B-2 Stealth Bomber

US Russia War: US’ DEFCON Raised To Level 3 – Air Force Ready To Mobilize In 15 Minutes

DEFCON refers to America’s readiness to respond to a military threat, or “defense readiness condition”. It has just been raised to Defcon 3

What is Behind the Push for War with Russia?

We don’t concur with all that is written here. However, it offers some interesting background on recent Russian history with a direct bearing on today’s events

Thousands of Russian emergency personnel were recently involved in civil defence drills. Click to enlarge

Nuclear war ‘IMMINENT’ as Russia tells citizens to find out where the closest bunkers are

Some observers believe that tensions are being deliberately increased to stop U.S. interference with Russia’s campaign in Syria

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton has RIGGED US Presidential election

Donald Trump is the lesser of two evils and there’s good reason to believe his claims that the U.S. presidential elections are being rigged

Bernie Madoff the rule, not the exception. They scam each other too.

Suze Orman Exemplifies Predatory Culture

Henry Makow exposes an ongoing scam that speaks volumes about the culture we now live in

Still Do Not See Any Nazi? Ukrainian Nationalists Stage Massive March in Kiev

Resurgent ultra-nationalism on the march in Kiev. Includes video

President Bashar Al Assad’s interview given to Russia’s Koms

President Assad talks to Pravda’s Daria Aslamova. Although the Western media portrays him as a dangerous demagogue, Assad sounds like a voice of reason

An Update from Germany

An Update from Germany

Despite the efforts of the media the reality of what Merkel’s immigration policy has brought is beginning to dawn

CNN Host Shuts Down Interview After Trump Supporter Brings Up Secret Child Of Bill Clinton

CNN Host Shuts Down Interview After Trump Supporter Brings Up Secret Child Of Bill Clinton

We don’t support Donald Trump but the media double-standards in the current presidential race are all too apparent

Busted! Bill Clinton's Face When Trump Brings Up The Rape Allegations is Priceless.

Busted! Bill Clinton’s Face When Trump Brings Up The Rape Allegations is Priceless.

The look on Bill Clinton’s face says it all.

Must Watch!! Hillary Clinton tried to ban this video

Hillary Clinton is a Neocon, a war hawk, a liar, a criminal and a Wall Street puppet. So why, asks the Corbett Report, is Noam Chomsky urging those in ‘swing states’ to vote for her?

Joni Mitchell, in the 70s. Click to enlarge

Joni Mitchell: Everything about Bob Dylan is fake

The Canadian singer-songwriter, lambasted the Nobel Prize winner as a “plagiarist” and a “fake” in a rare interview.

Desperate to Stop Trump, Bankers Hype Harassment

Desperate to Stop Trump, Bankers Hype Harassment

Sexual harassment smear is the time-tested way deep state deals with dissenters.

Did McCain and Obama BOTH admit 2016 election is rigged?

Did McCain and Obama BOTH admit 2016 election is rigged?

Whoever rigs the election for Hillary would be well-advised to stay out of courtrooms and small planes. Kevin Barrett explains

Dr Papadopoulos Sets BBC Straight on Syria and Russiaphobia in Britain

For once some straight-talking on the BBC. Wouldn’t be surprised if some heads roll in the corporation for inviting Dr Papadopoulos to talk about events in Syria

Obama King Salman bin Abdulazizal-Saud- of Saudi Arabia and ISIS fighters. Click to enlarge

US may be about to unleash 9,000 ISIS fighters on Russia

Russian military sources claim the US has made a secret deal with Saudi Arabia that will allow thousands of ISIS fighters to leave Mosul with impunity

Counter-propaganda, Russian style

Counter-propaganda, Russian style

The Saker looks at how Russians respond to contrasting propaganda drives

By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Lose Your Empire

I would not put it past the “crazies in the basement” to prefer a nuclear holocaust to a liberation of the USA, and the rest of the planet, from their demonic power. The Saker explains

Welcome to Donbass

Welcome to Donbass

Despite a supposed ceasefire fighting continues in Donbass with evidence that Britons and Americans are involved. With English subtitles

Iran deploys warships off Yemen after US, Houthis trade fire

Mounting tensions off Yemen’s coast as Iranian navy deploys to the region and more details emerge about unsuccessful missile attacks on US Navy ships