US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains – industry report

The whole world is turning away from genetically modified foods (GM). China being the latest country to block the importation of US GMO corn

Investigators reveal MH370 co-pilot tried to make a call from his mobile phone after the aircraft ‘vanished’ but ‘was abruptly cut off’

As U.S. continues to deny reports the plane landed at its remote Indian Ocean base on Deigo Garcia

Russian SU-27/30, SU-24 and MiG-31 fighter jets on the tarmac at Buturlinovka airbase. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images. Click to enlarge

Satellite images reveal Russian military buildup on Ukraine’s border

Nato images show fighter planes, helicopters and troops which officials say could be ready to move in 12 hours

British Man Laments Lost Love

British Man Laments Lost Love

Feminists don’t like to see a woman engaged to be happily married. Mark, a successful British businessman, describes how they helped “the love of his life” slip through his fingers

Scott County received its MRAP last year. Click to enlarge

Munson: Heavy-duty military equipment given to police

Part of an ongoing trend in which U.S. police are being equipped with heavy duty military hand-me-downs. Exactly the sort of equipment needed to deal with civil unrest

British Syria-radicalized jihadists biggest threat to UK national security

British intelligence covertly armed and assisted these radicals to overthrow Assad. They failed. Now the crows are coming home to roost and UK intelligence will no doubt have a ‘solution’ to a problem they created

Pope John Paul II told the Voodoo priests of Benin, Africa, that their traditions contain 'seeds of the word'. Click to enlarge

The “Catastrophic Canonization of a Judas Pope”

John Paul II’s imminent canonization proves the Church of Rome is the vehicle for “the damnation of souls,” says Michael Hoffman, an expert on Judaism and the subversion of the Church.

West struggles as Russia moves to dominate old USSR

Cold war chill returns as Obama considers the imposition of new sanctions on Russia

USS Donald Cook launches cruise missiles. The vessel is currently in the Black Sea as part of a beefed up U.S. naval presence in the region. Click to enlarge

NATO to focus on reassuring allies worried about Ukraine

With more frequent naval patrols in the Black Sea, the U.S. ponders the deployment of more combat brigades in Europe

Visions of the Impossible

Visions of the Impossible

Countless clues suggest that the human brain may function as an imperfect receiver of some transhuman signal.

Russia to Buy 500,000 barrels per day from Iran – death of dollar

Eventually, if you sanction too many people, they’ll create their own economy…and then your sanctions are toothless and you’re screwed

US Navy to Deploy Electromagnetic Railgun

US Navy to Deploy Electromagnetic Railgun

U.S. Navy to commence testing a high speed electromagnetic railgun that fires projectiles over one hundred miles at seven times the speed of sound,

UN Peddles Illuminati’s Heterophobic Program

UN Peddles Illuminati’s Heterophobic Program

At every opportunity, UN agencies … as well as NGO’s, are incessantly scheming, manipulating and deceiving, trying to impose heterophobic sexual policies world-wide

Twenty Years Ago, The US was Behind the Genocide: Rwanda, Installing a US Proxy State in Central Africa

Prof. Michel Chussudovsky looks back at the Rwandan genocide and how it served Anglo-American interests

Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights of Malta?

Peaches Geldof Murdered By Illuminati & Knights of Malta?

Did she reveal too much on the social media?

In 2002 the natives sued the UK government and won, but the Masonic court system awarded them no compensation.

Diego Garcia Theft Epitomizes Government Evil

Who would steal an airliner, and imprison or kill its 239 passengers and crew? The same people who stole the island where the airliner is probably hidden.

A Chat With Brendon O’Connell

Steve Johnson talks with Brendon O’Connell — the first Australian to be prosecuted under new “racial vilification” laws — shortly after his release from 3 years in jail

Light on Mars? Mystery flash seen on Red Planet

Light on Mars? Mystery flash seen on Red Planet

Nasa’s Curiosity rover has photographed a flash of light on the surface of Mars, prompting speculation about what could have caused the anomaly

A UN report says sarin was used in a rocket attack in Damascus in August 2013. Click to enlarge

Syria: Sarin false flag plans revealed

Gordon Duff on how coverage of a false flag allegedly involving chemical weapons exposes two respected journalists as potential disinformation agents.

Evidence pro-Russian demonstrators in eastern Ukraine being paid: White House

Just as we know vested interests in the West bankrolled Ukraine’s “liberation”, although the corporate Western media hasn’t given that too much attention