Third of British people want to see Tony Blair tried as a war criminal over Iraq, finds YouGov poll

Third of British people want to see Tony Blair tried as a war criminal over Iraq, finds YouGov poll

A recent survey found that 33% of Britons agreed that Tony Blair should be tried as a “war criminal”

"Just Be Evil" - The History Google Doesn't Want You To Know

“Just Be Evil” – The History Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

James Corbett on the growing but largely hidden ties between Google and big government. Includes transcript and links

German journalist who exposed govt instruction in media coverage faces backlash

German journalist who exposed govt instruction in media coverage faces backlash

After revealing that media coverage of the refugee crisis followed official dictates, Claudia Zimmermann found her work rejected and colleagues ostracising her

‘Stories blocked if not supporting refugee policy’ – German journalist

Journalist Claudia Zimmerman claims that journalists are being instructed to report in a “positive pro-government way” on the refugee crisis.

Does Isaiah Explain the New World Order?

Does Isaiah Explain the New World Order?

The goyim think they have been invited to the party. They have. As wait staff.

US and UAE Troops Invade Southern Yemen and Occupy Oil Fields

Four United Arab Emirates forces members killed as helicopter crashes, or more likely was shot down, in fighting against Iranian-backed Houthi forces

President Trump has described the special investigation into his alleged ties to Russia as a "witvh hunt". Click to enlarge

‘Locked and loaded': Donald Trump ready for ‘military solution’ to North Korea crisis

Russia warns risk of war “very high”

Newcastle gang of abusers who targeted vunerable young white girls. Click to enlarge

Asian grooming gangs abusing schoolgirls weren’t probed due to ‘political correctness’

The latest in a string of predominantly Asian gangs grooming vulnerable white girls for abuse is prompting a painful reappraisal

Proof They’ve Been Listening In Since 1912!!

Proof that mass surveillance by the authorities goes back over a century

The political operatives that AIEF took on an all expense paid trip to Israel in June 2017. Click to enlarge

53 Congressional Reps On All Expense Paid Trips To Israel

This is why U.S. politicians are ready to support Israel, even if that means harming America’s wider interests. What does that say about them?

Max Keiser Was “AFRAID FOR HIS SAFETY” Following Threats From Regulators In London!

Josh Sigurdson talks with Max Keiser on why The Keiser Report no longer broadcasts from a fixed location in London

Women's Lib and the Erosion of Civilization

Women’s Lib and the Erosion of Civilization

The Illuminati always understood that the way to sabotage society was to corrupt women.

Toronto newspaper: Zundel deserved to die in agony

Mark Bonokowski’s comments on Ernst Zundel have drawn a wide response. This is Michael Hoffman’s take

Mark Bonokoski of the Toronto sun. Click to enlarge

The Khazarian Bankster Cult: Ernst Zundel “Deserved Agony”

Jonas E. Alexis on logic, recent Jewish history and journalist Mark Bonokoski’s claim that Ernst Zundel “deserved agony”

Doubts arise over General McMaster

Some of Trump’s supporters have turned against his National Security Advisor. Crucially, however, McMaster is being defended by those who are funded by Soros

Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

Our Leaders Are Psychopaths

It’s estimated that 4% of the population are psychopaths. Given that many are skilled deceivers who lust after power, it’s worth asking how many of our leaders are?

US Navy team starts building maritime ops center at Ukrainian base

The facility in the Black Sea port of Ochakov, Ukraine, is little more than 100 kilometers from the border with Crimea, which is now part of Russia

Rebels of Google: Senior Management ‘On The Verge Of Tears’ After Trump Win

Company insiders speak of “cult-like” diversity training sessions

A family from Haiti approach a tent in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, Quebec, stationed by Royal Canadian Mounted Police, as they haul their luggage down Roxham Road in Champlain, N.Y., Monday, Aug. 7, 2017. Officials on both sides of the border first began to notice last fall, around the time of the U.S. presidential election, that more people were crossing at Roxham Road. Since then the numbers have continued to climb. Click to enlarge

The Latest: Canada sends soldiers to migrant border crossing

Associated Press claims “thousands of migrants are fleeing” the US to seek asylum in Canada, where taxis are waiting for them. Most are not native born Americans

The "Fat Man" bomb from Bock's Car detonated directly over Urakami Cathedral, the largest cathedral in the entire Orient. This was all that was left. Click to enlarge

Book Exposes Masonic Dimension to Nagasaki Nuke

The bomb detonated directly over Nagasaki’s Christian cathedral, the largest in Asia, leaving the claimed principle target, the city’s shipyards relatively unscathed