Two Invasions: The Ukrainian Pendulum

Two Invasions: The Ukrainian Pendulum

Israel Shamir with the untold story of recent events in the Ukraine, including the involvement of Blackwater mercenaries on the streets of Kiev. A must read

The Brown Revolution in Ukraine

The Brown Revolution in Ukraine

The Spectacle-like unreal quality of Kiev events was emphasized by arrival of the neocon philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy. He came to Maidan like he came to Libya and Bosnia, claiming human rights and threatening sanctions and bombing

What really happened in the Ukrainian crisis

Putin has scored a new victory in the Ukraine. Israel Shamir reports

Wikileaks Rides East!

Wikileaks Rides East!

On the hard quest to deliver truth to the unwilling. Israel Shamir reviews Mediastan

The Cape of Good Hope

It was indeed touch and go and it may not be over yet. Israel Shamir looks at the recent crisis over Syria and how it reflected America’s standing in the world

Snowden in Moscow: a Postcript

After the publication of Snowden in Moscow, I received many positive responses, a few queries, – and a few abuses. I am used to the whole lot, and I expect it whenever the Guardian newspaper is mentioned

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Click to enlarge

Snowden in Moscow

Moscow is a great place to be, writes Israel Shamir, especially in summer. Russian authorities are likely to grant Edward Snowden refugee status; opening the way for him to explore the city, its dangers and its charms

Putin’s Wise Counsellor

Alexander Dugin is one of Russia’s foremost thinkers. For him the Left or Right dichotomy is obsolete. What matters is Compliance with or Resistance to the New World Order. Israel Shamir reviews his latest work

Russian missile in Red Square parade 2014.

V-day in Moscow

The tanks and missiles did convey the sheer brutal might of another geological period: they’d fit right into Jurassic Park and could mate there with tyrannosaurs. Israel Shamir on the recent Victory Day parade in Moscow

Jewish Wealth

America can learn much from Israel, not least when it comes to ethnicity and wealth. Israel Shamir explains

Extremists march at an earlier protest in Paris. click to enlarge

The French Spring

The wicked witch of the West may be dead but her spirit lives on. Israel Shamir on Stalin and Thatcher and the growing groundswell of opposition in France to a government drive to legalise gay marriage and adoption

A Reckless Apartheid Fighter

A Reckless Apartheid Fighter

Andre crossed the biggest chasm there is. Imagine a white boy from Philly, picking cotton and living with blacks in a cabin on a Mississippi plantation in the days of Jim Crow. No Freedom Rider went that far

Polonsky’s in jail

Polonsky’s in jail

Israel Shamir’s looks at a “Russian Donald Trump”, renegade billionaire and wild card Sergey Polonsky

Putin’s Baby Crime

To the many crimes of President Vladimir Putin, a new one was added last month. Israel Shamir explains

Autumn in Crimea

I love this country in the off-season. The tiresome tourists are all gone. Autumn still lingers in all its late beauty, and the Crimean palaces I visit share the unique history of this land with me alone

Oligarchs Fight LIVE!

Oligarchs Fight LIVE!

New money is still good fun; they pull their stunts right in public, and they don’t pull their punches. These hometown heroes fill the vacuum left by the maharajas and sheiks in a way that our drab bureaucrats never could

President Franklin D. Roosevelt (centre) with Churchill and Stalin at the original Yalta conference in 1945. Click to enlarge

A View from Livadia Palace

Some historical discoveries have to be constantly recalled, as they have not seeped into our received understanding of the world. One such revelation never to be forgotten is the well-hidden story of ultimate treachery planned in 1945

A View over Bosporus

Israel Shamir reports from Istanbul, where he finds a vibrant city that is a far cry from that depicted in Midnight Express

Turks, Cease Fire!

If Erdogan’s Janissaries will deal treacherous strike to Syria, and cause its collapse, a terrible whirlwind will ensue, and it will engulf Turkey as well. Israel Shamir explains

Breaking News: Julian Assange Mossad Agent!

It never occurred to me to debunk this nonsense, like one does not debunk Grey Aliens and Lizardpeople, writes Israel Shamir. So why now?