Jews – The Voodoo View

by Francis — ( June 22, 2014

Kaporos shlugging: a rabbi transfer the karmic consequences of sins to a chicken. Click to enlarge

Kaporos shlugging: a rabbi transfer the karmic weight of sins to a chicken. Click to enlarge

Due to the sensitive nature of the matter you are wont to discuss, I feel obliged to provide you with an essential piece of information. I for one have been instructed from boyhood and initiated within the fold of the Haitian Yoruba religion, more commonly know under the name of Voodoo…
Voodoo is a dual religion, comprising both a divine and a satanic form, both a religion proper, and a tradition of witchcraft, the latter alone having been generally presented to the modern Westerners through Hollywood movies about zombies and other like phenomena. Voodoo considers light and darkness to be inseparable, you cannot be initiated into divine things without submitting to tribulations wrought by the sorcerers of the same fold; you cannot grow into a full-patched spiritual malefactor without sacrificing children begotten by luminous priests. But that is not the matter I want to discuss with you.
The matter I want to inform you about is Jews, and Judaism. What is a Jew? We Voodoos have a definition, which happens to be also the very one acknowledged by the present state of Israel. A Jew is anybody having had for mother, or better still for long-term mistress, a Jewess, or better still, ideally, a sorceress, a witch. Please take heed : being a male Jew has nothing to do with circumcision, you don’t get Jewish by the mere act of having your foreskin removed, however ritually well the Rabbi sucks your dick afterwards: this custom however venerable it is for certain persons is actually due to a late inroad (and travesty) of Christian sacraments (in their abusive forms of course), it entered Judaism at a quite late date.


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