The Friday 22 Massacre

With time we’ll recognise the cinematic quality of Utoya Massacre being drawn from trashy horror movies. Israel Shamir analyses the events of Friday July 22

Why Palestine is Important

Because as Israel Shamir explains, it might just be a linchpin of Empire, one of the key points necessary to control the world

US Knew Where Osama Was Since 2005

Cross and Doublecross with Gitmo files

Foreboding of Storm

Israel Shamir on how recent upheavals in the Arab world have polarised opinion in Russia

The Art of Cable Cooking

Israel Shamir on the latest episode in the Wikileaks saga

Cuba in the Wikileaks Mirror

Cuba in the Wikileaks Mirror

An undying obsession

BBC Panorama prepares a ‘mother of all smears’ against Wikileaks

This website isn’t too sure about Wikileaks or its founder Julian Assange. Nonetheless Israel Shamir is a brilliant writer and we feel it only fair that he have his say. Ed

The Guardians Political Censorship of Wikileaks Cables

This is not a conjecture but a fact, writes Israel Shamir, The Guardian edits and distorts the cables!

Julian Assange’s Deal With the Devil

The main job of a newspaper or news website is to process raw data and transmit it to a reader. This is something that Wikileaks has done admirably, explains Israel Shamir

The Minsk Election in a Wikileaks Mirror

Israel Shamir on a paradigm in Belarus

Royal Hunt of Julian Assange

I have never seen simple facts more twisted and distorted than in the article published by The Guardian on December 18th – and I’ve seen some beauties, writes Israel Shamir on attempts to smear him

Israeli Peace agreement will mean big war – Israel Shamir

Israel Shamir on why a ‘peace agreement’ between Abbas and Israel could lead to a much bigger conflict

The Obscure Charm of Zionism

A discussion with Israel Shamir on how the far right across Europe is now working in cahoots with Zionists

Winnie the Pooh on Race and Immigration

Mass immigration is neatly sandwiched between invasion and slave trade. Either way, a small elite profit from it while anyone who questions the mass influx and cherishes his or her attachment to soil and community is promptly denounced as “racist”

Body Snatchers Are Back

Body Snatchers Are Back

Every poor man on the planet is a Palestinian – though the means of his dispossession may vary. Israel Shamir on the plunder and trade of vital human organs. Warning – Graphic Photos

Walking about Jerusalem

I walk it almost every day, and the Old City shopkeepers and artisans call me out, “Ahalan, Shamir!” They all know me because I am a guide, guiding discerning travellers about town

Obama Lynching Party

The number of those turning on Obama is growing. Israel Shamir explains why we should think before joining their ranks

Iran: All’s Well that Ends Well

Iranians should remember that very advanced techniques of social psycho-engineering enable malefactors to use social networks like Twitter to capture and destroy societies

Oscar for Obama

Obama’s Cairo speech was almost too good to be true. As if he were delivering lines from a play. But then he does not write his speeches any more than Leonardo DiCaprio wrote the Romeo monologue. Israel Shamir explains

Chosen Nukes

The struggle for Korean nuclear independence is extremely relevant for the Middle East. Judeo-American interests want to turn North Korea into an example for Iran. They wish to do something nasty to not-too-relevant Korea so that Iran will fall in line