To Prioritise the Light Within

Visible Origami — June 19, 2014

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Greetings Dear Friends; I am surprised and pleased that so many of you liked the video. I got a nudge and wink from the invisible to do this and as usual, they are ahead of the game in all ways. It has been my expectation that I would move into this newer medium. It is probably past time for it. So I shall announce that there will be (give or take) two fifteen minute videos each week. Once I get into the groove it should flow easily. Okay then, on to the post because I’m halted in my work here for awhile because I have to wait on others for certain things which I would be glad to get at myself but I suspect that might meet with some resistance. It’s unfortunate that I am separated by such distances from certain friends because we could have this place going in at a much faster clip were we closer. I think I’ll just get on the tile work for the moment and see how that goes. On to the post.
Prioritizing thought is an idea that crosses my mind often. Some might think that continuous spontaneity is the key to a successful interplay with the ineffable. So many of us are rebellious in our consciousness because we are surrounded by influences visible and invisible that are seeking to suck us into unfortunate states of mind. We are in the most critical of times and as has oft been stated here; there is a war for souls going on. No matter what filter or lens we may presently see life through, this is a time of cosmic harvest and even a casual exercise (were there such a thing) of Broad Daylight Awareness will show one that this is true and that there is an intentional cabal of hijacked entities; a not so loose amalgam of general Satanists, Tribe Satanists, Atheists, politically correct Nazis, Moral Relativists, Corporatists and a variety of entrepreneurial opportunists who are all buzzing around a massive mountain of toxic wastes like flies in a cow pasture. Here is just one example of things going on in the world around us, note the horns. It’s a war of ideologies that is backed by the most powerful and pervasive media machine ever. The level of insanity is breathtaking and the pandering to the lowest level of human is expression is being rabble roused out of the pit by an army of cheerleaders, operating out of an entertainment juggernaut with only one purpose in mind; could it possibly be any more transparent? The level of craziness is mindblowing.
Prioritizing thought and even feeling can go a long way to minimalizing the level of conflict that one experiences in the day to day and maximizing the potential for success otherwise. Every little life out of the billions taking place here is some expression of the divine impulse, working itself out through the dynamics of the day to day. In most cases it is not unlike that of moths playing kamikaze games with a candle, or an example of any number of self destructive activities, brought about by an inability to govern base impulse; an impulse whose intensity is jacked up by an onslaught of images and sounds, the like of which has not been seen at any time in the course of recorded history.
Unless a person can get their heads into some semblance of order, disorder is a given. Unless you do one thing, another thing is the inevitable result. You can’t simply stand still because the current in the river will carry you even if you think you are standing still.
There are any number of mindsets that have come about with the intent to help us to prioritize our thoughts and feelings; “love others as I have loved you”, see god in everyone etc. This isn’t always easy because we get convinced that we have to love all these undesirable personality constructs but… we do not. We are only asked to love the spark of the infinite within them. We are encouraged to love the greater potential in each other and by a focus on that to draw it forth from them. This is precisely the reverse of what is happening through the efforts of the other side of the equation. You are confronted with forces seeking to suck you down and those seeking to draw you up. The kicker is that the latter requires an effort on your part. You must strive and you must yearn. All of us have fallen in love at some point, or thought we did, until the shine went away. This is because our mistaken attraction was focused on the temporary side of the attraction and being temporary, well, do the math. This is why, unless you love what is eternal in others, it won’t perpetuate so… prioritize the eternal. Loving the eternal in another will invoke it.
Whatever stage of your life you may find yourself in, you must remember that, not only is that stage temporary but that every stage brings certain conditions of being into being. If you are on the right track, if you are perpetuating what is eternal within you, it will grow and in each stage it will bloom into a new expression of itself. The road of depravity does the same in reverse. Earlier in my life I was consumed by any number of great passions. My life was an ongoing response of the poetic side of my nature to the possibilities of the moments expressions. However, as I moved from stage to stage, the nature and meaning of my pusuits changed all by itself because, although my pursuit of the ineffable was often obscured by temporary image, it was always the light I was after in the cloud of unknowing. These days my heart lifts toward the divine far more often than it ever did because of the transiting of the stages of my being.
Some things make you old and some things keep you young. We might be confused about what these things are, given that we are lied to without respite but… the fact that it is true is beyond debate. Others have found it and that is because they prioritized their passions. Look at the faces of some of these people:
Muhammad Raheem Bava Muhaiyaddeen

Muhammad Raheem Bava Muhaiyaddeen

It is indisputable what these faces portray:
Paramhansa Yogananda

Paramhansa Yogananda

You can find any number of the faces of men and women who shine forth with an inner light because their love of the inner light proved greater than their love of anything else.
Broad Daylight Awareness will show anyone that what surrounds us is perishable and should that be our focus we will take upon ourselves the appearance of what is perishable. Our wits will depart as our light dims. We are given an amount of light and we can see the expression of it in youth. As our life becomes a litany of compromises as we go, our light is increasingly more veiled. Either the divine shines out from us or the divine departs and recedes because we have no greater interest in it. The divine does not stay where it is not welcome and loved. If you love something else more, you will be handed over to it for the purpose of demonstration. EVERYTHING here is for the purpose of demonstration. Life is an ongoing demonstration of what works and what does not work. What confuses us is that it looks like certain things work because we are observing from a narrow window of time. If we were to step back and further back we would get the panorama aspect and we would see what price worldly success comes at. In this time of flash and instant gratification that force becomes, seemingly, the most powerful feature of the day. This is a time of the exercise of base appetites and any student of scripture knows that these periods of existence have been predicted in the texts of every faith. “Where there is no vision, the people perish”… oh generation of vipers and so on and so on. Whenever an age transits you can expect massive change, as what is enduring is transformed into its new aspect and what is scheduled for recycling gets plowed under.
You can’t allow your state of mind to be lowered, or allow depression and dispair to enter in. When it looks so hopeless all around you, you can wind up feeling hopeless too. Without a constant, continuous focus on the inner light you don’t stand much chance. Meditation naturally will lead one to states where one can move through these things with a sureness and certitude, even a serenity that one did not previously have.
Yesterday, I found myself getting upset about something. It was a justifiable upset, seen from a certain perspective… and I was going back and forth with it in my mind when the ineffable came in and said, “Watch yourself. This is not the way you want to go. Why do you not come to me about these things? Am I not capable of taking care of anything and everything that comes up? Do I not exist in your life precisely for this purpose? This is what you do not do Visible, not nearly enough. If you bring everything that becomes a matter of concern to my attention, I will take care of it. There is nothing that I cannot handle and handle easily.” It went on in a powerful and beautiful way.
This struck me to the core in the manner it was presented to me and I understood where I had been falling short. I was preempting the job description of the ineffable with my own woefully inadequate talents in that direction. It is a trememdous load off of the mind to understand the difference between what you can do and what is not your concern. It really hit me. It hit me in a meaningful way. I realize now that it is that persistent anxiety over results that troubles us. How will it turn out if I don’t interfere and take steps? Yet every teacher I have ever had any faith in tells me the same thing. Leave it all in the hands of the ineffable. This applies, even when it doesn’t seem to be working out because, IT DOES AND WILL WORK OUT and you are only being tested to see what the level of your resolve might be. Faith, Certitude and Determination!!! Faith, Certitude and Determination!!! Walk the talk and it will speak for you.
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I will seek to get a video up this evening and I will be gone for several days starting tomorrow so… try to stay out of trouble (grin).
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