North Tyneside magistrate resigns over new court fee that forces innocent to plead guilty'

North Tyneside magistrate resigns over new court fee that forces innocent to plead guilty’

Magistrate resigns over new court fees which, he says, means “justice is only going to be for those who can afford it.”

Russia to upgrade air defense system intended for Iran

As the sale was first agreed 8 year-ago, Russia will now deliver an upgraded version of the S-300 missile system

The Devil and the Jews

The Devil and the Jews

From 2013: a key article whose significance has only increased with time. Rabbi’s book shows the scale and continuity of the Conspiracy

How UBS Sent Millions to the Clintons After Hillary Saved the Mega Bank While Secretary of State

Why Wall Street loves Hillary Clinton

Bin laden owned jet crashes. Click to enlarge

Updated: Three members of bin Laden family killed in jet crash – police

Osama bin Laden’s sister and stepmother killed in plane crash

911: the Crime that Will End the Empire

The Western world has no chance to live in freedom until these lies are completely exposed. Freedom for Westerners and the 911 lie cannot possibly co-exist

The NSA’s 9/11 Cover-Up: General Hayden Told a Lie, and It’s a Whopper

Thanks to disclosures by former NSA insiders, a key claim by the then Director of the NSA Michael Hayden is revealed as an “absolute lie”

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign

Forgotten British Heroes Campaign

Text of a letter to be delivered to Israel’s UK ambassador on Saturday August 1, 2015, on Zionist terror

Abused Russian kids from Hampstead spoke of ritual sacrifice and murder

The Horrors of Hampstead Happened Many Times Elsewhere

Confirming the Hampstead kid’s story: the child sexual abuse, the rituals, the murders, the cannibalism had happened before. Includes video

Homeless In El Cajon

Homeless In El Cajon

Marla Rogers is a smart woman who fell for a New Age trap. What befell her may be a future that awaits many more Americans

Armed US Soldiers Arrested in Vienna Airport on Their Way to Ukraine

It’s not only “terrorists” who try to smuggle arms on aircraft. U.S. soldiers were stopped en route to Ukraine after assault rifles were found in their luggage

Israel accused of killing 75 children during day of ‘carnage’ and war crimes in Gaza war

Israel accused of deliberately targeting schools, hospitals and ambulances to instill terror after IDF soldier captured

The biggest failure in America is the establishment church

What has happened to the Church? How could the direct descendants of the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Patriots become so cowardly?

Turkish police disperse protesters in Ankara in October, 2014. Click to enlarge

Turkey in danger

Turkey has become a powder keg. It would only take a spark to start a real civil war that no-one would be able to stop. Thierry Meyssan explains

Police carry debris which washed up on the coast of Reunion. Click to enlarge

Malaysia says almost certain debris found off Madagascar is from a Boeing 777

Link to missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 seen as “very plausible”

Plane wreckage that washed up on the shores or Reunion. Click to enlarge

Flight MH370: Wreckage found off African coast could be from missing Malaysia Airlines jet

Plane wreckage that washed up on the shores of Reunion, east of Madagascar, could have come from missing Flight MH370

Are Kosher Symbols Extortion?

Are Kosher Symbols Extortion?

Where does this tiny minority get the power to run this racket?

Turkey attacks on anti-ISIL Kurds strategic mistake: Iran cmdr.

Turkey’s President Erdogan is playing a dangerous game here

Russia's latest main battle tank, the Aramata, during Red Square Victory Day parade in May, 2015

Russian Military To Create Two New Armies In West Of Country As Hostility Toward NATO Increases

According to Tass, the new armies will be formed within the western military district by December 1, 2015

Russian Military Near Latvia: A Dozen Aircraft Spotted In Airspace Around Baltic Sea

Russia responds as NATO forces assume a higher profile in eastern Europe