Iran: All’s Well that Ends Well

Iranians should remember that very advanced techniques of social psycho-engineering enable malefactors to use social networks like Twitter to capture and destroy societies

Oscar for Obama

Obama’s Cairo speech was almost too good to be true. As if he were delivering lines from a play. But then he does not write his speeches any more than Leonardo DiCaprio wrote the Romeo monologue. Israel Shamir explains

Chosen Nukes

The struggle for Korean nuclear independence is extremely relevant for the Middle East. Judeo-American interests want to turn North Korea into an example for Iran. They wish to do something nasty to not-too-relevant Korea so that Iran will fall in line

Fisk Misses the Target

Robert Fisk calls Lieberman “a Russian nationalist”, but this shows only the eternal British suspicion of Russians. Lieberman is not a dreamboat; but he is not an ogre as presented by the Israeli elites. Israel Shamir explains

Freedom in the Air

The Jews do not know when to stop, writes Israel Shamir. It is true, they got to the top this way. The wildest dreams of the Elders of Zion were realised. But while admittedly it is difficult to get to the top, it is nay impossible to stay there forever

Wrong Lizard

More incisive commentary from Israel Shamir: this week he reflects on the recent Israeli elections

Lead Rains of Gaza

A war is coming – I was forewarned some weeks ago by a most unlikely expert on the subject, an old fisherman called “Charlie”

Gaza at War

Israel Shamir reports from Tel Aviv as Israeli tanks roll into Gaza

The Madoff Affair: A Guide to the Perplexed Antisemite

Israel Shamir reflects on the fallout from the Madoff scam, with additional input from James Petras Ph.D.

Seven Lean Kine

First, they opened the gates of credit and got a lot of people hooked. Afterwards, they shut the gates and ushered in their Armageddon weapon, the seven lean kine

Hang ‘Em High!

Instead of spelling disaster, writes Israel Shamir, the financial collapse offers a unique opportunity to fix all of America’s ills

Good News from Palestine, or One Jew Less

Israel Shamir explains why we have cause to celebrate

Buddha’s Nativity in Ladakh

Buddha’s Nativity in Ladakh

Ladakh is a good place to get an understanding of the Tibetan problem, for Ladakh is also a part of Tibet; there is one important difference: we never hear any bad news from Ladakh, though their situation is quite similar

The Snatch

The former Israeli paratrooper looks at recent events in the Caucasus in the light of the Manchu Incident: a combat reconnaisance mission undertaken by the Japanese in the 1930’s when they were soundly beaten by Soviet General Zhukov

Sages Rule

Prime Minister Olmert threw his towel in and gave up struggle. A powerful coalition of law and media brought him down. The Jewish state enters a new era of rule by sages, not necessarily a better one, writes Israel Shamir

July Thunder

July thunder of Russo-Chinese veto over Zimbabwe ended the long suspense. Power transfer in Russia has been completed; the lull of the West’s total freedom of hands is over

Heemeyer Rides Again

It could have happened anywhere. A tale of young lovers separated by prejudice; jealousy and rage that exploded in a bulldozer rampaging through the streets of Jerusalem. Israel Shamir tells a tragic tale that ironically carries with it the seeds of hope

India: Comeback

India was the laboratory for imperial devices. A long time before Baghdad was looted by the Americans, British troops in 1799 conquered and looted Seringapatam. Israel Shamir reflects on India and the modern Empire

In Defence of Prejudice

The Chinese suffered from terrible prejudice in the beginning of 20th century. But they got together, eliminated petty crime, and now their ghetto, Chinatown, is a delightful place for a stroll or for a meal. Prejudice against the Chinese died out

Wiki, the Chaos Controlled

Conspiracy? Yes. Jewish conspiracy? You bet! Wikipedia is a great idea for Jews, writes Israel Shamir. People from all over the world contribute of their knowledge, and then this Summa is pruned in the way acceptable to the pro-Jewish gardeners