Cepeda says she called to report drug deals and excessive noise in her part of the Bronx. Click to enlarge

Bronx woman, 67, says she was tossed in jail for calling 311 too much

67-year-old repeatedly called police to report drug deals but nothing was done, she says. Instead they threw her in a jail cell

Music teacher Brad Badiuk, suspended without pay for privately expressed views

The Racist Illuminati War on White Society

Under the guise of protecting “minorities” and promoting “diversity” a sinister new totalitarianism is emerging. Where people’s jobs are at risk if they don’t think “correctly”

Netanyahu basks in Congress invitation, but may shake U.S. ties

Israeli leader to address U.S. Congress, even as he snubs President Obama. Or as a White House official described it, “spat in his face”

Ukraine troops retreat after losing Donetsk airport to separatists

Pro-Russian separatists force Ukrainian army to abandon the ruined airport after days of bitter fighting

5 U.S. Weapons of War Iran Should Fear

Should conflict erupt, we explain why it could prove as big a day of reckoning for the U.S. as for Iran

US intelligence with hidden agenda knew of Paris attack: Analyst

Former linguist for U.S. intelligence says some in “the intelligence community … have a hidden agenda” that is served by events like the Charlie Hebdo shooting

"Sex Magick" - The Cabalist Plan to Enslave Humanity

“Sex Magick” – The Cabalist Plan to Enslave Humanity

Gratuitous war on gender is proof humanity is in the thrall of an ancient satanic cult. Henry Makow explains

Yemen ‘Coup’ A Sign Of Expanding Iranian Influence In the Middle East

Yemen’s collapsing political situation offers Iran a strategic opportunity to extend its influence into the backyard of its regional archrivals, the Saudis

British Judge Suspended For Recommending Straight Couple To Adopt Child

This is another example of an emergent totalitarianism. Although in the words of a British judge who was forced to attend “re-education” classes after he opposed adoption by same-sex couples, it’s now all about “equity and diversity”

Nisman, Buenos Aires blast site. Click to enlarge

Was Alberto Nisman suicided because he learned Mossad behind the bombing?

Echoes of France’s recognition of the Palestinians and Charlie Hebdo?

Prison Dispatches from the War on Terror: Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou Speaks

John Kiriakou is the only CIA employee to go to prison in connection with the agency’s torture program. Not because he tortured anyone, but because he exposed it

The Sydney Morning Herald has also repented for this blasphemous cartoon. Click to enlarge

Anti-semitism at Sydney Morning Herald? Gaza cartoon retracted

A reminder of how hamstrung the ‘free press’ really is and how few independent minded journalist there are

Prince Andrew firsr met Virginia Roberts in London in 2001, when she was 16. Click to enlarge

Prince Andrew under renewed pressure after flight logs emerge

Flight records corroborate accusers claims; the prince and the underage girl were in the same place at the same time as the alleged abuse occurred

Iran, Russia Agree on Delivery of S300 Defense System

After years of delays following pressure from the West, Russia and Iran finally agree on delivery of the “game changer” weapons system



The problem with serendipity is you can’t pick up a phone and order it.

Jihad Mughniyeh (pictured), the son of a prominent Hezbollah leader, died alsongside Iranian General Mohammed Allahdadi on Sunday. Click to enlarge

Iran and Hezbollah are planning ‘imminent’ joint invasion of Israel’s Galilee region according to ‘high level intelligence’

Or so Israeli security sources claim but every picture tells a story

Swiss Shocker Triggers Gigantic Losses For Banks, Hedge Funds And Currency Traders

Two events have set financial dominoes in motion all over the globe. At this point we can only guess how bad the financial devastation will ultimately be

We must watch everyone - ex-spy

We must watch everyone – ex-spy

An illustration of the classic problem, reaction, solution routine. All being done in the name of “security”

Russia may send S-300 missile system to Iran – media

Although it’s possible that instead of the S-300 Iran may now take delivery of the even more advanced S-400 system

Ancient Slavic god Zimnik: a squat old man, long hair the color of snow, wears a white coat, always barefoot. Carries an iron staff, one swing with which instantly freezes everything solid. Can summon snowstorms, ice storms and blizzards. Goes around taking whatever he likes, especially children who misbehave. Click to enlarge

Peculiarities of Russian National Character

Interesting analysis of Russia’s national character in regard to its current face-off with the West