Captured Jabhat Nusra Leader Exposes Saudi, American Roles in Terrorism

Ziad Fadel — Syrian Perspective June 23, 2014

The case against the Saudi apes and their Obama criminal allies is shaping up to be a no-brainer, a slam dunk, as the foolhardy Colin Powell once said about Saddam’s WMDs. Well, yesterday, viewers were treated to another romp in the fantasy world of the Chicago terrorist, Obama, and his relentless pursuit of abysmal failure. We introduce to you the Nusra terrorist extraordinaire, terrorist par excellence, and garrulous terrorist fink weasel, Baaher ‘Abdul-Kareem Al-Ways:

Abdul-Kareem Al-Ways. Click to enlarge

Abdul-Kareem Al-Ways

“I was born in 1985 in the city of Al-‘Ashshaara in Dayr El-Zor Province. My mother’s name is `Amaal. I was an assistant drilling coach at the College of Literature in the Euphrates University (Jaami’at Al-Furaat). I joined an institute for the teaching of “Jihadist Thinking” established by someone called Muzhher Al-Ways who was a member of a group called “Fath Al-Islaam” (Dawn – or – Conquest of Islam) in the area of Al-Subaykhaani in rural Dayr El-Zor after he was released from prison during the onset of events in 2011.

“After a while, the one called Muzhher endowed me with more of his trust and tasked me with the post of Communications Officer at the institute where we used to receive communications at the institute from Yusuf Al-Qaradhaawi, Muhammad Al-‘Urayfi, ‘Aa`edh Al-Qarni and Saudi, Qatari, American and British officers.

“I used to alert the one called Muzhher to the names and times when these officers would call….like the officer Ahmad Al-Shammari, or the colonel Ahmad Khaaled Al-‘Anzi, from Saudi Arabia, or the officer, Khaaled Al-Kawwaari from Qatar..and some foreign officers who spoke Arabic and were able to communicate ideas extremely well. Some of them who contacted me were Bill Griston from Britain, Allan Johnson from the United States and, once I was able to uncover a telephone call between the one called Muzhher and a person called Yitzhak Moody, an “Israeli”. (emphasis ours. ZAF)

“Then, Shaykh Muzhher took me to a military base for training fighters in the city of Al-Shuhayl in rural Dayr El-Zor which was the main stronghold of Jabhat Al-Nusra which contained readied car bombs, weapons for countering (armor and aircraft), rifles… in addition to Arab and foreign fighters.

“Saudi Arabia was the main financier for the Jabhat (Al-Nusra) so that weapons would come from Saudia and, then, they’d be hauled in via Turkey in large trucks covered in foodstuffs to the Dayr El-Zor area by way of the Urfa area to Tal Abyadh and from Al-Raqqa or Aleppo. (Sic) From thereon, reliance would be placed on profits from the oil wells which they pillaged.

“The institute studied Jihadist thinking. After Al-‘Urayfi issued the fatwa of the “Sex Jihad”, many women approached to volunteer from within Syria or outside, especially, those from Tunisia where it would be given a (canonically) legal form for Sex Jihad by way of a marriage contract with complete conditions between the two parties that included a dowry of around 500 Syrian Liras, with witnesses. The period (of the contract) would be limited to the necessary time for the relationship to be completed between the two parties after which time the contract would end in divorce.”

Translation: Ziad Abu Fadel, Esq. Michigan Supreme Court certified interpreter and translator.