Illuminati-Created “Demons” to Blame for Shootings

Jerad and Amanda Miller like dressing up, particularly as Batman/woman. Click to enlarge

Jerad and Amanda Miller liked dressing up, particularly as Batman/woman. Click to enlarge

Jerad and Amanda Miller, the putative Las Vegas cop killers (pictured right). Jarad is holding up the “Joker” another term for Satan. Hours before the shooting, Jarad wrote “The dawn of a new day. May all of our coming sacrifices be worth it.”
The Illuminati-controlled media blames guns and “extremists” for recent shootings. But, they don’t blame Satanism which they cultivate in movies and music. Michael Hoffman says the shooters often are Satanists who are “possessed by demons.”

by Michael Hoffman

“Demon-Possessed joker Cop-Killers Strike in Las Vegas”
(Edited by — June 11, 2014

The religion of agnostic secularism admits of no demons.
The alleged killers in Las Vegas of two policemen at a restaurant, and a bystander at a shopping center, are being variously described as “white supremacists,” “Constitutionalists” etc.
They may be all or none of those things, but they are most certainly demon-possessed individuals initiated into a devil cult by immersion in the soul-killing Hollywood movies and television and New York entertainment “culture” that permeates the US like the fumo di Satana.
Examining their Facebook photos, we see that they have inculcated the Batman meme, which has been occult-saturated since the first 1989 film in the series, and which reached its apogee with the most notorious and soulless entry, “The Dark Night”, starring the late Heath Ledger, who died at age 28.
aurora-denver-batmOn July 20, 2012 James Holmes, a PhD. candidate in neurology, entered a theater in Aurora, Colorado that was screening the most recent Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises,” and slaughtered. 12 people. The two “Dark Night” movies have grossed more than $2 billion.
The establishment media dubbed Holmes “the Dark Knight shooter” and “the Joker.” He appeared as a Joker in his first court appearance. His July 2012 massacre was embedded with occult significance (see Revisionist History newsletter no. 63, Predictive programming and ritual stagecraft: The Batman movie shooting synchronicities).
Prior to the attack by Holmes, the name “Aurora” (i.e. the goddess of the dawn), showed up in the movie trailer for the Dr. John Dee (“007”) “Skyfall” movie. The words “Sandy Hook” appeared in “The Dark Night Rises” Batman film prior to the school shootings at Sandy Hook.
In the case at hand, we have Jerad and Amanda Miller, the putative Las Vegas cop killers leaving behind unmistakable links to the Joker of the Batman genre. No extensive investigation was needed to elicit this clue. It was on Facebook for all the world to see.
The perps themselves revealed it in the Revelation of the Method, part of the pattern of self-revelation which the Cryptocracy permits and encourages in this time when Satan can walk openly and the American people don’t give a hoot.
If the Prince of Darkness were to turn off the lights during the Stanley Cup or the latest round of the NBA Finals however, then we might see some signs of revolt from the sheeple.
Otherwise, ever more frequent, “random” mall and school massacres, and the media-dissolution of the souls of our children is not a major cause for concern, beyond proposing gun control legislation and more pharmaceutical medication for the “mentally ill.”
But when most of America might be mentally ill, then what? Beyond cases of depression and nervous exhaustion or shock, is not “mental illness” often a euphemism for someone who is controlled by malevolent spiritual forces?


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