US Defense Secretary Hagel and Polish defense minister Tomasz Siemoniak make the announcement at a joint press conference in Washington. Click to enlarge

U.S. ground troops going to Poland, defense minister says

In response to the Russian military build-up on border with Ukraine, its been announced that U.S. troops will be deployed in neighbouring Poland

U.S. special forces struggle with record suicides: admiral

Suicides among U.S. Special Forces personnel have grown to the point where in 2012 more died from taking their own lives (349) than in combat (311)

President Putin: false opposition?

Is Putin False Opposition?

The Russia-US friction over Ukraine is being used to lay the groundwork for WWIII. The dialectical opposition between the two is a little too neat to be credible, almost as if the USSR and the USA had changed places. Henry Makow explains

Word via Ned Dougherty April 2014

During the 1980s Ned Dougherty underwent two Near Death Experiences (NDE) when he received vital messages for humanity. On April 4th, 2014, he experienced another NDE from which he returned with a personnel message for the pontiff.

In his capacity as EU negotiator, Radosław Sikorski signed a crisis settlement agreement with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, in the evening of February 21, 2014. The following morning, the men he had secretly trained in Poland were about to take power.

Ukraine: Poland trained putchists two months in advance

Lies have shorter and shorter legs. Two months after the change of regime in Kiev, the Polish press has disclosed the role of Donald Tusk’s government in preparing the coup

Deadly Ukraine gunbattle threatens fragile Easter truce

Five reportedly killed in exchange of fire east of Slavyansk early on Easter Sunday

UK Government Tries to Stop Soldier Revealing Jaw-Dropping Truth About Afghan War

UK Government Tries to Stop Soldier Revealing Jaw-Dropping Truth About Afghan War

British government tries to block the publication of book that it had itself commissioned

Iran Designs Sayyad 3 Missile for S-200 Air Defense System

The Sayyad 3 marks a critical upgrade in Iran’s air defence system. Includes video

Putin’s annual Q&A session 2014 (FULL VIDEO)

Illustrating the hypocrisy of Western ‘democracy’ and its controlled media: President Putin appeared on LIVE TV for NEARLY 4 HOURS to answer questions from ordinary Russians via phone, text and email. Would Western leaders do the same?

Rothschilds and Israeli leaders study model of Rothschild sponsored Israeli Supreme Court, destined to be World Court.

Does History Follow Rothschild Messiah Script?

Is self-serving Jewish prophesy the Illuminati game plan? With one element vital for its success: the more Jews are not iinformed of this plan, the easier to manipulate them.

Iran nuclear deal on track as country slashes highly- enriched uranium by 75% ahead of schedule UN watchdog has reveals

Iran has reduced the amount of bomb-making uranium in its stockpile as International community prepares to ease sanctions in response. International Atomic Energy Committee confirms Iran’s compliance with nuclear deal

Letter to Jews. Click to enlarge

‘Letter to Jews’, Kerry cited, appears to be fake

The “Letter to Jews” described by Secretary of State John Kerry as “beyond acceptable” is a fake, says the man whose signature appears at the foot of the page

Skull & Bones' John Kerry, the ghoulish face of modern Satanism. Click to enlarge

Double-Standards R U.S.

It’s hard to think of a more blatant example of cynical double-standards

Pentagon: US to Send Non-Lethal Aid to Ukraine

The same sort of “non-lethal aid” that the U.S. provided to opposition groups in Syria?

Once an Arab model, Baghdad now world’s worst city

Baghdad was once held as a gleaming example of a modern Arab city. Not anymore. According to the Mercer consulting group, which looks at quality of life in 239 cites across the world, Baghdad is now the world’s worst

Pro Russian Ukrainians help a wounded comrade at the National Guard base in Mariupol, Thursday night. Click to enlarge

Ukrainian Forces Kill 3 Pro-Russian Demonstrators

An interim government spokesman says Ukrainian forces killed 3 pro-Russian militants and wounded 13 more during overnight clashes in the eastern city of Mariupol

Obama Raises Spectre Of War With Russia

For the first time in decades an American president has raised the prospect of war with Russia. Is this the “change” he promised in his presidential campaign?

China Just Tested A Hypersonic Missile Vehicle

China Just Tested A Hypersonic Missile Vehicle

The test makes China the second country after the US to conduct experimental flights with hypersonic vehicles, a technology that could allow armies to rapidly strike distant targets anywhere around the globe

President Nixon. Click to enlarge

Nixon Was Framed by the Illuminati

Another sign that the tide is turning as respected entrepreneur makes a realistic assessment of Richard Nixon’s downfall

Former Iran official describes alleged US sabotage of nuke program

Former head of Iran’s nuclear program details relentless U.S. attempts to thwart the country’s nuclear development