John Pilger names the real killers in Columbia

The UK government finds it convenient to blame Colombia’s huge murder rate on the drugs trade. The reality is that most of the killings are being done by a regime it supports

The BBC and Iraq: Myth and Reality

Far from being a bastion of journalistic integrity, the BBC has a long history of conveniently forgetting basic journalistic honesty whenever the established order is threatened

BBC Machinations

Far from being a paragon of journalistic integrity, the BBC has a history of suspending its impartiality whenever the establishment is threatened

Blair’s Bloody Hands

A member of the public asked: “Bearing in mind that tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children have died as a result of the invasion of Iraq, how do you sleep at night, Mr. Blair?” When did you hear a journalist ask such a pointed question?

A People Betrayed: The 10-year Holocaust in Iraq

John Pilger reports on the steady and ongoing genocide in Iraq that until recently the mainstream media have largely ignored

Iraq: The Unthinkable as Normalcy

On 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld, having failed to act against those who had just attacked the US, told his aides to prepare an attack on Iraq when the evidence was non-existent. 18 months later, the invasion of Iraq, based on lies now documented, took place

Denouncing Imperialism

The headline originally read “Denouncing Americanism” but we changed it. For the problem is not with America or its people but with the forces that use and exploit US power for their own ends

The Warlords of America

No matter who wins the forthcoming presidential election, writes John Pilger, the years ahead are shaping up to be some of the most dangerous in history

The Media’s Culpability for Iraq

For nearly 10 years the mainstream media was virtually silent about the Anglo-American embargo on Iraq. It is the reason why Iraqi’s are so angry with the current occupiers, the crippling sanctions they had imposed prevented Iraqis from toppling Saddam

The Warlords of America

Don’t be fooled. No matter what the media says or how it is portrayed, between the two candidates, George W. Bush may be the lesser of the two evils

The Crime Committed in Our Name

Saddam Hussien’s WMD were a hollow threat that the Anglo-American leadership cynically exploited. According to one senior CIA analyst: “It was 95 per cent charade. And they all knew it: Bush, Blair, Howard.”

Blair’s Mass Deception

In the wake of the Hutton fiasco, one truth remains evident: Tony Blair ordered an unprovoked invasion of another country on a totally false pretext, and that lies and deceptions from London and Washington caused the deaths of up to 55,000 Iraqis

American Terrorist

Forget the Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr Kelly, writes John Pilger. It will not reveal what the US and UK authorities really don’t want you to know: that radiation illnesses caused by uranium weapons are now common in Iraq

Bush and Blair are in Trouble

Blair must know his game is over. Bush’s reception in Britain demonstrated that; and the CIA has now announced that the Iraqi resistance is “broad, strong and getting stronger”

“They put the lie to their own propaganda”

John Pilger talks to Anthony Arnove about why the U.S. went to war — and why its colonial occupation is in crisis

The Awakening of Liberal England

Not before time, it is beginning to dawn on many that they helped install a leader who is a bloody warmonger. In less than five years, Blair has embarked on 4 military campaigns, against countries that posed no real threat to Britain

Media Censorship That Doesn’t Speak Its Name

Reducing journalism to a branch of corporate and government public relations is the hidden agenda of the media deregulators, in Britain and America

Iraq’s Epic Suffering Is Made Invisible

The Hutton inquiry is Blair’s best trick so far. For an inquiry into the death of one man, ensures that real questions as to why Blair took Britain into war in the first place, are never asked

Needed: An Inquiry Into A Slaughter

Tony Blair shares responsibility for causing violent death and suffering on a vast scale. Meanwhile, the Hutton inquiry into the circumstances leading to Dr Kelly’s death, is already turning into an exercise in spin

The War on Truth

Lieutenant-General Sir Stanley Maude, who led British forces into Iraq in 1917, said: “Our armies do not come…as conquerors or enemies, but as liberators.” Within three years, 10,000 had died in uprisings against the British occupiers