Obama’s Portrait Artist: A Racist Con-Man

Obama’s Portrait Artist: A Racist Con-Man

Affirmative action now a deciding factor for success in the art world

Washington Uses Olympic Flame... to Torch the Region

Washington Uses Olympic Flame… to Torch the Region

Regarding the new detente between North and South Korea, Mike Pence said Washington wanted to see it “end as soon as the Olympic flame is extinguished”.

What US News Reports on Syria’s War Hide

According to Guardian columnist George Monbiot: “I work in a profoundly corrupt industry… it’s about actually reinforcing the messages of power … persuading people that what the billionaires want is what the rest of us should want”

Some of the victims of the Allied holocaust in Dresden. Click to enlarge

The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

A half-million German civilians and three-quarters of a million Japanese civilians were burned to death in Allied bombing, yet it is a thought crime to say so

Cabalists Poisoned the Well of Love

Cabalists Poisoned the Well of Love

Sober second thoughts about love on St Valentine’s Day

Migrant no-go zones have become a fact of life in Malmo, in neighbouring Sweden. A problem that local politicians seem unable to acknowledge. Click to enlarge

Violent crime in Sweden is soaring. When will politicians act?

Swedish politicians are in denial. Isabella Lövin, Deputy Prime Minister even turned her ire towards those who express alarm over violent crime in the country

British troops in Estonia. Click to enlarge

British troops deployed to Estonia to deter Russia’ with HUGE war game

What’s really telling here is how Britain’s defence minister justifies these drills so close to Russia.

Parents giving children piggyback rides

A Defence of Marriage for Valentine’s Day

A voice of sanity from middle America

Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria – Moscow

Reports from Idlib province that militants brought in cylinders of chlorine to prepare a “provocation”. While the Syrian White Helmets rehearsed giving first-aid to villagers supposedly poisoned by chlorine

Palestinian teen Ahed Tamimi (R) enters a military courtroom escorted by Israeli Prison Service personnel at Ofer Prison, near the West Bank city of Ramallah, January 1, 2018. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Trial of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi begins in secret in Israeli military court

The trial reveals the true nature of the Zionist regime and the media’s complicity in helping to conceal the full extent of its brutality

Prof Claims Soros ‘Missionaries’ Bragged About Toppling Governments Around the World

Prof. recalls the “haughty” way activists boasted of fulfilling Soros’s plans

The Problem with Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are a problem for the establishment. If only because they cause people to question the official version of events

American decline: Open pools of raw sewage in the richest country in the world

American decline: Open pools of raw sewage in the richest country in the world

Shocking inequality in the world’s richest nation. Where a burgeoning underclass now endures diseases and deprivations more commonly found in the Third World

Feminism Was Created by US Communist Party

Feminism Was Created by US Communist Party

The goal of Communism always has been to destroy the “bourgeois” family.

In Syria, Expect Israel to be Shaken

Syria has reportedly decided on new rules of engagement with Israel: “for every violation of Syria’s airspace, Damascus will fire dozens of missiles above the Israeli inhabited areas along the Golan Heights”

One of the drones (possibly Shahed 129) observed at Tyas T4 airbase in Syria.

VT WAS RIGHT: Israeli Airstrikes Were Complete Failure, Retaliation Against Russia Expected

Veterans Today explains why the recent Israeli air strikes on Syria failed and the likely outcome

Beating The Archons

Mark Windows on a variety of topics. Including negative entities and the strange tracts in the Nag Hammadi which refer to a malevolent and controlling force unleashed by The Rulers or Archons

US soldiers alongside an A-10 Thunderbolt at Khandahar Air Base, Afghanistan, in Jan 2018. Click to enlarge

US to deploy 1,000s of troops near China’s border: Report

The White House is reportedly planning to deploy thousands of U.S. Marines on rotational tours to counter Chinese expansion

The drone shot down by Israel was an Iranian copy of a U.S. craft, Israel says

The reverse engineered copy of a U.S. RQ-170 drone could have been trying to test Israeli air defences. Includes videos

US troops advance into Germany during WWII

Allies raped almost 1m Germans: academic

Of course this doesn’t take into account the hundreds of thousands of rapes carried out by invading Russian soldiers as they advanced from the east