Worshiping Jews is Racist

henrymakow.com — June 9, 2014

Michele Bachmann. Politically Right or Left, our politicians all must be kosher-certified. Click to enlarge

Michele Bachmann. Politically Right or Left, our politicians all must be kosher-certified. Click to enlarge

On Nov 28, 2002, the Norwegian daily newspaper Nationen (Oslo) published an op-ed piece by Christine Mohn attacking Israel Shamir for being an “anti Semite” for criticizing Israel. Shamir issued this ‘form reply’, “Philo Semitism is Racist,” to all Jew worshipers.
The West has been colonized by the Masonic Jewish Central Banking cartel which wants Israel to be headquarters of its veiled Communist world government. Thus, there’s no shortage of Christian Zionist dupes, puppets and traitors who accept the racist “God’s Chosen People” ruse and attack critics as “anti Semites.” Here, Israel Shamir, a Jew who converted to Christianity, explains why in fact Philo Semitism ( worshiping Jews) is racist.

By Israel Shamir

I do not like philo-Semites, i.e. people choosing to fight anti Semitism, of all ills.
In this world, so full of trouble and real suffering, there is something deeply perverted in persons preferring to protect and support – not the poor, not the refugees, not the oppressed, but the wealthy, influential and well-connected group actively engaged in ethnic cleansing of Palestine.
Political success in the West is dependent on paying homage before the Zionist establishment. Click to enlarge

Political success in the West is dependent on paying homage before the Zionist establishment. Click to enlarge

The chief proponent of this well-endowed movement is an American Jew, the head of ADL, Abe Foxman. Two years ago he was caught taking large sums of money from the super-thief Marc Rich, a crook who cheated American tax-payer and found refuge in Switzerland. For years, Foxman and his organization collected dossiers on people who objected to apartheid and sold them to Mossad and to South Africa of Forster.
They broke into houses, stole documents, run professional surveillance of the left activists in California. Last year, Foxman and ADL were found guilty in the US court of law, and paid millions of dollars to people they intimidated and smeared. Foxman’s best chum is Ariel Sharon, the mass murderer of Sabra, Shatila, Kibie and Jenin.
A new book by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, “The Assassination of Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Super Spy” confirms the professional philo-Semites have permanent ties with Mossad, the long arm of Israeli apartheid, memorable to you by Lillehammer murders. In brief, the philo-Semites are sleazy guys taking money from sleazy crooks in order to cover up the creeping genocide of Palestinians.
It is not strange, as the very emphasis on “anti-Semitism” is disgustingly racist, as if it were worse than racism against anyone else. People who decry “anti-Semitism,” instead of “racism” or “ethnic-prejudice,” are actually saying that there is something really special – and particularly bad – about discrimination against this one particular group. In other words, they are racists.
Your average Norwegian does not hesitate to say he dislikes Swedes. Sometimes he corrects himself and says he actually hates Swedes. Older Norwegians freely speak of their hatred to Germans. So do Jews: recent bestseller by a philo-Semite (Daniel) Goldhagen called all Germans ‘willing executioners of Hitler’. ‘
Every Jew must maintain in his heart holy hatred to Germans’, quoth Elie Wiesel, another professional philo-Semite. Somehow nobody is worried about these racist statements; Wiesel even received Nobel peace prize from the Norwegian Academy.
Germans are not excluded. A Jewish scribe, Daniel Pipes, wrote a piece together with a Dane Lars Hedegaard in the Canadian daily National Post (August 27, 2002), published by the Jewish media lord, Israel Asper, a great friend of my country, saying:
“Predominantly Muslim immigrants constitute 5% of the population but consume upwards of 40% of the welfare spending. Muslims are only 4% of Denmark’s 5.4 million people but make up a majority of the country’s convicted rapists, an especially combustible issue given that practically all the female victims are non-Muslim”.
I am not sure one can be more racist than that, even if one includes Der Sturmer. But somehow nobody is worried about it.


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Israel Shamir is a critically acclaimed and respected Russian Israeli writer. He has written extensively and translated Joyce and Homer into Russian. He lives in Jaffa, is a Christian, and an outspoken critic of Israel and Zionism.

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