Nazis Yielded to Wives of Jews — June 24, 2014

rossenstrasseHidden History: In Feb. 1943, the German wives of about 1800 Jewish men who had been rounded up for deportation protested for days outside the building on Rosenstrasse in Berlin where they were confined. This demonstration of courage and love resulted in the release of the fathers and husbands, and was the only anti government protest in Germany during the Nazi period. Most of the Jewish men survived the war.

“Let Our Husbands Go!”

From the book, “A Force More Powerful: A Century of Non-Violent Conflict”by Peter Ackerman & Jack DuVall

On February 27, 1943, SS soldiers and local Gestapo agents began seizing the Jews of Berlin in an operation called “the Final Roundup.” They were loaded onto trucks and taken to the Jewish community’s administration building at Rosenstrasse 2-4, in the heart of the city. The goal was finally to make the city judenfrei (free of Jews), necessitating the forcible collection of Jews with German spouses and their Mischling (mixed ancestry) children. For two years these Jews had escaped the jaws of the Holocaust because they or their German spouses were essential for the war effort, and the regime wanted no unpleasantness on the home front. But the stunning military defeat at Stalingrad earlier that month shattered German morale and led Hitler to call for “Total War,” against Jews inside Germany as well as Allied armies.

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