Migrant camp near Paris. Click to enlarge

Paris, city of romance, rues new image as the dirty man of Europe

Once associated with art and romance, modern Paris is a city blighted by overcrowding, sprawling migrant camps and crime

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Richard Dawkins Suggests Eating Human Flesh to Overcome Cannibalism ‘Taboo’

Dawkins comments are to be expected from a champion of atheism and they illustrate the sort of moral void in which much of modern science now operates.

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China’s land-based DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile will be among the military hardware on show on October 1. Photo shows a covered DF-41 launcher taking part in a nightime rehearsal for the parade. Click to enlarge

China’s National Day parade to showcase advances in nuclear deterrence

According to one insider, China intends to “show some of its muscle” amid the ongoing trade dispute between Beijing and Washington

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Don't Kid Yourself, Hong Kong is a Straight-Up Color Revolution Stoked by West

Don’t Kid Yourself, Hong Kong is a Straight-Up Color Revolution Stoked by West

Hong Kong protesters wave British and American flags, carry posters demanding: “President Trump, Please Liberate Hong Kong,”

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Yemeni Rebels Warn Iran Plans Another Strike Soon

The Wall Street Journal takes disinformation to a new level

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Black conservative Candace Owens says 'white supremacy' is not a problem

Black conservative Candace Owens says ‘white supremacy’ is not a problem

Says the left’s war on masculinity is a far bigger problem

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All Potential Purple Unicorns, draw near and Lend me a Moment at Your Ear; be Careful what You Wish For.

All Potential Purple Unicorns, draw near and Lend me a Moment at Your Ear; be Careful what You Wish For.

Something is brewing back in the shrubbery.

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‘Total Massacre’ as U.S. Drone Strike Kills 30 Farmers in Afghanistan

From Mai Lai to Falljjah, the slaughter of unarmed civilians has been a feature of U.S. foreign policy for decades. Now though, it’s being done with drones

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Iran displays captured US-UK drones. Click to enlarge

IRGC displays British American drones seized over Iran’s territory

Iran’s growing collection of captured or downed U.S., UK and Israeli drones is an indication of its improved radar and air defence capabilities

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Did Joshua Anticipate "Greater Israel"?

Did Joshua Anticipate “Greater Israel”?

The Bible solves the mystery of the “Bronze Age Collapse.” – Anthony Migchels

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America: A Land Without Truth

A study by civil engineers that concluded that the WTC7 collapse was not caused by fire has been available for three weeks now. None of the corporate media has yet to even mention it. Why?

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Japanese Defense Minister Taro Kono. Click to enlarge

Disputing Trump Claims, Japan Says No Evidence Iran Was Behind Saudi Attack

Japan’s Defense Minister says he has not seen any intelligence indicating Iran was behind recent attacks on Saudi oil facilities

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Vietnam Net Dang Van Hoa with friends in Angola.

Promised Land Angola

In the West, there is a campaign against nature and the natural order. If it continues, Whites will have a darker future than the yellow, brown or even black universe

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Orban at the Budapest Christian conference in Budapest.

Viktor Orban: ‘I Am the Only Free Man Among the Prime Ministers of Europe’

The implication being the rest of Europe’s leaders are beholden to the dictates of a hidden elite

US to send troops to Saudi Arabia after oil strike

President Donald Trump has authorised the deployment of additional U.S. troops to Saudi Arabia following drone strikes

Ian Smith 1919-2007  - Still waiting for Hollywood to film his memoirs. 

Rhodesia — Portal into Future of the West

“Partnership… between the governments of the ‘free world’ and communism, their professed enemy, is the basic fact of the years 1960 – 1966 in Africa.” -Douglas Reed

Czechs Offer Africans $4,000 to Leave and Never Return

Czechs Offer Africans $4,000 to Leave and Never Return

It is presumed that the outlay will be recovered 100 fold as the benefits tap will be turned off.

Replacing John Bolton as National Security Advisor, Robert C. O'Brien. Click to enlarge

New national security adviser recently considered war to free prisoners in Iran

Many people have expressed relief that Bolton has gone but his replacement may be little better

Tillerson: Netanyahu ‘played’ Trump with misinformation

Former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s influence over Donald Trump as “a bit Machiavellian”

Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo fields questions Sept. 19 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Both Pompeo and Vice President Mike Pence have condemned an attack on Saudi oil facilities as “an act of war.” (Associated Press) Click to enlarge

U.S. military to present several options to Trump on Iran

We explain how this Associated Press report helps lay the groundwork to justify a U.S.-led strike on Iran.

The Sinister Messages of “K-12” by Melanie Martinez

The Sinister Messages of “K-12” by Melanie Martinez

Her act revolves around over-the-top kiddie stuff. At first glance it may seem cute, maybe too cute, but there’s a sinister undertone about sexualising kids

Russia and China Are Why the New World Order Is Imploding

We are witnessing the final days of the New World Order, writes Jon Hellevig. Largely due to the military-geopolitical strengths of the Sino-Russian alliance

Poster campaign in Berlin: The war is over, Syria needs you. Click to enlarge

Assad issues general amnesty – now the Syrians can return

Largely unreported by the Western media, Syria’s President Assad has offered a general amnesty, opening the way for the return of hundreds of thousands of refugees

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New Evidence Suggests Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Others Were In On the Jussie Smollett Hoax)

Leading U.S. politicians implicated in the Jussie Smollett hoax

Russian TV Report From Los Angeles Streets: What Happened to the American Dream?

The “American Dream” has turned into a nightmare, where a privileged elite now rule over a growing urban underclass

Reporting From Hong Kong: Protestors Are Fringe of Spoiled, Rich, Gay, AntiFa Wannabes

Reporting From Hong Kong: Protestors Are Fringe of Spoiled, Rich, Gay, AntiFa Wannabes

A former Hong Kong resident, Pepe Escobar, returns to find a changed city

Separation Wall by Enzo Apicella RIP (A to Zion-the Definitive Israeli Lexicon)

The Only Jewish Ghetto in the Middle East

The Israeli elections recall the old Yiddish joke: “How many synagogues do you need in a village with just one Jew? Two, one to go to and one to boycott.”

Goebbels Diary Contradicts Holocaust Narrative

Goebbels Diary Contradicts Holocaust Narrative

565,000 Hungarian Jews supposedly died at Auschwitz but Diary says Hitler wanted Hungarian Jews for slave labor.

Just like the PNAC document, Carter and Zelikow predicted the coming Catastrophic Terrorism" and a "Transforming event" 3 years in advance of 9/11

9/11: The Official Narrative Is Dying

A recent poll on 9/11 reveals that Americans are finally waking up. Asked who they thought was responsible more than half said Israel