Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

Winnipeg chiropractor fights to save his son.

Russia reviews military doctrine, reflecting chill with NATO

The deputy head of the Kremlin’s advisory Security Council says “Russia is being deliberately painted as the enemy, and… as new threat to NATO”

The white missile has '373' written on it in Persian numerals, suggesting it might be the Bavar 373. Click to enlarge

Iran announces progress on long-range SAMs

Janes Defence Weekly with more background detail on Iran’s latest air defence weapons

Beheading in Saudi Arabia. Click to enlarge

Saudi Arabia beheads Iranian national

Just in case you were wondering where Sunni militants got the idea for beheadings from. In Saudi Arabia in the past four weeks alone 40 have been beheaded

Alice Cooper covers the Bob Dylan song “Isis”

Alice Cooper covers the Bob Dylan song “Isis”

We never would have guessed it but Alice Cooper has just gone up in our estimation

Anita Sarkeesian. Click to enlarge

Male Video Gamers Blast Feminist Critics

Videogames have become the unlikely battleground in the struggle between male “sexists” and feminists. Eric Bazinet explains

Ken O’Keefe – Zionism is Doomed

Former US Marine, Gulf War Veteran and marine conservationist has become one of the most outspoken critics of Zionist power. In this recent talk in London he explains why it is doomed

Andrey Stenin. Click to enlarge

The Undoing of US “Interventionism?”

If the Pentagon were looking to create a war with Syria, it could not do a more effective job at corralling Americans with fear and hysteria than ISIS

Monica O'Connor and husband Eddie O'Neill. Click to enlarge

Mum of six released from jail after imprisonment over home schooling dispute

As the correspondent who sent this noted, this smacks of the workings of a fascist state

In northeast Syria, Islamic State builds a government

While this Reuters report explains how Islamic State is using a combination of practicality and sheer brutality to consolidate its hold, it omits to mention some crucial points

Steven Sotloff killing: Obama vows to ‘degrade’ ISIS as video deemed authentic

Taken in context, President Obama’s comments on Steven Sotloff’s alleged killing are dripping with hypocrisy and cynicism

Cameron and Obama will ‘not to be cowed’ by IS

In a joint statement British Prime Minister David Cameron and U.S. President Obama announce that “Countries like Britain and America will not be cowed by barbaric killers.”

Ukraine - Truth Where Youd Least Expect It. Sept-Oct issue of Foreign Affairs. Click to enlarge

Illuminati Promote Both Sides of Ukraine Crisis?

We know he is but why did the CFR house organ print an article that made their puppet Obama look like a liar?

In this photograph released by the Islamic Emirate, we see one of its fighters armed with a French Famas while Paris denies any contact with this organization. In reality, France has armed the Free Syrian Army with instructions to donate two-thirds of its equipment to the Al-Nosra Front (that is to say, Al Qaeda in Syria), as evidenced by a document provided by Syria to the Security Council of the UN. Subsequently several units of Al-Nosra rallied with their weapons to the Islamic Emirate. Moreover, contrary to official statements, the commander of the Islamic Emirate, the current caliph Ibrahim, combined his duties with those of a member of the staff of the Free Syrian Army.

The Grand Saudi Reversal

For 35 years Saudi Arabia has supported Sunni extremism but as Thierry Maisson explains, that may be changing

Steven Joel Sotloff. Click to enlarge

Islamic State video purports to show beheading of American-Jewish journalist Steven Sotloff

Is this another ploy to prompt demands that “something must be done”: thereby opening the way for military action?



Another faked beheading?

Still from the SITE video of Steven Sotloff's beheading. Click to enlarge

Islamic State issues video of beheading of U.S. hostage

Another day, another beheading. It’s almost a matter of routine. Which may explain why Reuters doesn’t explain that the video comes via a known scam artist

Missing Libyan jetliners raise fears of terror attacks on 9/11

Putting the pieces in place for a repeat performance? Or is this just a calculated and implied threat?

Irans Air Defense Operation Center (ADOC)

This video offers a glimpse inside Iran’s increasingly sophisticated air defence network. Although in Farsi there is a brief English translation, which reveals a command centre 250 metres below ground

Iran Unveils New Surface-to-Air Missile, Radars

Iran Unveils New Surface-to-Air Missile, Radars

In a move that will raise concern in Washington and Tel Aviv, Iran unveiled 2 advanced radar systems and a new surface-to-air missile Tuesday