U.S. loses drone over Syria, which claims to have brought it down

More evidence of covert U.S. backing for Assad’s opponents as Syrian government forces claim to have downed U.S. Predator drone

Israel election results: Netanyahu secures resounding victory

Despite trailing in the run-up to the vote, Netanyahu scores emphatic win

CHAPPiE Movie-- Illuminati Will Overcome Death

CHAPPiE Movie– Illuminati Will Overcome Death

Movie expresses theology of global elite: transhumanism

Isolating Russia: Washington’s Failed Attempt to Exclude Russia from the SWIFT Bank Clearing System

At least in one area of international dealings common sense seems to have prevailed

David Duke. Click to enlarge

First They Came For David Duke

If they win against Duke it wont be long before other independent voices are silenced

Against Masturbation

Against Masturbation

If pornography is an Illuminati ploy, does that apply to masturbation as well? One of Henry Makow’s readers thinks so and Chinese Medicine suggests with good reason.

Iran reportedly confronts US officials at Geneva nuclear talks over GOP letter

Iranian negotiators reportedly challenge their U.S. counterpart over what they see as an attempt to undermine potential agreement

Claims police protected high-profile figures by covering up child sex abuse

Police colluded with politicians involved to suppress evidence of sexual abuse that went on for decades

Russian submarine (Varshavyanka class). Click to enlarge

Russia Launches Massive Arctic Military Drills

President Putin orders Russia’s Northern Fleet on alert for Arctic military drills

January 27, 2015, President François Hollande made "conspiracy theorists" responsible for the crimes committed by the Nazis against the Jews of Europe. He called for a ban on their freedom of expression.

The State Against The Republic

The French government is contemplating legislation that will prohibit “conspiracy theories”

Communists Conceived Women's Liberation Movement

Communists Conceived Women’s Liberation Movement

The success of Communism proves it is a tool of corporate cartels

Vladimir Putin says Russia was preparing to use nuclear weapons ‘if necessary’ and blames US for Ukraine crisis in Crimea documentary

Putin’s comments made in a pre-recorded documentary broadcast Sunday night

Hagmann & Hagmann Report - March 9, 2015 Guest host Dr Ted Broer

Hagmann & Hagmann Report – March 9, 2015 Guest host Dr Ted Broer

Featuring an interview with Henry Makow Ph.D.

Intelligence Officer: Every Single Terrorist Attack In U.S Was a False Flag Attack … Or Egged On By the Government

Features interview with Max Keiser

Sason Bear Bergman, 40, formerly Sharon Jill, is a Jewish woman who "changed" into a man and then married a man.

“I Have Come to Indoctrinate Your Children” – LGBTQ Activist

This article proves homosexual activists are intolerant. It doesn’t matter if you tolerate them, they do not tolerate you.

Iraqi commander slams US, hails Iran in fight against ISIS in Tikrit

Iran’s campaign against Islamic State is winning it new friends and admirers — to America’s detriment

Russian Su-5S Flanker-E. Click to enlarge

Killer in the Sky: Russia’s Deadly Su-35 Fighter

U.S. pilots envisage problems if they have to take on Russia’s most potent fighter. Includes video

Iranian Weapons Pour Into Embattled Tikrit

As Iraqi forces have brushed off their American advisers during the push into Tikrit, Iranian weapons — and advisers — are helping to spread the Islamic Republic’s influence

Qadir (Ghadir) cruise missile. Click to enlarge

Watch Moment of Launch Iran’s New Long-Range Cruise Missile

Iran commenced the mass production of a new anti-ship cruise missile Saturday

The Secret Cause of World War 3

The Secret Cause of World War 3

Great collection of video clips. Recommended viewing