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Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for Corporate Cannabis

Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for Corporate Cannabis

Ellen Brown reveals how corporate interests are preparing to profit from a change in legislation regarding cannabis

It is legal to smoke cannabis in Amsterdam coffee shops like this one. Click to enlarge

Students banned from cannabis coffee shops ‘more likely to pass exams,’ a Dutch study claims

Students whose smoking of cannabis was restricted found to have improved quantitative thinking and mathematics ability

A woman smokes cannabis during a party to mark sales of the drug – which has been cited in delusional episodes – in Denver, Colorado. Click to enlarge

Smoking skunk cannabis triples risk of serious psychotic episode, says research

The findings add to the growing evidence that smoking strong cannabis “tilts the odds” towards a person developing psychosis

Cannabis as Addictive as Heroin, New Study Finds

Cannabis as Addictive as Heroin, New Study Finds

This is bad news for the tobacco giants. They had been banking on legalisation of pot opening up lucrative new markets

Is Cannabis Curb Coming to an End?

Is Cannabis Curb Coming to an End?

“My father, a high-level Freemason, told me how man’s knowledge of seeds were the “key” to controlling the Kingdom of not just heaven, but also the Kingdom on earth.”

Is this the ‘tobacco moment’ for cannabis?

Mounting evidence from multiple studies links the use of cannabis, particularly heavy use and of the more potent forms, with the development of psychosis and schizophrenia

Cannabis found to lower IQ of young

Cannabis found to lower IQ of young

No big surprise here, particularly for those well acquainted with the effects of the drug. But why has it taken so long for modern culture’s great adjudicator, science to discover what was obvious to many?

‘Cannabis doubles psychosis risk’

Despite earlier claims that it was no more harmful than alcohol, new studies have found clear evidence linking cannabis with serious psychotic illnesses

Brain scans pinpoint cannabis mental health risk

The idea that cannabis is a relatively “harmless” recreational drug is another modern myth that has just bitten the dust. Recent studies have conclusively linked cannabis with psychosis and schizophrenia

Revelation Tapes – The Hidden Truth About Cannabis

Listen as Dave Starbuck talks about cannabis and its use through the ages. In the process he reveals some surprising and little known facts

Charity calls for cannabis study

Cannabis is not the harmless drug that its advocates claim. A mental health charity is calling for an investigation into the links between “cannabis and psychosis”.

Isis-inspired attacker "thought Tony Blair was his guardian angel"

Isis-inspired attacker “thought Tony Blair was his guardian angel”

Which raises questions about Tony Blair’s appeal and reveals a new trend in terror. Includes video

Abdeslam, 26, is a French citizen who lived in the Molenbeek neighborhood of Brussels, the low-income quarter of mainly Moroccan immigrant families and home to most of the at least nine attackers. (AP)

Paris attacks ex-fugitive a mystery man: Chameleon or coward?

Just like 9/11, more inconsistancies in the official account of the Nov 13 attacks in Paris are emerging

Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 2 of 2)

Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe (Part 2 of 2)

For Europe the writing is on the proverbial wall: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad”

Prime Minister David Cameron hit by claims of drugs and debauchery during his university days at Oxford

Revelations threaten to undermine Cameron’s carefully crafted public image

French intelligence fears Islamist ‘missile strike on airliner’ or 9/11-style attack

The French army has drawn-up contingency plans to win back control of domestic neighbourhoods seized by Islamist militants

Alleged gunman behind the terrorist outrage in Tunisia. Click to enlarge

Tunisia — False Flag Attack on Hotels

The recent “terror attack” in Tunisia has Operation Gladio written all over it. Aangirfan explains

Smoking dope can cause early puberty – research

New research finds cannabis reduces growth hormones and raises testosterone levels in pre-pubescents

The DOPE-mobile: Diplomatic car belonging to Vatican stopped at French border carrying four kilos of cocaine worth an estimated £500,000

Two Italian men arrested in grace and favour Jaguar used by cardinal

Insider Reveals 21st Century Illuminati Agenda

Insider Reveals 21st Century Illuminati Agenda

Predictions made by Jacques Atali in “Brief History of the Future” (2006) are coming true