Four oligarchs very close to Putin: Guennadi Timtchenko, Iouri Kovaltchouk, Igor Setchine and Arkady Rotenberg. Click to enlarge

Russia’s Vulnerability to EU – US Sanctions and Military Encroachments

Western aggression, observes Professor James Petras, will compel Russia to either eliminate the oligarchs on whom it has relied so far or die.

Camilla Gibb, 46. Click to enlarge

Lesbians Wage Hate War on Men

Ghomeshi scandal encourages lesbian Camilla Gibb to “speak up” about male harassment

Mecca Under Threat

Saudi plans to demolish Prophet’s birthplace

Iran Shows Flight of US Drone Replica

Iran Shows Flight of US Drone Replica

Includes impressive footage of Iran’s latest drone in flight. A reverse engineered version of one of America’s most advanced UAV

US-Israel in Mexico: Murdered Students and the Failed State

Some perspectives on the forces behind the recent murder of 43 Mexican students

China unveils sophisticated stealth fighter aircraft

With the official unveiling of the long-anticipated J-31 on Tuesday, China hopes that it has a stealth fighter to rival the U.S. F-35

Iran Unveils New Long-Range Radar

Iran unveiled another part of its increasingly sophisticated air defences Tuesday.

Families demand to know fate of 43 teacher college students. Their disappearance caused a national crisis in Mexico. Click to enlarge

Mexico Murder Victims Aren’t Typical “College Students”

The murder of 43 student teachers has caused understandable outrage in Mexico. However, as Henry Makow explains, there may be more to this than is first apparent

Russia, Iran sign nuclear construction deal for 8 units

Growing bilateral ties between Russia and Tehran will be a factor for the U.S./Israel to consider if, and that’s an increasingly big IF, they decide to strike at Iran’s nuclear facilities

Y-20 protoype landing. Click to enlarge

Are these China’s latest military aircraft? Photos claim to reveal new generation of PLA jets

New generation of Chinese military aircraft photographed, including: stealth fighters, military transports and AEW&CS aircraft

Five nuclear engineers, one of them Iranian, killed in Syria: monitor

No one has claimed responsibility but there is good reason to suspect that Mossad was involved

Paramedics treat an Israeli soldier stabbed at a train station on Monday. The soldier later died from his injuries. Click to enlarge

Two Israelis Die in Separate Stabbings by Palestinians

Possibly to avoid detection at checkpoints, Palestinian militants are increasingly using mundane objects as weapons. The latest attack left one dead and an IDF soldier critically injured

Is Barack Obama Attempting To Harass And Intimidate Media Personalities On His ‘Enemies List’?

A new type of censorship is emerging as those who criticise Obama are now being threatened by shadowy figures

The Independent's Profile of al-Baghdadi: What they Don't Say

The Independent’s Profile of al-Baghdadi: What they Don’t Say

Monday’s Independent presented readers with a prime example of disinformation masquerading as “news”

Iran Touts Successful Test of US Drone Replica

Iran said Monday that it has successfully completed a test flight of its own version of a sophisticated U.S. it had seized in 2011

Ebola - Excuse for Ma$$ Vaccination?

Ebola – Excuse for Ma$$ Vaccination?

“The most frequent disposing condition for cancerous development is infused into the blood by vaccination and re-vaccination.” — Dennis Turnbull, MD, cancer researcher

37 Million Bees Found Dead In Ontario, Canada After Planting Large GMO Corn Field

Two of Bayer’s best-selling pesticides are known to get into pollen and nectar and are suspected to be linked to the massive bee deaths

China' J-31 stealth fighter. Click to enlarge

New Chinese J-31 stealth fighter spotted in Zhuhai ahead of air show

Photos of the latest Chinese stealth fighter landing in Zhuhai prompt speculation that it will be publicly unveiled at a air show there in the coming days

Netanyahu: Israel won’t accept deal that leaves Iran a nuclear threshold state

Which begs the question: what will Israel do if, and that’s a very big IF, an agreement is reached?

Storming of the National Palace has been the climax of Saturday’s mass rally which was inspired by Mexican Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam’s Friday revelation, that three Guerreros Unidos gang members in custody had confessed to killing the students and incinerating their bodies, and had claimed that the young men were handed over to them by the police. Click to enlarge

Mexicans Storm National Palace After Revelation Government Complicit in Murder of 43 Students

Angry crowds in Mexico City tried to storm the National Palace on Saturday night