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henrymakow.com — March 14, 2019

The British Rescued Martin Bormann in 1945

I repost this reminder that all wars are contrived by the Masonic bankers to destroy Western civilization and enslave the goyim. Martin Bormann, who signed Hitler’s paycheck and knew everything about the Nazi war effort, was an Allied spy.
The book “Op JB” (1996) by John Ainsworth-Davis describes how he and Ian Fleming rescued Bormann from the ruins of Berlin in 1945. James Bond was modelled on Ainsworth-Davis who was an Illuminati sex slave and mass murderer.  He may have serviced Winston Churchill and his spymaster Desmond Morton.
This book is the smoking gun that proves the Second World War was a charade. While most Nazis were sincere, the movement was sponsored and controlled at the top by the Masonic Jewish central bank cartel in order to kill “goyim”  on both sides, increase banker wealth and power, and advance world government. Assimilated Jews were also sacrificed to this evil agenda.
 I was suspicious that Simon & Schuster published this book amid great fanfare and a large advance. However, this account of the circumstances of publication authenticates Ainsworth-Davis’ story.
“Even the best of the Goyim should be killed.” – Talmud, Soferim 15, Rule 10

Martin Bormann, the man who signed Hitler's paychecks and knew everything about the Nazi war effort, was an Allied spy. The book "Op JB" (1996) by John Ainsworth Davis describes how the British rescued him from the ruins of Berlin in April 1945.

Formerly, Martin Bormann was Rothschild Agent — Damning Evidence
(from Nov 25, 2018) — by Henry Makow PhD.

The second most powerful man in Nazi Germany, Martin Bormann, Hitler’s Private Secretary and Head of the Nazi Party apparatus, was an Illuminati (i.e. British) agent who ensured the destruction of both Germany and European Jewry.
Thus, he advanced two of the Illuminati’s main goals: integrate Germany into a world government by annihilating its national, cultural and racial pretensions, and establish Israel by threatening European Jews with extinction.
When I first made this case in June 2007, a reader suggested I read the book “OPJB,”(1996) Lieut. Commander John Ainsworth-Davis’ account of how he and Ian Fleming led a 150-man team that rescued Martin Bormann from war-torn Berlin on May 1, 1945, using river kayaks. According to this book, Bormann lived under an assumed identity in England until 1956 before dying in Paraguay in 1959.
Op JB stands for “Operation James Bond.”  Ian Fleming took the name of the author of “A Field Guide to the Birds of the West Indies” for the Bormann rescue and later gave it to the hero of his spy series who was modelled on Ainsworth-Davis, who used the name, Christopher Creighton.  Creighton died in 2013 at age 89.
Talk about hiding in plain sight!  The evidence that Bormann, the man most responsible for the holocaust was a British agent has been on bookshelves since 1996! The book includes a 1963 letter from Ian Fleming confirming that he and Creighton led the Bormann rescue. It also includes a photograph of a 1954 letter from Winston Churchill giving Creighton permission to tell this story after Churchill’s death, “omitting, of course, those matters which you know can never be revealed.”
According to Creighton, Martin Bormann was actually sitting in a private visitor’s gallery at the Nuremberg Trial when he was condemned to death in absentia!  (p.243)
The cover story was that Bormann supposedly would help the Allies retrieve Nazi wartime plunder and return it to its rightful owners. If you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida… Bormann had been an Illuminati British agent all along and was largely responsible for the Nazi defeat. Louis Kilzer estimated he was worth 50 divisions. Hitler covered for him. World War Two was a monstrous Rothschild fraud on Germans, Jews, and the human race. The plunder ended up in Illuminati hands.

Real “James Bond” was an Illuminati Sex Slave and Mass Murderer

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