Iran Arrests Suspected Nuclear Plant Saboteur

The fact that the saboteur is a Ukrainian national should therefore come as no surprise, given Ukraine’s steady drift West

In Defence of Video Games

In Defence of Video Games

As a nerdy kid video games offered Michael Shaw, now 44, refuge and solace during a difficult time in his life

Poll: One-third of Israelis think about leaving

Attitudes toward emigration change as growing number of Israelis say if the had the opportunity they would leave

Jack the Ripper Mystery 'Solved'

Jack the Ripper Mystery ‘Solved’

DNA test found blood on the shawl of one of his victims matched with Polish Jewish immigrant Aaron Kosminski, long suspected by amateur sleuths as being Jack the Ripper

US ‘not serious’ in fight against ISIS: Iran

“There is still no serious understanding about the threat and they (the U.S.) have as yet taken no serious action,” Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif was quoted as saying

The mortar board is a symbol of Freemasonry. Click to enlarge

University – Machine of Judeo Masonic Indoctrination

The occult subversion of higher education

A drawing of Mehdi Nemmouche, who is suspected killing four people at Brussels Jewish museum, during a court hearing in Versailles, France. Click to enlarge

Jewish museum shooting suspect ‘is Islamic State torturer’

There are too many coincidences here and as a mentor once remarked: “there is no such thing as coincidence”.

Renewed shelling in two cities threatens Ukraine ceasefire

Fragile ceasefire threatened by renewed shelling

Henry Kissinger: Iran ‘A Bigger Problem Than ISIS’

Of course it is. At least to the Western elite. For through there proxies in power they helped create ISIS in the first place. Whereas, they don’t have any such control over Iran

Qassem Suleimani on the ground near Amerli. Click to enlarge

Iran’s Military Mastermind Was Reportedly Present During Iraq’s Biggest Victory So Far Against ISIS

Commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards helped coordinate the fight against Islamic State

When launched the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the HMS Prince of Wales will be the two biggest ships to have ever sailed in the Royal Navy. Click to enlarge

Royal Navy will get second aircraft carrier after Nato leaders agree to boost military spending

Leaders agree to preposition military supplies across eastern Europe in readiness for possible conflict with Russia

Cease-fire takes effect in eastern Ukraine amid discord and skepticism

At the time of writing the ceasefire appeared to be holding

Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

Help! A Cult Stole My Wife

Winnipeg chiropractor fights to save his son.

Russia reviews military doctrine, reflecting chill with NATO

The deputy head of the Kremlin’s advisory Security Council says “Russia is being deliberately painted as the enemy, and… as new threat to NATO”

The white missile has '373' written on it in Persian numerals, suggesting it might be the Bavar 373. Click to enlarge

Iran announces progress on long-range SAMs

Janes Defence Weekly with more background detail on Iran’s latest air defence weapons

Beheading in Saudi Arabia. Click to enlarge

Saudi Arabia beheads Iranian national

Just in case you were wondering where Sunni militants got the idea for beheadings from. In Saudi Arabia in the past four weeks alone 40 have been beheaded

Alice Cooper covers the Bob Dylan song “Isis”

Alice Cooper covers the Bob Dylan song “Isis”

We never would have guessed it but Alice Cooper has just gone up in our estimation

Anita Sarkeesian. Click to enlarge

Male Video Gamers Blast Feminist Critics

Videogames have become the unlikely battleground in the struggle between male “sexists” and feminists. Eric Bazinet explains

Ken O’Keefe – Zionism is Doomed

Former US Marine, Gulf War Veteran and marine conservationist has become one of the most outspoken critics of Zionist power. In this recent talk in London he explains why it is doomed

Andrey Stenin. Click to enlarge

The Undoing of US “Interventionism?”

If the Pentagon were looking to create a war with Syria, it could not do a more effective job at corralling Americans with fear and hysteria than ISIS