The Christian tragedy in the Middle East did not begin with Isis

The Christian tragedy in the Middle East did not begin with Isis

Robert Fisk ponders a long-standing enmity

Abbas threatens to turn to ICC over frozen tax monies

Not only are Palestinians being kept in a virtual concentration camp, Israel is keeping their tax revenues for its own ends

This cover is on every newsstand. Naked females look identical yet Western occulture is besotted with them.
 This mental programming degrades men and women to the level of animals. Click to enlarge

Undoing Male Sex Programming

Despite their posturing, women were not meant for veneration. With extracts from Philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, Henry Makow explains

It's Not Uni-versity any more, It's Di-versity

It’s Not Uni-versity any more, It’s Di-versity

A brief reminder of the REAL agenda behind modern university education

Russia boosts air defense in face of US Prompt Global Strike capacity

In anticipation of a surprise U.S. first strike. Includes video

Edith-Miller and daughter.

Edith Starr Miller – Murdered by Judeo Masonic Conspiracy

Here is a story of courage that Hollywood will never tell.

Iran disputes US nuclear deal ‘fact sheet’

Iran’s foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif takes issue with the “fact sheet” released by the U.S.

Obama receives an update from John Kerry in Iran inside the Situation Room on April 1st. Click to enlarge

Iran’s Persian statement on ‘deal’ contradicts Obama’s claims

Days after signing the agreement and already U.S. and Iranian versions of the “texts are diametrically opposed”

Outline of Iran Nuclear Deal Sounds Different From Each Side

The ink on the agreement has barely dried but already disputes are emerging over how it’s interpreted

Pentagon tested biggest ‘bunker-buster’ bomb in its arsenal in January: Report

So despite the recently agreed nuclear accord, the U.S. is stil keeping “all options” ready

My Guilty Pleasure: Supermarkets

My Guilty Pleasure: Supermarkets

Henry Makow admits to a secret vice, of sorts. He enjoys shopping for food

Common Core Education: The Insane Bottom Line

“In a tightly controlled setting, subjecting a young child to cognitive dissonance amounts to mind control”, Jon Rappoport

, US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. Click to enlarge

Pentagon Chief: We Might Bomb Iran Even if Nuclear Deal Reached

Despite the agreement over its nuclear program, US Defense Secretary Carter says “the military option will remain on the table” regarding Iran

Israelis and Saudis combined their assets to create a new superpower in the Middle East

The alliance sustains Sunni militants, Al-Qaeda and Islamic State. Robert Parry explains

On Hitler’s Birthday, US to Begin Openly Training Neo-Nazi Integrated Forces in Ukraine

On Hitler’s Birthday, US to Begin Openly Training Neo-Nazi Integrated Forces in Ukraine

US Zionists openly flirting with Ukrainian Neo-Nazis

Graffiti written in Farsi outside the presidential palace in Tikrit, Iraq. The translation says, "The Sepah of Khomeini defeated Daesh" - sepah being a term for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Given that U.S.-led forces were bombing until Monday night, it would imply that they gave air cover to troops who included Iranians (though Iraqis deny there were any Iranian ground forces). (Loveday Morris/The Washington Post) Click to enlarge

Photo: Were Iranian soldiers fighting in Tikrit?

While the Iraqi government insists that only Iraqi forces were involved in the liberation of Tikrit, fresh scrawled graffiti in the city’s former presidential palace suggests otherwise

Iran’s Been Two Years Away From a Nuclear Weapon for Three Decades

In 1984 Jane’s Defence Weekly informed readers that Iran would have a nuclear weapon within “two years”. Nor was Jane’s alone in making such predictions

Board of Regents, aka political bagmen. Click to enlarge

Political Donors Control US Universities

Susan L encountered the iron fist in academia’s velvet glove.

Netanyahu tells Obama Iran deal ‘threat to Israel’s survival’

The billion dollar question that arises from this: will Israel act to neutralise the perceived “threat”?

Negotiators announce agreement at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne after the talks finished.

Iran nuclear deal: negotiators announce ‘framework’ agreement

Iran agrees sweeping cuts in its nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions in historic announcement Thursday night