Christopher Bollyn Interviews Roy Tov

Roy Tov is a marked men. Having had a career at Israel’s highest scientific institution and served in its top-secret military units he rebelled and converted to Christianity. Now living in exile in Bolivia he talks to Christopher Bollyn

Exposed: Obama’s Duplicity in Egypt

Exposed: Obama’s Duplicity in Egypt

While Obama publicly supported the pro-democracy protestors … his envoy was supporting the dictatorship and the use of violence against protesters. Christopher Bollyn expands on recent events in Egypt. Includes video

U.S. Wounded - The Hidden Toll of Obama's Surge

U.S. Wounded – The Hidden Toll of Obama’s Surge

Nearly 600 U.S. servicemen, about 20 per day on average, have been wounded every month since May 2010. This is the painful reality of the fraudulent war in Afghanistan that the Obama administration has been hiding

Tariq Aziz Sentenced to Hang

“The inspectors will find that all the talk of Iraq stockpiling weapons of mass destruction is simply a lie, and put by Bush and Blair as a pretext for staging a war.” – Tariq Aziz, New York Times, October 22, 2002

Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch – Agents of Deception

Eric Hufschmid and Rupert Murdoch – Agents of Deception

Christopher Bollyn on two of his most persistent detractors and their ties to Rupert Murdoch, and by extension, Jacob Rothschild

Who Destroyed the 9/11 Evidence?

Who Destroyed the 9/11 Evidence?

A hoax cannot succeed if there is evidence of a crime and the destruction of the hundreds of tons of steel used in the construction of the World Trade Center towers was a crucial part concealing the criminal conspiracy behind 9/11

Norwegian and U.S. Soldiers Kill for Thrills in Afghanistan

While the public is told they are fighting a “War on Terror”, according to one Norwegian soldier in Afghanistan, they kill because “it is better than sex”

Syria Wrongly Blamed for Hariri Murder

Saad Hariri, the Lebanese prime minister, has recently come forth and said he was wrong to accuse Syria of assassinating his father. So who is really behind the murder and false accusations?

Making sense of the Media Cover-up of 9/11

Making sense of the Media Cover-up of 9/11

Why has the media not reported that Olmert was in New York on the eve of 9/11? The media silence makes no sense unless his visit was connected to the false-flag terror attacks. Was Olmert on the El Al flight that left New York on the afternoon of 9/11?

Is the Obama-Hitler Billboard Correct?

A billboard comparing the “change” promised by Obama with similar promises made by Hitler and Lenin raised a few eyebrows before it was quickly papered over. However, a look at history reveals a common thread between all three. Christopher Bollyn explains

“We Would Publish Whole Stories That Were Lies”

Unfortunately these principles apply across the board in the corporate media

The Coming American Revolution

The time has come folks. We have to stop listening to and believing the awesome figure in front of us: “Pay no attention to that little man behind the curtain.”

The Israeli Role in the Plundering of Iceland

The Israeli Role in the Plundering of Iceland

The collapse of Iceland’s economy and the World Trade Center towers have more in common than is apparent. Christopher Bollyn explains

9-11 Judge is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS

“It is very crass …but there is an expression that is sometimes very useful, ‘Money is the universal lubricant.’ It makes it easier to go on with one’s life.” – Alvin K. Hellerstein

The Goldman Scam & John Paulson's Links to 9-11

The Goldman Scam & John Paulson’s Links to 9-11

News about the fraud at Goldman Sachs confirms what I have been saying all along about the financial “meltdown”, writes Christopher Bollyn. The financial meltdown wasn’t a mistake – IT WAS A CON

The Dirty Business Behind the 9-11 Clean-up

Seeing that an advanced nano-composite form of thermite was used to demolish the World Trade Center, we can now understand that the clean-up was actually a well-planned operation to remove and destroy the evidence of the crime

Fearing 9/11 Protests Netanyahu Cancels U.S. Visit

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has abruptly cancelled his trip to Washington, planned for Monday and Tuesday to attend a conference on the spread of nuclear weapons. Did he so because he feared protests over Israeli involvement in 9/11?

How Can Netanyahu Afford to Defy the U.S.A.?

How Can Netanyahu Afford to Defy the U.S.A.?

Christopher Bollyn takes a closer look at the man Joe Lockhart, spokesman for President Bill Clinton, described as “one of the most obnoxious individuals you’re going to come into – just a liar and a cheat”

Obama Runs into Israel's Wall of Apartheid

Obama Runs into Israel’s Wall of Apartheid

Christopher Bollyn looks at some of the key players behind Israel’s recent insulting treatment of visiting U.S. Vice President Joe Biden.

The Murderous Mossad and 9/11

The Murderous Mossad and 9/11

There are lessons to be learned from the murder of a Hamas leader in Dubai, writes Christopher Bollyn. One is the way U.S. Jews such as Michael Chertoff (left), can serve Israeli interests – even if that means working against America’s