John Kerry Is Said to Side With Diplomats’ Critical Memo on Syria

The memo urged direct U.S. military intervention in Syria to oust President Assad

U.S. Navy guided-missile destroyer USS Porter sets sail in the Bosphorus, on its way to the Black Sea in Istanbul, Turkey, June 6, 2016. REUTERS/Murad Sezer

‘I don’t need war’: Bulgarian PM rules out joining NATO flotilla in Black Sea

Bulgaria’s prime minister has ruled out participation in a planned NATO-led Black Sea naval task force

A Russian T-50 jet. click to enlarge

Russia’s New Tanks, Lethal Stealth Fighters (and More) vs. NATO: Who Wins?

How much of a threat do Russia’s modernised forces pose the West?

Crisis actor advert. Click to enlarge

Crisis Actors Adverts for Work Vermont?

Is someone recruiting for a terror drill that could go live?

Iraqi PM declares victory over Islamic State in Falluja

Iraqi flag raised over government buildings in Falluja as the final pockets of IS fighters are eliminated

Tommy Mair. Click to enlarge

Jo Cox Killing Suspect ‘Not A Violent Man’

The murder of Jo Cox begins to look less like a politically motivate killing and more like the act of psychologically disturbed individual

U.S. says it will stay in Black Sea despite Russian warning

To put U.S. defiance into perspective: having U.S. Navy ships permanently in the Black Sea would be like having the Russian Navy regularly patrol the Gulf of Mexico

In good company: the now notorious Jimmy Savile photographed with a younger Tony Blair. Click to enlarge

Sodomy Key to Mind Control, says Deprogrammer

“Sodomy is spiritual”, says Marion Knox, who has deprogrammed hundreds of MK-Ultra victims. That’s why it’s involved in modern mind control and ancient occult rituals

Gun Store Owner: We Alerted FBI to 'Suspicious' Customer Weeks Before Orlando Shooting

Gun Store Owner: We Alerted FBI to ‘Suspicious’ Customer Weeks Before Orlando Shooting

Gun store owner thought Mateen was “very suspicious” and called the FBI

US should bomb Assad: dissident diplomat cable

Cable signed by 51 serving U.S. diplomats urges direct military intervention to oust President Assad

Labour MP Jo Cox has been remembered at vigils

Britain Shocked by MP’s Murder

The murder of a Labour Party politician has left Britain in shock. However her death raises wider questions about the role of the media

Switzerland withdraws longstanding application to join EU

Switzerland has dropped plans to join the EU, a year after Iceland withdrew its application to join and a week before Britain votes on whether to remain

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

US likely to use Nusra terrorists to topple Syria’s Assad: Russia

In comments ignored by the Western media, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says the U.S. may use al-Nusra militants to oust Syrian President Assad

Hillary Clinton: “If I’m President, We Will Attack Iran… We would be Able to Totally Obliterate Them.”

Originally posted last year but still highly relevant

The Orlando Club ‘terror event’

Like the Boston Marathon bombings or Sandy Hook, the Orlando shooting looks more and more like a false flag. Even a key ‘witness’ was an actor. Includes videos

Putin Calls Snap Drill to Test Battle-Readiness of Russian Military

Although they are meant to test the Russian Army’s battle-readiness, officials in the Baltic states fear they could be used as a cover to launch a full-scale invasion

Say it: "Je Ne Suis Pas Homo"

Say it: “Je Ne Suis Pas Homo”

It’s hard to comprehend that your own society wants to make you sick.

Brexit is the only way the working class can change anything

Working-class people are sick of being called ignorant or racist because of their valid concerns. The EU referendum has given them a chance to have their say

F/A-18 Hornet fighter jets and E-2D Hawkeye plane are seen on the U.S. aircraft carrier John C. Stennis during joint military exercise called Malabar, with the United States, Japan and India participating, off Japan's southernmost island of Okinawa. REUTERS/Nobuhiro Kubo

China spy ship shadows U.S., Japanese, Indian naval drill in Western Pacific

The show of U.S. naval power comes as Japan and Washington worry China is extending its influence into the western Pacific

More than 1,750 migrants have died trying to cross the Mediterranean in 2015, three times more than 2014, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency. Click to enlarge

EU Operation ‘Encourages’ Illegal Migrants

Libyan coastguard says the EU’s operation which was meant to prevent people smuggling, is actually encouraging illegal migrants. Or was that the intention?