Cabalist Jews are Their Own God (Egregore)

Cabalist Jews are Their Own God (Egregore)

Did elite Jews create the Jewish God as their “egregore,” i.e. an instrument of their collective will? Does this explain the mysterious affinity they share?

Iran-backed rebels loot Yemen files about U.S. spy operations

Saudi Arabia launches air strikes against rebels aligned with Tehran as militants seize intelligence files

A French gendarme helicopter flies over the crash site of an Airbus A320, near Seyne-les-Alpes, March 25, 2015.  REUTERS/Emmanuel Foudrot. Click to enlarge

Recording shows pilot locked out of crashed Airbus cockpit – NYT

“The guy outside is knocking lightly on the door and there is no answer,” an investigator said, citing the recordings. “And then he hits the door stronger and no answer”

U.S. House Votes 348-48 To Arm Ukraine

Despite Russian warnings that lethal aid will “explode the whole situation”, U.S. House votes to provide “lethal defensive weapon systems”

B-2 Stealth Bomber

Exposed: America Can’t Blow Up Iran’s Nukes

Armchair generals may think the U.S. could swiftly deal with Iran but the hesitance of its real military commanders suggests otherwise

US Democrats say Israel’s efforts on Iran are backfiring

Despite Israel’s best efforts things aren’t going as planned

Afghanistan's poppy fields produce 90% of the world's opium. Is this why Obama wnats nearly ten thousand U.S. troops to remain? To continue to guard the lucrative drugs trade? Click to enlarge

Obama says more troops will stay in Afghanistan next year

U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan suspended, at least until next year. Nearly ten thousand troops to remain

Congress Totally Cool With Israel Spying on U.S. Officials Negotiating With Iran

In other words U.S. politicians aren’t servants of the American people but Israel’s instead. Although don’t expect the corporate media to say as much. They are bought and paid for too

Best Selling 9-11 Novel Disappoints

Best Selling 9-11 Novel Disappoints

Rebekah Roth’s novel “Methodical Illusion” promises to reveal the secrets of 9-11. Henry Makow Ph.D. offers a candid assessment

America Has Become Murder Incorporated and is Planning WWIII

A World War may have been the intention but fortunately things aren’t working out quite as planned

Yemeni pro-regime fighters reinforce the southern city of Aden. Click to enlarge

Hadi forces check Houthi push towards Yemen’s Aden

Battle lines appear fluid in a conflict that pits Iranian aligned rebel fighters against Yemen’s Saudi-backed government

Israel Spied on Iran Talks – WSJ

Then fed information to other U.S. lawmakers in an effort to derail the talks

Shadow government. Click to enlarge

NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence

If ISIS is funded by the US or its Saudi allies, writes Gordon Duff, then the black C130 aircraft that resupply it belong the the same governments.

Jewish Judge Orders Release of Muslim Torture Photos

Jewish Judge Orders Release of Muslim Torture Photos

This is not to defend the torturers but the question is why release the photos now? Is it, as Henry Makow suggests, to inflame tensions and start more wars?

Britain to bolster Falklands defences, reports say, due to ‘increased threat’

Britian to reinforce island garrison after Argentina strikes arms deal with Russia

How Much Time Do Americans Spend Plugged Into The Matrix Every Day?

More than 90 percent of the “programming” that we absorb is created by just 6 enormously powerful media corporations

Israel’s Steinitz says world powers, Iran likely to agree bad nuclear deal

What he means is a “bad deal” for Israel not the rest of the world.

Racism: What's Good for Jews is Good for Goyim

Racism: What’s Good for Jews is Good for Goyim

Why is it that the only type of “racism” we hear condemned is “white racism”? Why focus on one particular strand of a multifaceted phenomenon? Or is this yet more social engineering at work?

Thames Valley chief constable Sara Thornton has categorically denied making any threats. Click to enlarge

Minister who blew whistle on police child abuse errors ‘is threatened by UK’s top cop’

‘Darkly veiled’ telephone calls spark ferocious war of words between minister and Britain’s top female police officer

Israeli delegation heads to France ahead of final round of Iran nuclear talks

Israeli delegation to meet with French negotiators taking part in nuclear talks with Iran in a last ditch attempt to shape whatever final agreement may emerge