Senator Dianne Feinstein. Click to enlarge

Senate Torture Report Faults C.I.A. for Brutality and Deceit

Ten years too late: will this report stop the ongoing crimes being carried out in the guise of “fighting terror”? Or is it just intended to divert attention from them?

The Most Essential Lesson of History That No One Wants To Admit

In 1998 some US policymakers wrote a letter to President Clinton urging him to attack Iraq and Syria. Then in 2004 the very same people were pushing for a confrontation with Russia. Will war with Russia inevitably follow?

Lydia Salce, 50, on the night of her arrest. Click to enlarge

Freemasonry Trumps Feminism in US Court

Henry Makow on a blatant miscarriage of justice that suggests masonic links between Hells Angels and the US Judicial System

Physicist says human intention physically exists and can be copied to a machine

Claims to have built machine that can store human ‘intent’, which be used to heal

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

Statism: The Most Dangerous Religion (feat. Larken Rose)

How and why our governments aspire to be more than worldly powers

19 Signs That You Live In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane

19 Signs That You Live In A Country That Has Gone Completely Insane

You know that things are going seriously wrong when a mother demands “equal rights” so she can have sex with her own son

Shocking facts about Israel and Gaza

With a list of products at the end that you may wish to avoid buying to help lift the siege on Gaza

U-2 reconnaissance plane. Click to enlarge

US Spy Plane Warned Away from Iranian Air Space

More evidence of Iran’s growing air defence capability

Bahrain base ‘a clear commitment’

Britain to open new base in Bahrain, the first new military base east of Suez in more than half-a-century

The Plan: Exterminate "Religious Extremists"

The Plan: Exterminate “Religious Extremists”

Insider Carolyn Hamlett describes the “compassionate plan within The Plan.”

Disgusted, Russia officially gives up any pretense of “dialog” with the AngloZionist Empire

Extracts from a recent address reveal a defiant President Putin who is ready for war with the “AngloZionist Empire”

Paris Match Interview with Syrian President Assad

President Assad echoes Alexander Prokhanov, an aide to Russia’s Putin, when he accuses the West of being behind the terror ravaging the Middle East

Alexander Prokhanov. Click to enlarge

Mossad training ISIL terrorists: Putin aide

Readers will note that while these allegations are being made in many quarters, they are rarely being reported by the Western news media

MH17 was shot down in botched bid to assassinate PUTIN’: Pro-Kremlin media names Ukrainian air force pilot who they allege downed craft

For the record, we don’t think these claims are as “ludicrous” as the Mail Online

A man, who identified himself as Luke Somers, is seen in this still image taken from video purportedly published by Al Qaeda's Yemen branch. Click to enlarge

Yemen rescue failed as captors alerted to approaching U.S. commandos – officials

The latest Western hostages killed by al Qaeda linked extremists killed during failed rescue attempt. Allegedly

Vaccines to be made from human cancer tumors

Sometimes reality is even more frightening than horrific science fiction

Reckless Congress Declares War on Russia

Ron Paul, former US congressman, writes that the U.S. has just moved closer to war with Russia

The Basic Income

The Basic Income

There are two sides to Basic Income. Whether it is positive or not is really depends on the way it’s financed. Anthony Migchels explains

Super Mario

Mario Balotelli charged by FA over Super Mario Instagram post

Political correctness reaches new levels of absurdity as footballer is banned for citing popular cartoon character

School that banned Red Bull sees detention plunge by a third

School that banned high energy drinks that combine sugar and caffeine sees notable improvements in pupils behaviour