Finding Your Way Through The Empire of Flesh

Smoking Mirrors — June 24, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
The news is not good, what news there is. There’s almost nothing on the Crass Media, nearly entirely owned by those causing all the problems they are not reporting on. Of course, the media was hijacked for this very reason, in order to both promote and conceal outrageous acts of criminal behavior and to justify it for so long as it is possible to do so, until the time comes for them to lay the blame on one of their employees who got sucked along for the ride, until their part of the ride ended with unfortunate result for them.
The signs of the obvious decay that was The Great American Dream is becoming more and more obvious with every passing day. The money is drying up, or one might more accurately say it is being pulled out of the system by those not only indifferent to the consequences but who are responsible for bringing them about for those very reasons. It is truly a wonder to watch this dying creature continue to draw its terminally ill carcass across the landscape, long after one would have expected what life remains to have finally drained away. For whatever the reason, against all reason, it has continued but it won’t be much longer now. We are looking at a real life manifestation of Road Warrior coming round the mountain when it comes. The jackals of reversed commerce are tearing at the wounded body of the former master center of the universe and those latter day, predatory pirates who remain, ride in their carriages of privilege, dwell in their gated enclaves and dream of wider excesses, while the storm clouds of their pending fate gather from near and far.
You see some strange things in these times symbolic caricatures that emphasize the cartoon atmosphere of this truly unpredictable period. Is something like this, so far afield actually relevant to anything in the world we know, composed of the things we know? What is the meaning of a giant, stainless steel, Marilyn Monroe, lying down like that in a landfill in China? I don’t know but… it’s got a haunting atmosphere to it. It’s fraught with significance. I don’t know just what that might be. The imagery is compelling. It’s like something out of time, riddled with time codes, like wormholes through Swiss Cheese. It hit me in a powerful way.
I’ve been in my little corner of the world for some time now and recently that little corner has transformed into an even smaller and more remote corner of the world and all I know I know from electronic images and reports from the toxic shit machine of Crass Media, interspersed with varying levels of true insight into the meaning of these things, as reported by those with a more objective and uncompromising point of view. Strange days; the teetering back and forth is something to defy any conventional sense of physics. It is patently obvious that unseen forces are engaged in an interplay of oppositions toward their respective intents. Of course, in reality, all intentions serve the grand intention, regardless of what any particular player or group of players might think. It’s not easy to see this in the realm of appearances, one has to accept it on the basis of what they might have gleaned from the actions of the invisible upon the visible; what one has learned on their way about how things tend to generally work out or not work out and for everyone, this varies from one to the other.
I pity those whose only anchor is sunk into what the senses report. It must look, by turns, irreconcilably confusing and terrifying at the same time. I can’t imagine how it might all look to me if I did not possess an alternative view. Thankfully there is the well of ageless Vedanta to draw your water from, whatever term you may use to define that well, the well is there, just like all those other wells are. In the end it is the quality of the water you imbibe that determines your level of health on the only level that is important and which is responsible for every other level of health you may enjoy.
It is not possible to reach the larger portion of this world with anything meaningful. One can see that for each plane of awareness there is a aggregate of focuses to capture the interest and attention of those who dwell there. It seems to suffice in general but… if the proper level of agitation and restlessness manifests in any given life then there is always another plane that can be reached, until whichever soul is so engaged finds an acceptable plateau that matches the intensity of their pursuits. For some rare number of us, there is no acceptable plateau. Those so consumed by such a passion have no rest until peace descends and sometimes that is a long time coming but it does come. Perhaps it would come sooner if we did not resist everything at every turn, thinking only such a level of commitment will result in the desired success, when that success does not come about through any individual effort because… all the power and force to accomplish comes through the metered channels of the one dispensing it. How and why some get the necessary force to continue is a mystery. When it comes to mystery there are so very many of them. It is said that Babylon is a mystery, attended by mystery… something… something.
I think the value of any mystery is whether there is anything beneath all the wrappings and coverings, once you have managed to unravel the mystery. For some of us, near all the mysteries of this world are no mystery at all but regardless of all of that there are many more mysteries. Somewhere along the way one comes to a crossroads and makes a decision about the direction of continuance. It’s all about what one is willing to relinquish. If you are determined to carry certain things with you then the weight of these things will inevitably trend toward the downward incline, no matter how it may incline upward for a time. Certain paths cannot be walked with any baggage and sooner or later, however one may have escaped the consequences of terminal affections, up to a point, it will be clarified one day.
There are many, many traps along this concourse. If you think you are clever or intelligent, you will see where that gets you. If you think you are wise you will see where that gets you. If you are in a temporary phase of the enjoyment of power, position or wealth, you will see where that gets you. You will see where anything gets you, it is the nature of this world that everything is carried out for the purpose of demonstration.
Conditions and events take place as demonstrations of cosmic law in operation. Things happen to you for the purpose of demonstration, just as they do to others so that you might observe them; hear about them, profit from them or not profit from them. Some parts of this orchestration are inflexible and some are not. I tremble to think of anyone’s odds at succeeding in their passage through all of what there is to encounter without invisible help. The one thing I am certain of is that I don’t know but that someone does. I also know that I can associate myself with anything or anyone I so choose, with the exception of what is not permitted for me and in the large majority of those cases, it’s for my own good; the only exception to it being what i have not yet earned.
People insist there is nothing out there and nothing in there except for rotating, variously colored marbles, that arrange themselves around some kind of magnetic centers. These people live in the empire of flesh. It’s what’s real for them. For others there is the idea that there is something beyond the empire of flesh but what it is they only know through the dogma and traditions of bankrupt systems of religious thought. What they know is not correct in any comprehensive sense and this accounts for the horrible actions of those so informed. Others have searched further afield or deeper within and they have yet other ideas about what it all means. Many of these are also hindered to the degree that they have conformed their understanding to their specific personal needs. At the finer and more rarefied end of things, there are those who know but do not say. We’ve all heard about that; “those who know do not speak and those who speak do not know.” In my limited understanding of what this actually means, it might be better put as, “those who know cannot speak with any entirety.” It isn’t possible to put these things into words because words are and always will be an ineffective medium. I know this to be true because it is possible for things to be communicated that do not require words as a vehicle for transmission. I have experienced this in what small way has been possible for me.
However… this is not to say that speaking of these things is wrong or in error. Words can indicate direction. Words can point in the proper direction for the voice in the silence, which very often speaks in understandings where words are not required and there are systems that operate in that ancient manner of indirection, where the subconscious is motivated to bring things to the attention of the conscious mind. You know what these systems are and for those industrious enough to pursue these systems with an open mind a deeper awareness will follow. There are forces that are engaged in revelation just as there are forces engaged in deception. On the one hand, one surrenders their preconceived notions and on the other hand they deceive themselves first.
Whatever it is and as easy as it can be for those committed beyond reservation, it ain’t easy. It is not easy at all. At other times is has been far easier but in this time, it has never been so difficult. Only Love, it seems, is equal to the task. Increase your capacity for Love.
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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