Taliban storms NATO logistic compound in E. Afghanistan, 4 killed

News Brief — June 9, 2014

Four people were killed and at least 25 NATO trucks were torched after gunmen broke into a logistic compound in eastern Afghanistan early Monday.
The vehicles were torched when the assailants, who were armed with firearms and explosive belts, attacked the terminal in the city of Jalalabad, which is 120km east of the capitol Kabul. Three assailants and two Afghan security forces were killed in the gun battle that followed.
The attack began shortly after midnight when one militant set off a car bomb at the entry of the compound to open the way for two other armed militants to break into the complex, a security source told Xinhua anonymously.
“Two militants attached bombs to logistic trucks and exploded about 25 vehicles. Most of the trucks caught fire and destroyed. The militants were killed by security forces,” he said.
The were reportedly no foreign soldiers in the complex at the time it was attacked.
The Taliban insurgent group has subsequently claimed responsibility for the attack.
The insurgency has been more active since the militant group launched its seasonal summer offensive against the Afghan government forces and the more than 51,000 NATO-led troops stationed in the country.
The militant group has urged civilians to stay away from official gatherings, military convoys and bases, which the Taliban regards as the legitimate targets. In addition to warning locals not to support the government or coalition forces, which the militants regard as an army of occupation.

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