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Insider: Trump Family Cult is Planning WW3

Insider: Trump Family Cult is Planning WW3

Cabalist dogma requires a catastrophe to cull the goyim and bring back the Messiah.

T-90 tanks during a rehearsal for the Victory Day parade in Red Square in central Moscow, May 7, 2015. Click to enlarge

Divide and Demoralize — (((Russia’s))) Pre-WW3 Strategy

As with many of the articles we post, we don’t necessarily agree with the views expressed. As with this assessment of Russia’s intentions, we leave readers to decide

Russian, Chinese and Mongolian national flags are displayed on armored vehicle. Click to enlarge

America gets its ‘ass handed to it’ in WW3 simulations

Analysts find that in simulated conflicts with Russia and China the U.S. was defeated time and again

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Planned WW3 – The West Will Lose

Epitomizing Evil, a savage anachronism has entrapped and doomed mankind

Putin is false opposition, claims Andy. His deferential body language with Russia Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar speaks volumes. 

Jewish Masonic Master Plan Includes WW3

We are mice in a laboratory run by Satanists and psychopaths.

How Israel Postponed WW3 (inadvertently)

How Israel Postponed WW3 (inadvertently)

Making his case that the West is a decaying Zionist tool, Gilad includes an incredible Sky interview with the former commander of British Armed Forces. A must see

WW3? the U.S. Threatens to Bomb Syria While Putin Promises to Retaliate

WW3? the U.S. Threatens to Bomb Syria While Putin Promises to Retaliate

According to Col Patrick Lang, Retired senior officer of US Military Intelligence and US Army Special Forces: “This is an August, 1914 moment.”

Repost: Jerusalem, Nicosia and WW3

Repost: Jerusalem, Nicosia and WW3

Reposted in the light of the alleged rape of a British girl by a gang of Israelis. Gilad Atzmon asks how did Cyprus become an Israeli province? Includes video

Iran blasts high-speed torpedo as WW3 tensions with Donald Trump soar

With reported speeds of up to 250mph the torpedo could have a devastating impact in the strategic Strait of Hormuz. Includes video

WW3 Watch: 3500 US Troops on Russian borders (Combat ready)

The build-up of Western troops and military equipment on Russia’s border continues

U.S. Abrams main battle tank leaves Riga port in Latvia, March 6 2015.

WW3 Watch: Russian Response to US Tanks in Poland

Footage of the build-up of U.S. arms and armour in Poland and eastern Europe

The map is misleading in that the arrows coming from Russian (red) territory suggest Russia is the aggressor. When in fact Poland, Latvia and Estonia have all recently opened up their territory to NATO forces, all three having formerly been part of the Warsaw Pact military alliance. Click to enlarge

WW3 will start in LATVIA: Expert who PREDICTED CRIMEA envisages Armageddon with Russia

This article omits to mention is that NATO is now deployed on Russia’s borders. This is the prime cause of mounting tensions

Syria, WW3 and the Silence of Jeremy

Syria, WW3 and the Silence of Jeremy

Nick Kollerstrom on the utterly clueless response of some British politicians to events in Syria

Albert Pike

Chillingly accurate 200-year-old letter predicts WW3 and final battle against Islam

In a significant development, the corporate media is now reporting Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini as a credible historic document

Escalation in Syria may lead to WW3 in 2016

Plausible analysis from Russia Insider on the crisis in Syria

Paul Joseph Watson

The Culling of the Goyim, Part WW3

Islamophobia in the alternative media suggests many sites have been compromised.

WW3 THREAT: Ex-Navy chief calls presence of Russia’s SAMs in Syria ‘extremely dangerous’

Former Royal Navy chief warns that the Syrian crisis could escalate into a much bigger conflict. Includes video

Build up to WW3

Russia moves advanced new Su-34 warplanes close to the Ukraine border

Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran

“We are in a WWIII scenario … I know for a fact that this war has been prepared since late 2004, in terms of stockpiling of weapons, establishing a state of readiness … It’s an extremely dangerous crossroads at which we are today”

William Engdahl: US-China War = World Government Tyranny

William Engdahl: US-China War = World Government Tyranny

Do the Illuminati plan to introduce their draconian dystopian “Reset” on the ashes of WW3?