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Kevin Boyle — No One To Vote For June 8, 2014

Dear local MP,
Millions of British citizens are completely disconnected from the political process and have come to regard our own establishment as an enemy within.
The mass immigration that suppresses working-class incomes, the fact our young people often cannot afford to even rent a place to live, our subjugation to EU rule, the siphoning of wealth in the direction of the super-rich, the looting of public funds to save the banks that sunk our economy, the pursuance of continual war against people that offer no threat against us……
……from these realities, we the people are forced to conclude that whatever the political class is up to, it is not interested in serving our interests.
Government propaganda can only delay the British people’s full realisation of the betrayals perpetrated against them.
I hope the Conservative and Labour parties (we make no such appeal to the Lib Dems, they being comprised mostly of idiots incapable of realising the damage perceived betrayal will cause them) will consider the plight of our oppressed and sorely abused people and, (as you have so nobly done in Syria, Ukraine, Libya and elsewhere) please fund our opposition to the ongoing tyranny that causes our people so much distress?
Government power in the UK is based on a pantomime of democracy.
Its morality (like every aspect and every kind of Marxism) is insincere, designed to seduce gullible minds into accepting the creeping and ever-more pervasive tyranny that so obviously prevails.
The secret trials proposed over the past days is simply the next logical step in such processes (we can’t have the government’s participation in the terrorism [we pretend to abhor] exposed, can we?)
Account number and sort code to follow.
All my love,


Teacher (physics/maths), would-be Christian, pro-community, anti-hierarchy.

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