The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge

The Discovery of 1,750,000 Year Old Man Made Bridge

Although the bridge may not have been built by men, as modern man didn’t exist 1,750,000 million years ago, recent scientific discoveries substantiate ancient Hindu myths

Police and ambulance on the scene of the Wurzburg train attack. Click to enlarge

German train attack puts plight of young migrants in spotlight

Media attempts to play down a migrant knife attack in Bavaria and focuses instead on the problems faced by migrants

Iran’s FM Extolls Country’s Ability to Restore Nuke Program

Of course this is Iran’s way of saying ‘if the West doesn’t fulfil its part of the agreement …”

H-6K long range nuclear bomber over South China Sea. Click to enlarge

Beijing Launches Combat Air Patrols Over South China Sea

Chinese Air Force to fly regular combat patrols over the contested South China Sea

Brexit: A Workers’ Response to Oligarchs, Bankers, Flunkies and Scabs

James Petras explains why rule by EU fiat is the epitome of oligarchical rule

Jesus has a Political Platform

Jesus has a Political Platform

Have Christians deliberately forfeited the world to Satan?

The youngest victim was 8 years old. She is reported to be in a critical condition.

Woman and girls stabbed ‘for wearing shorts and T-shirts’ at Alps resort

Renowned for being a liberal bastion, this Guardian report illustrates how elements of the corporate media are now censoring themselves

There Will Be No Second American Revolution: The Futility of an Armed Revolt

Make no mistake, the government is ready for a civil uprising. Indeed, it has been preparing for this moment for years

Beijing vows to continue South China Sea construction

China embarks on new war games in the waters of the South China Sea as officials affirm that China will “never” stop building in the region prematurely


Supplied by Dan Sanderson

French authorities paint complex picture of attacker

The more we learn about the Nice attacker the less he sounds like a recruit to militant Islam

Axe-wielding teenager who attacked passengers on German train was ’17-year-old Afghan refugee’ – authorities

It needs to be emphasised that the problem isn’t “Islam”. It’s Western politicians, like Merkel, who’ve allowed this problem to develop with unrestricted immigration

Neuroscience journal confirms adverse effects of fluoride on brain development

Neuroscience journal confirms adverse effects of fluoride on brain development

This is why there is a growing movement opposed to the fluoridation of drinking water

Britain’s Scramble For Africa – The New Colonialism

Commercial interests are spearheading this new drive but now it’s under the guise of ‘helping Africa’ rather than plundering its natural resources

Not the Makow family

Jews: The Unloved People

What happens when you reject the Gospel of Love. Henry Makow explains

French PM booed as Nice remembers victims with minute's silence

French PM booed as Nice remembers victims with minute’s silence

Nice’s former mayor Christian Estrosi has said he asked for extra security ahead of the Bastille Day celebrations but was refused

U.S. Military Breeding Black Racist Assassins

In a troubling sign predicted by some in the patriot movement, the beginnings of a violent race war have begun to erupt across America

Hitler had the Reichstag burned down to consolidate the Nazi grip on power; did Erdogan have Turkey’s parliament nuked to achieve the same result?

Turkey: ‘Coup attempt’ is highly dubious and suspicious

Ian Greenhalgh isn’t buying the idea of a “failed coup” in Turkey and wonders if this is Erdogan’s ‘Reichstag’?

Burning of the Reichstag 1933. Germany / Mono Print

The Counter-Coup Begins: Erdogan Purges 2,745 Judges, Prosecutors; Arrests Hundreds

The path forward for Erdogan – now left with no domestic opposition whatsoever – is all too clear

Turkey’s Erdogan considers death penalty as 6,000 held in swoops after failed coup

Erdogan embarks on crackdown in the wake of failed coup

ISISrael's Terror & Subversion in Bangladesh

ISISrael’s Terror & Subversion in Bangladesh

The Masonic Jewish banksters are instigating terror attacks in Asia to prove that the world is under attack by radical Islam and not by Cabalist Judaism