Magnificent Cape Town, Quiet Windhoek, Sane Africa

Linh Dinh shuttles between Cape Town and Windhoek, Namibia, as new pandemic restrictions loom over Africa.

Is Our Rulers’ Thinking Sick Sick Sick?

For the ruling elite numbers and dates is a deadly serious business. Kevin Boyle cites a few examples to illustrate just how serious. Are we being lined up for another pandemic in accordance with some diabolical timetable?

Great Britain: Excess Mortality Among Children After Vaccine Rollout

Is it just a coincidence that deaths among children have increased by 62% since the rollout of the mRNA shots against the five-year average

THE REAL AGENDA: Leading doctor says covid “vaccines” are intentionally designed to reduce world population

Says the objective is to “kill off a large proportion of our population without anyone suspecting that we were poisoned

Incriminating Pfizer Vaxx Safety Study Reveals 1 In 17 Mortality Rate

Pfizer has been forced to release data that should have prevented company’s purported COVID ‘vaccine’ from being approved. Out of 21,325 known outcomes within 90 days of ‘vaccination’, 1,223 [5.74%] proved to be fatal

Smoking gun confidential Pfizer document exposes FDA criminal cover-up of VACCINE DEATHS

They knew the jab was killing people in early 2021… three times more WOMEN than MEN

Court Orders Pfizer to Release Shocking Adverse Affects Report

A quick look at the document reveals why Pfizer wanted to wait 55 years before it was released. It details literally hundreds of adverse affects cause by the covid vaccine

Facebook Bans Covid “Wrong Think”

In an Orwellian move, Facebook is banning anything that challenges the bogus official narrative.

The case for compulsory vaccinations is dead…Omicron just killed it.

The idea that the European Union plans to debate mandatory vaccinations is a joke. They are more likely to enforce them regardless of public opinion or medical/scientific facts

Fully Vaccinated account for 9 in every 10 Covid-19 Deaths since August

Official data clearly shows that hospitalisations and death from Covid-19 are overwhelmingly among the fully vaccinated in Britain

Research “Game-changer”: Spike Protein Increases Heart Attacks and Destroys Immune System

The hard science tells us that the vaccine can reduce the flow of blood to the heart, damage heart tissue, and greatly increase the risk of a heart attack. That’s bad enough but even worse is the media’s complicity in concealing this

Russia warns ‘the nightmare scenario of military confrontation is returning’ in Europe

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warns Ukraine’s goal to retake Crimea is a ‘direct threat’

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A Braver New World

Brother Nathanael – Real Jew News Dec 2, 2021   Watch: ‘Censor-Free!’ HERE! ___________________________________ More +BN Vids! Pandemic Of The VAXXed Here! THE LAST JAB Here! +BN Classics! World War 3…Birth Of A Brave New World Here! The Ebola Dictatorship Here!...

The Kremlin’s Strategic Blunders Are Leading to War

Paul Craig Roberts – Dec 2, 2021 While US Whore Media and Whore “scientists” dependent on Fauci-controlled NIH and Big Pharma grants whip up fear over a relatively harmless “Omicron variant,” a real dangerous situation that I have anticipated for...

They Knew Covid “Vaccines” are Ineffective -- Dec 2, 2021 The project to string everyone along at the greatest human and financial cost was outlined in August 2020 by the editor of the BMJ (British Medical Journal): 'So instead we are heading for vaccines that reduce severity of illness rather...

The Jewish Satanists Behind Covid – Dec 2, 2021 --- Some stories require rereading.  In 1989, on national TV, a courageous young woman exposed the satanic Jewish forebears of the Illuminati cult that now dominates the world. They are Sabbatean Frankists who hate assimilated Jews as much...

Unvaccinated Austrians Face Prison Time, Huge Fines For Non-Compliance

Austrians protest vaccine mandate Paul Joseph Watson -- SUMMIT News Nov 30, 2021 Austrians who refuse to take a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine before a government imposed deadline face prison sentences and huge compounding fines for non-compliance. After initially placing...

Germany imposes coronavirus lockdown for unvaccinated people

Laurenz Gehrke – Politico Dec 2, 2021              The German government and the leaders of the country’s 16 states on Thursday imposed a lockdown on people who are not vaccinated against coronavirus. “Today we talked about an act of national solidarity,” said...

The Pandemic Narrative Becomes Even More Ridiculous

Max Igan – The Crowhouse Bitchute Nov 30, 2021 --- BitChute Odysee: 3Speak: FreedomTube

WHO Would Modify Humans “For Our Health” – Dec 1, 2021 Those who warned that Corona "vaccinations" were the first step towards the genetic manipulation of humans faced harsh attacks from quality media, politicians and activists who denied this and ridiculed the corresponding fears. But all...

Idaho Nurse: COVID Patients Dying from TREATMENTS, not from COVID

Hal Turner -- The Hal Turner Radio Show Nov 30, 2021 A hospital nurse in Idaho says the almost ALL of the patients coming into hospitals with serious illnesses are fully vaccinated and are now suffering from a wide range of heart related troubles.  They are treated...

Wife Describes Dr. Andreas Noack’s Death Ray Torture

Above: armed German police had earlier raided Dr Noack's home during an livestream broadcast – Nov 30, 2021 The details have not been confirmed yet but it appears that Dr. Andreas Noack, above, a vocal opponent of the "vaccines" was murdered Saturday....

Sweden: Get Your Covid Vaccine Passport in a Chip in Your Hand (VIDEO)

Cristina Laila – The Gateway Pundit Nov 30, 2021 Over the last few years some Swedish workers have volunteered to have microchips implanted in their hands so they no longer have to carry cash, ID, keys, gym passes etc. Microchips are gaining popularity in Sweden and...

Ghislaine Maxwell Is Finally on Trial!

Philip Giraldi – The Unz Review Nov 30, 2021 Jeffrey Epstein procurer Ghislaine Maxwell is finally in court going through the juror selection process and opening arguments after a 17 month stay at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Given Epstein’s somewhat...

Muslim Reader – God is Testing Us

("Cooking a Soul" - The Fairy Tale of the Chick Pea" by Rumi) – Nov 30, 2021 God is watching his creation. Which of his servants will rise to the occasion and fight the evil and which will roll over for the sake of a temporary comfortable life. "We are...

Armored UN Vehicles in Australia; Forcing Vaccine on People!

Hal Turner – The Hal Turner Radio Show Nov 29, 2021 There seems to have been a steady build-up of UN white colored troop carriers in Australia. The video below shows some satellite footage to determine the increase. The Government has passed laws allowing foreign...

Belarus announces military drills with Russia near Ukraine border

Introduction – Nov 30, 2021 Don’t make the mistake of dismissing Russian-Ukrainian tensions as a “sideshow”. It’s the global elite’s Plan B. So if enough people refuse to get vaccinated and the depopulation drive with Covid falters then Plan B will kick in with war...

Israeli military readying for ‘Plan B’ if Iran nuclear talks fail

The IDF take part in a drill in northern Israel simulating war with Hezbollah Anna Aronheim – the Jerusalem Post Nov 28, 2021 Israel’s military is continuing to develop its ability to conduct a military strike against Iran’s nuclear program should circumstances demand...

South Africa Asks J&J, Pfizer to Stop Sending Vaccines

Above: a sign in the back of a car on the N1 Freeway, Cape Town Janice Kew, S’thembile Cele – Bloomberg Nov 24, 2021 -> Government says drugmakers should delay sending doses -> South Africa has fully innoculated about 35% of adults to date South Africa...

GMO Vaccine People Belong to Patent Holder

Dr. Chinda Brandolino, Argentine Medical Examiner & Family Rights Activist -- Nov 29, 2021 Will the vaccinated and their children belong to Pfizer? Brandolino--"When you modify the genome with an adenovirus vaccine, that vaccinated person is already...

Proof The Jab Is Murder

Dr Vernon Coleman – Nov 29, 2021 -- The article Dr Coleman refers to is here:   Source

Satanist Manifesto Unveils the Future – Nov 28, 2021 "Their structure will be hierarchic, with the Satanic caste at the top and outright slavery at the bottom, and the crushing out of liberty would exceed anything the world has yet seen. Within each state the necessary psychological...