Evidence Shows Sony Helped Israel in Gaza War

Japan’s Sony corporation found to have provided cameras and high technology in Israeli missiles used in Gaza. Includes video

Britain deploys Tornados for Iraq aid reconnaissance

RAF Tornados going back to Iraq to fly reconainnssance flights prior to aid drops

The ISIS Threat Will Be Used For Homeland Repression

The ISIS Threat Will Be Used For Homeland Repression

Originally formed to assist in the overthrow Syria’s Assad, the U.S. has just created another potential Frankenstein that could easily turn on its creator.

Ebola - Another Illuminati Psy Op?

Ebola – Another Illuminati Psy Op?

BE Afraid. Be VERY Afraid… NOT of Ebola but of Executive Order 13295, which Ebola will be used as a pretext to enforce martial law

The manual’s cover, according to Israel’s military. Click to enlarge

IDF Hamas Human Shield Manual a Sloppy Forgery

The Israeli Defense Force just got caught red handed manufacturing fake evidence to prop up their Gaza narrative

Police to probe why arrest of Lord Janner over child abuse accusations was ‘blocked’

The arrest of the former head of the Board of British Jewish Deputies was blocked at the last minute. Who is protecting him and why?

US suppressing satellite images which implicate Kiev in MH17 crash: Petras

US suppressing satellite images which implicate Kiev in MH17 crash: Petras

“Shrapnel that has been discovered in the cabin of the downed plane… suggests that a fighter plane or fighter planes were involved in downing the airliner,” says James Petras. Includes video

Iran to Unveil its Own ‘Iron Dome’ Style Defense System

Former Pentagon adviser warns that Iran is making “great strides” with its defence technology. “Every month that passes narrows the gap between a resurgent Iran and a stagnant West.”

Men's Movement: Flipside of Feminism?

Men’s Movement: Flipside of Feminism?

Striking similarities between the men’s rights movement and feminism

Israeli negotiators head to Cairo for Gaza truce talks

Israeli negotiators are due in Cairo Monday as a new 72-hour truce brokered by Egypt appeared to be holding.

Members minority yazidi religion were threatened after islamic state isis threatened with execution if they didn't convert to Islam. Click to enlarge

Islamic State ‘Executes and Buries 500 Yazidis’

Islamic State militants reported to have killed 500 Yazidis, including woman and children, many of whom were buried alive

Malaysian press charges Ukraine government shot down MH 17

We carried the New Straits Times article some days ago, but in response to its charges of Ukrainian complicity in the downing of MH17 there has been a resounding silence in the Western media

Israeli expert says Iron Dome defence is a hoax

We reserve judgement on this and leave readers to decide. Includes video

T-50 fifth generation multirole fighter. Click to enlarge

Russia to deploy fifth-gen fighters, S-500 missiles in 2016

Weapons development continues apace in Russia, with a new generation of anti-aircraft systems and fighter jets soon to be deployed. Updated with video

Is Israeli Aggression Based on End Times Prophesy?

Is Israeli Aggression Based on End Times Prophesy?

According to the Book of Revelations all the nations of the world will turn against Israel during the end times

‘This is going to be a long term project’

Obama announces that US military involvement in Iraq will continue for MONTHS

Activists during a gathering in Independence Square, Kiev. Click to enlarge

Euromaidan Activists Protesting Kiev’s Operation in Eastern Ukraine

While the world’s attention has been focused on eastern Ukraine, protesters still occupy Independence Square in Kiev.

Today Gaza, Tomorrow Iran?

While we agree that Israel would like to lay waste to Iran, as it just has to Gaza, we don’t believe it is strong enough to do so. It would need America to do the dirty work. But is the U.S. gullible enough to wage another war on Israel’s behalf?

Joan Rivers. Click to enlarge

Joan Rivers: ‘Palestinians deserve to be dead’

The comedienne claims the she was “quoted out of context” and now says she is “praying for peace”. Readers can judge for themselves in the accompanying video

Those at the base endured record Antarctic lows. click to enlarge

British scientists stranded in freezing Antarctic research station when power failed as temperatures hit a record low of minus 55C

Scientists survive record lows in Antarctic base when power cut out — for 19 hours