Iraq Policy: Washington’s Puzzle Palace Keeps Getting Curiouser

The most salient point of this article has featured elsewhere on this website but it needs hammered home: the U.S. was instrumental in the creation of the Islamic State terror group. David Stockman details further interesting background

US Sending 600 Troops, APCs And Tanks To Countries Bordering Russia To "Reassure Threatened Allies"

US Sending 600 Troops, APCs And Tanks To Countries Bordering Russia To “Reassure Threatened Allies”

Escalation over the Ukraine conflict, a/k/a Cold War 2.0, just took another major step forward. Tyler Durden explains

Sir Cliff Richard Sex Abuse Claim: ‘Number of People’ have Contacted South Yorkshire Police with Information

This isn’t going to go away as a “number of people” have now contacted police in connection with claims of abuse by Sir Cliff

Ukraine says it has destroyed Russian vehicles that entered territory

Britain has summoned the Russian Ambassador amid reports that Russian military vehicles have crossed the border into Ukraine

Khazars Re-invade Ukraine

Khazars Re-invade Ukraine

From outposts in Washington, London, Brussels and Tel Aviv, the resurgent Khazar Empire has retaken control of its ancestral home and resumed its age-old goal of conquering the Rus. Texe Marrs explains

Ukraine crisis: Russian convoy on border as situation approaches potentially explosive endgame

Convoy of nearly 300 trucks, which Russia claims is carrying humanitarian aid but which Kiev claims is carrying military supplies for pro-Russian rebels, nears the border

The Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza remains closed. Click to enlarge

Egypt turning blind eye to Gazans plight by keeping Rafah closed

Since the military overthrow of President Morsi Egypt has been far more amenable to the West and Israel. A fact reflected in the continued closure of its border crossing with Gaza

People hold signs during a rally in Tel Aviv's Rabin Square, to show solidarity with residents of Israel's southern communities, who have been targeted by Palestinian rockets and mortar salvoes, August 14, 2014.

‘Finish the job!’ Thousands of Israelis rally in support of Gaza offense

Thousands of Israelis gathered in central Tel Aviv Thursday to demand that the government continue the offensive in Gaza

Israel criticised over army’s ‘Hannibal procedure’

The corporate media finally acknowledges the ‘Hannibal Procedure’, an Israeli tactic that involves the use of overwhelming firepower, and although it doesn’t say as much, it was probably this which accounted for Lt. Goldin’s death

Police Search Singer Cliff Richard’s House

Search conducted as part of ongoing investigation into historic sex abuse allegations

Robin Williams. Click to enlarge

Did Alimony Kill Robin Williams?

“They were going to call it “all the money”, but they changed it to “alimony”. -RW

This 1997 aerial photograph shows the entrance to a cave facility the U.S. military uses in the Trondheim region of central Norway. (Defense Department photo courtesy of the National Archives). Click to enlarge

The Pentagon is adding to its arsenal of weapons in Norway’s caves

The U.S. military is bolstering its arsenal of weapons, along with hundreds of containers of equipment stored in climate controlled caves in Norway.

Hillary Clinton: ‘Failure’ to Help Syrian Rebels Led to the Rise of ISIS

Hillary Clinton could be a contender for the White House, continuing the Clinton dynasty where the Bush’s left off, God help America and the world if she succeeds

Al-Hayat Index Page, August 13, 2014. Note the square Hebrew letters in the Google powered ads. Click to enlarge

Israeli and Pro-Israel UN Committees to Investigate Gaza War Crimes

Censorship in Israel$ is easily bypassed. “As quoted from foreign news sources” are the magic words that render the Military Censor powerless. Roy Tov explains

US wanted Britain to build 2nd Guantanamo – report

Newly released documents reveal that the U.S. had wanted Britain to open a detention facility similar to its own Guantanamo Bay

Triangular UFO Over Kassel, Germany On June 26, 2014

Triangular UFO Over Kassel, Germany On June 26, 2014

A German father caught this on camera by chance while playing with his son in a play park. But is it really an extraterrestrial UFO? Or the product of a secret military program?

A scene from occupied America. Click to enlarge

This Is The Terrifying Result Of The Militarization Of Police

The photo (left) wasn’t taken in Baghdad during the U.S. led occupation or even in Gaza during the recent Israeli incursions. It’s a snapshot from small town America Monday

The Owners Of The Banks Are The Power – Anthony Migchels

Anthony Migchels engages in an illuminating discussion with Morris about banking, hidden history, Ebola and more…

Brave Dissenter Writes of Repression in America

Brave Dissenter Writes of Repression in America

An academic who almost lost his job for questioning what happened at Sandy Hook explains why America is beginning to resemble a totalitarian state

Public support for Palestine is growing, but mainstream media fail to reflect this

Public support for Palestine is growing, but mainstream media fail to reflect this

A huge protest gathered outside the BBC Saturday but you might not have known it. BBC News barely noted it, even though it was the biggest protest in London in a decade