has been telling