The lies of the elite to avoid peace from breaking out

A reminder of what we we’re told in the run-up to the Iraq invasion. Especially relevant now as a similar scenario could unfold with Ukraine. Swedish commentary with English sub-titles

Iraqi government forces fled Ramadi during ISIS assault.

Iraqis abandoned US-supplied equipment in Ramadi

The Pentagon has acknowledged the full extent of the Iraqi army’s collapse in Ramadi, revealing that it had abandoned tanks and armoured vehicles as it fled ISIS.

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: part of the price for Israel quietly acceptaning the deal? Click to enlarge

US, Israel said to discuss ‘compensation’ in wake of emerging Iran deal

Part of the price for Israel accepting an agreement with Iran would be more military aid.

GBU-57B new version of bunker buster. Click to enlarge

US Must Ensure Israel Can Destroy “Iran’s Deeply Buried Sites”, Reps Say

In addition to more F-35s currently being negotiated, U.S. Congress-whores are demanding more (and bigger) bunker busters be supplied to Israel

Edward Wood, Lord Halifax, Life, July 17, 1939

How the Illuminati Trapped Hitler in Two-Front War

Appeasement encouraged Hitler to think England wanted him to fight the Soviet Union. In fact, it was designed to lure him into a two-front war which Germany could never win

Saudi Arabia hiring eight more executioners

Saudi authorities have advertised for eight more executioners to cope with the rising number of executions. The death sentence in Saudi Arabia is death by beheading

WTC collapse.

Evidence for Informed Trading on the Attacks of September 11

Evidence exists for insider trading related to 9/11 but investigations have never been pursued because the suspects identified were seen as unlikely to be linked to “al Qaeda”

Smoking dope can cause early puberty – research

New research finds cannabis reduces growth hormones and raises testosterone levels in pre-pubescents

Freud wrote finance Bernays about "anti Semitic" incident on train. Click to enlarge

Anti Semitism is Often Justified

Anti Semitism is treated as though it were synonymous with genocide, writes Henry Makow. It is not

US Was Running Weapons Thru Benghazi to Syria

Despite denials, the Obama administration WAS running weapons from Benghazi to “Syrian rebels” days before the U.S. Ambassador and three staffers were killed

Comet ‘wiped out highly advanced ancient civilisation after smashing into Earth nearly 13,000 years ago’

Author Graham Hancock says he has “smoking gun” evidence to support the claim

Isis militants are being ‘smuggled to Europe in migrant boats’, Libyan government adviser

Militants reportedly being smuggled into Europe in the guise migrants

Shiite militias converge on Iraq’s Ramadi after IS takeover

Paradoxically the fall of Ramadi could see an expansion of Tehran’s influence in the region. IF Iranian backed militias can wrest back control

"Le Gall" is a contralto singer, and writer of Breton origin. This is how he look 30 years ago when he was part of the gay scene in Paris.

Gay Activism Part of Illuminati Conspiracy

The writer, who was once part of the Parisian gay scene, reveals how homosexuals are being exploited to establish a new tyranny

Are David Icke and Alex Jones Controlled Opposition Agents?

“The best way to control opposition is to lead it ourselves”. — Vladimir Lenin

Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr. Click to enlarge

Why Saudi Arabia is poised to behead a dissident cleric and publicly display his corpse

Sentenced to death by beheading for participating in nonviolent protests and calling for the fall of the house of Saud.

Depiction of planned Russian aircraft carrier

Russia is moving ahead with plans to develop a new aircraft carrier

Moscow continues to push ahead with plans to upgrade and modernize its military. The latest project being a new planned aircraft carrier

ISIS's High Command Sustains Heavy Hits

ISIS’s High Command Sustains Heavy Hits

Despite the seizure of Ramadi, a string of losses among Islamic State’s (ISIS or ISIL) commanders may mark the beginning of the end for the terror outfit.

Is Modern Science Turning Toward the Dark Side?

Seriously. That’s the question being asked by British medical journal, the Lancet, and given genetic modification, animal experiments and the pharmaceutical industry’s pursuit of profit over remedy it’s a valid question

Ernestine Rose, 1810-1892, little known feminist pioneer.

Ernestine Rose – “America’s First Jewish Feminist”

Solzhenitsyn said there’d be no Communism without Jews. Is the same true of Feminism?