The Real Hate: Foisting “Gay Pride” on Society

Henry Makow Ph.D. — June 25, 2014

rmmToronto aspires to be a world center for gay advocacy. June 20-29, the city is hosting a “World Pride 2014 Festival.” Events include a Speedo Party” and “Beaver Karaoke. They even have a “kids friendly” section.
Homosexuals are free to do what they want but I object to the Illuminati promoting this dysfunctional behavior to heterosexuals under the guise of “human rights.”
There is very little homophobia. Gay Pride is heterophobia- a war on gender designed to make homosexuality the societal norm.
For example, while the media peddles homosexuality, they raise a stink when, on Father’s Day, Canadian Justice Minister Peter MacKay implied men and women might have different gender roles. They’re turning us into homosexuals.
The Illuminati are teaching the sheeple to be promiscuous, bisexual and, when it comes to rimming, eat shit. Satanists invert sick and healthy. They have crossed the line by promoting this developmental disorder. The Illuminati’s Talmudic hatred of the goyim is the real origin of “hate” in the world.

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