The Red And Black Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Working in Tandem

The Red And Black Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Working in Tandem

Major players are conducting war drills right now: it’s “war theatre”, but it is also a warning of what is approaching.

"Sex Education," i.e. promoting sex to children before they are mentally and emotionally mature, is state-sanctioned sexual abuse of children. Click to enlarge

Britain Normalizes Sex for Children

The object being to rob children of their precious innocence before they are ready. Bringing them more directly under the influence of social engineers while they are still in their formative years

Report: Iran building ‘new Hezbollah’ in Syria

Iran is reportedly working to unite Shiite militias fighting in Syria into one force that could serve as a “parallel army” to that of Bashar al-Assad’s regime,

Alleged 'bullet holes' in Ottowa Parliament. Click to enlarge

Bogus TV Report Casts Doubt on Ottawa Shooting

“Bullet holes” in the wall of the Ottowa Parliament building were there long before the shooting took place.

More Evidence That Iran’s Military Mastermind Is Running The Iraq Ground War

‘Fearless’ Iranian Revolutionary Guards commander reportedly overseeing the Iraqi fight back against Islamic State militants

Turkey’s President Erdogan Moves into New Palace

Judging from his new presidential palace, it appears that President Erdogan has aspirations to become like the Ottoman’s of old

Angelina Jolie and William Hague. Click to enlarge

President Jolie? Angelina ‘open’ to career in politics

Is she about to do what Ronald Reagan did and aim for the White House?

Noam Chomsky calls US ‘world’s leading terrorist state’

The aging activist condemns the U.S. while carefully avoiding any mention of its main ally in the Middle East

East-West Tensions Designed to Increase War Spending

East-West Tensions Designed to Increase War Spending

Good cop, bad cop – how the West and Russian are pitching increased military spending in the drive toward world government

Amnesty International accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza

Amnesty International has accused Israel of displaying a “shocking disregard” for civilian lives in Gaza during its 50-day military offensive

Non-EU migrants waiting to try and enter Britain at the French port of Calais. Click to enlarge

New Report Tries To Gloss Over the Negative Impact of Mass Immigration

Migrants from outside the EU have taken £120billion more from the state than they paid in taxes over 17 years

GCHQ chief says internet companies are ‘in denial’ about role they play in terrorism

The new head of GCHQ sounds as if he’s preparing the way for new restrictions on the internet. To fight “terrorism”, of course

10 Examples Of The Extreme Incompetence That Now Pervades The Federal Government

You know that things are bad when government employees have to be told not to poop in the hallways.

Timothy Boatwright, center, a trans man, with his Wellesley classmates. Click to enlarge

Gender Chaos: “Fe-Males” Demand Rights at Women’s Collleges

One cannot help but think they’ve brought this upon themselves. After all this is what happens when you upset the natural sexual dynamic

Iran Warns Of ‘Serious Contradictions’ In U.S. Anti-IS Policies

The U.S. initially armed and trained the terror group while its gulf allies financed it. Before the U.S. declared war on it in the “War on Terror”, ostensibly

China unveils laser drone defence system

Laser can bring down small low-flying aircraft within five seconds of locating target

ISIS EXPOSED 100% AS CIA OPERATION: “The Next Bin Laden is Here” – Don’t Be Fooled

History repeats itself: is the public going to be duped yet again?

Turkey's new presidential palace. Click to enlarge

Erdogan’s new $350 mln palace draws controversy

Bigger than the White House, the Kremlin or Buckingham Palace, Turkey’s new presidential palace reveals Erdogan’s autocratic aspirations

Admiral Wilhelm Canaris. Is this hand gesture the explanation of German generals' docility?

British Saved Hitler from German Army Coup in 1938

The German General Staff was ready to overthrow Hitler in Sept. 1938 but the British ( i.e. Illuminati) withheld support. Why did the British want war and why did the Germans follow their lead?

Ministers advance bill jailing rock throwers for up to 20 years

Israeli politicians vote to increase the severity of punishment meted out to stone throwers ten-fold