Robin Thicke’s Video “Get Her Back” or How Pop Culture Keeps Promoting a Culture of Death

Vigilant Citizen — June 26, 2014

Get Her Back appears to be about Robin Thicke trying to win his wife back by being nice and apologetic. However, when one adds the imagery of the video into the mix, it becomes a creepy, disturbing tale of a stalker with violent and suicidal tendencies pathetically harassing an ex-lover … all laced with one-eyed Illuminati symbolism, of course.


Robin Thicke appears to have left the niche market of “blue-eyed soul” to become a mainstream music figure. Of course, that’s because he’s been given a role to play in the entertainment industry Agenda. In my article MTV VMAs 2013: It Was About Miley Cyrus Taking the Fall, I explained how Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines was about “blurring the lines” between consensual and non-consensual relations. In other words, Blurred Lines was a creepy song about abuse and even Kitten programming. In his infamous performance with Miley Cyrus, Thicke played the role of a handler with a dissociated Beta slave.
Thicke and CyrusDuring the 2013 VMA’s, Thicke was wearing a black-and-white dualistic pattern, which is used to hypnotize and control MK slaves. The overtly-sexual performance featured Thicke, a 36 year-old man with Cyrus, a 20 year-old girl (dressed to look about 14). More importantly, it reflected the constant Agenda of debasing the masses with promotion of abuse, underage relations, and so forth.
At the time of this VMA performance, Thicke was married. The couple divorced a few months afterwards, amid allegations of Thicke’s infidelity. Did the separation had something to do with the fact that Thicke was chosen to become the face of the “abuse and exploitation is cool” Agenda? Perhaps. One thing is for sure : Things have gotten worse since then.
After his separation, Thicke apparently “wrote an entire album” about his ex-wife Paula Patton. While the album (titled “Paula”) probably caused some of his fans to think “Wow, he is so passionate, sensitive and vulnerable”, it only takes a little discernment to realize that this is all strange, inappropriate, and even a form of harassment. … especially considering that it is all a produced, constructed, overtly emotional gimmick.
The video for Get Her Back tells us all we need to know about this particular gimmick: Thicke is simply part of the elite Agenda of promoting a culture of death – associating art, music, love and relationships with sick, twisted and debased messages and imagery. It is all about self-destruction. Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke are two clear examples.

Get Her Back


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