Britain: the depth of corruption

John Pilger describes how the current scandal involing British MPs’ tax evasion is the latest example of a deeper, more widespread culture of deceit

The diplomacy of lying

Obama’s job is to present a benign, even progressive face that will revive America’s democratic pretensions, internationally and domestically, while ensuring nothing of substance changes

Don’t Forget Yugoslavia

All that was hidden shall be revealed, it is said, and the secrets of the war in Yugoslavia are finally emerging: telling us more about how the modern world is really run

In the great tradition, Obama is a Hawk

Truly historic moments have been fabricated around US presidential campaigns for as long as I can recall, writes John Pilger. Race, gender and even body language have all been subsumed by marketing and “image-making”. Barack Obama is no different

From triumph to torture

Israel’s treatment of an award-winning young Palestinian journalist is part of a terrible pattern

Bringing Down The New Berlin Walls

Israel has tried every kind of blockade: the denial of electricity for water and sewage pumps, incubators and dialysis machines and the denial of fuel and food. This has been accompanied by the droning, insincere, incessant voices of the western media

How the Anglo-American elite shares its ‘values’

John Pilger looks at the British-American Project for the Successor Generation, a little known organisation dedicated to promoting “shared values” through its members working in politics, the defence establishment and the media

How Truth Slips Down the Memory Hole

It is 80 years since Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, predicted a pervasive “invisible government” of corporate spin, suppression and silence as the true ruling power in the United States. That is true today on both sides of the Atlantic

The New Rulers of the World

John Pilger reports from Indonesia, a country where the old imperialism meets the new

Children of the dust

As the Israeli army attempts to imprison an entire nation, it is the youngest who suffer most. Half of all Palestinians killed in the past six years are children

Iran may be the greatest crisis of modern times

We are being led towards perhaps the most serious crisis in modern history as the Bush-Cheney-Blair “long war” edges closer to Iran, writes John Pilger

Iran: The War Begins

As opposition grows in America to the failed Iraq adventure, the Bush administration is preparing public opinion for an attack on Iran, its latest target, by the spring

Looking to the Side, From Belsen to Gaza

John Pilger describes the warnings of genocide in Gaza, and the suffering of 1.4 million Palestinians living a “life in a cage” as the world looks on. Just as once a Nazi concentration camp inmate described the Germans who watched, “looking from the side”

Blair Is A Coward

Written shortly before the invasion of Iraq, John Pilger’s observations are more relevant now than ever

The Blair Doctrine: Blood and Money

The ‘War on Terror’ should be called the ‘War on Democracy’, writes John Pilger. In Britain and elsewhere, journalism has been systematically appropriated as the new order’s management class, and democratic ideas have been emptied and refilled

No News Is Slow News

News that doesn’t make the front pages or the BBC bulletins is ‘slow news’. For example, resistance to foreign power by the Palestinians, ordinary Iraqis and Afghans is ‘slow news’ while the internecine machinations of Bush and Blair is ‘regular news’

The Betrayal of Afghanistan

As the Anglo-American occupation of Iraq now unravels, the forgotten disaster in Afghanistan, the first “victory” in the “war on terror”, is perhaps an even more shocking testament to power

The real threat we face is Blair

By any measure of international law, writes John Pilger, Tony Blair is a prima facie war criminal

Empire and Israel

Propaganda and the hypocritical abuse of language has reached a nadir in recent weeks. An Israeli soldier belonging to an invasion force was captured and held, legitimately, as a prisoner of war. Sparking further slaughter in reprisal for his “kidnapping”

The War on Children

A 2004 British Medical Journal reported that, “Two-thirds of the 621 children killed (by Israelis 2000-2004), died from small arms fire, directed in over half the cases to the head, neck and chest – the sniper’s wound.”