A member of the Australian Navy assists rescued survivors in the waters off erstern Java. Click to enlarge

A tragedy off the coast of Indonesia that should shame Lebanon’s neglectful government

The migrants’ boat sank – but the blame must start in Beirut

US cowardice will let Israel’s isolated right off the hook

The Israelis know that Obama is still a groveller. This is what real “appeasement” is all about. Fear.

A Syrian solution to civil conflict? The Free Syrian Army is holding talks with Assad’s senior staff

Disaffected by the growing influence of the al-Qa’ida-linked al-Nusra Front, elements of the Free Syrian Army have covertly approached the Assad regime

Syrian Army tank in Maaloula earlier in Sept, 2013. Click to enlarge

Syria crisis: In sacred Maaloula, where they speak the language of Christ, war leads neighbours into betrayal

Twenty years ago, identical tragedies destroyed the villages of Bosnia. Now they are being re-enacted in Syria

“I had five sons, now I have four”: Syria’s senior cleric pardons the rebels who killed his son

The Grand Mufti of Syria preaches a message of forgiveness

Gas Missiles Were Not Sold To Syria

Export papers and eyewitness accounts seem to support Syrian government assertions that it was not behind Sarin gas attacks

Photo released by official Syrian News Agency shows burning cars after blasts in Damascus. Click to enlarge

The death toll in Syria continues to rise – whoever is doing the counting

Robert Fisk reports from a Damascus, a city at war where traffic cops still issue parking tickets

Assad’s troops may be winning this war in Syria’s capital – untouched by Obama’s threats

When an Islamist fighter can film himself eating the flesh of a dead soldier, all scruples have gone. Robert Fisk reports first-hand from Syria

There is something deeply cynical about this chemical weapons ‘timetable’

Now we’ve got rebels chopping off prisoners’ heads, I’m not sure what scruples they’d have about using sarin

Vladimir Putin is unlikely to lend his support to latest US crusade

The Syrian crisis is not really about Assad’s regime but to a large extent over Iran. Robert Fisk explains why Putin is unlikely to give much ground

This bombardment of Syria clichés shows no sign of stopping

Clichés aside there’s a marked difference between Iraq and Syria. Because even if Obama launches only a ‘limited’ strike it could provoke a Russian-Iranian response

Once Washington made the Middle East tremble – now no one there takes it seriously

Watershed. It’s the only word for it. Once Lebanon and Syria and Egypt trembled when Washington spoke. Now they laugh

The Real Target of these Attacks is not Syria

Robert Fisk on why real intention behind Western efforts to isolate Assad is not the promotion of human rights or peace

Does President Obama know he’s fighting on al-Qa’ida’s side?

Probably, but while we are told it will be a short strike, at most a couple of days. Think Iran. Think Hezbollah. I rather suspect – if Obama does go ahead – that this one will run and run

Death is now everyday among Arabs – but culprits, and facts, are rare

Robert Fisk reflects on the ongoing turmoil in the Middle East

Egypt crisis: A national tragedy plays out at Cairo’s stinking mortuary

Sombre scenes a grim reminder of where Egypt is heading

How some ordinary Egyptians became ‘malicious terrorists’

Egypt’s military rulers, its police and army are counting on the Saudis. Robert Fisk reports from Cairo

The police keep firing; the bodies pile up. In Cairo, bloodbaths are now a daily occurrence

The police – some wearing black hoods – fired into the crowds from the roof of the police station. Robert Fisk reports from Cairo

Cairo massacre: The Muslim Brotherhood’s silent martyrs lie soaked in blood

Cairo massacre: The Muslim Brotherhood’s silent martyrs lie soaked in blood

Robert Fisk reports first-hand from a city torn by grief and bloodshed

An Egyptian military bulldozer moves in on a temporary camp set up Morsi supporters. A similar technique is used by Israeli security forces against Palestinians, as in Rachel Corrie's murder. Click to enlarge.

Cairo massacre: After today, what Muslim will ever trust the ballot box again?

This marks a tragic turning point, writes Robert Fisk, from which Egypt could take years to recover