Iran boasts of ‘unmatched’ air defense, warns U.S. its time is limited

Introduction — June 3, 2014

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei views the Third of Khordad Air Defence system. Click to enlarge

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei views the Third of Khordad Air Defence system. Click to enlarge

Actually there is good reason to believe that this is more than mere “boasting”. For years U.S. and Israeli officials implied that military action might be taken against Iran with the oft repeated phrase that all options  were open.
Again and again and again the phrase all options was used in reference to dealing with Iran. The inference being that if Iran didn’t comply with demands over its nuclear program military force would be used.
Even though no proof was ever provided that Iran had a nuclear weapons program, as with Iraq’s alleged WMD the accusation was made repeatedly to help justify, if only subliminally, taking military action against Iran.
Perhaps in recognition of Iran’s developing military capability however, direct U.S. military intervention never materialised. Instead more underhand techniques were used. On the one hand a string of assassinations, thought to be orchestrated by Mossad, abruptly terminated the careers of several top Iranian nuclear scientists.
While on the other hand Iran’s Green opposition movement suddenly sprang into life, helped by the infusion of cash and covert assistance from the West.
However both these efforts came to naught.
Iran probably redoubled the security surrounding its scientists because after a spate of assassinations in 2010-2011 none have been murdered since. While Iran’s “green movement”, which for a while the Western media portrayed as a serious threat to the mullahs, has barely been seen or heard in recent years.
So with Western efforts to covertly undermine Iran having failed the next option was Syria. Being Iran’s biggest ally in the Middle East made it a prime target, if only because conflict with Syria offered the opportunity for an indirect flanking attack on Iran.
So with the assistance of Western allied gulf states that provided money, weapons and Sunni fighters from around the globe, strife ensued in Syria. Although the western media initially portrayed it as ‘civil war’ — while conveniently overlooking the fact that most of the ‘Syrian opposition’ fighters were not even Syrian — the conflict was an indirect threat to Iran and Russian interests.
Hence continued support for President Assad from both.
If Assad had fallen Iran would have been more isolated and Russia would have lost a strategically important Mediterranean port facility. In the worst case scenario Iran might even have been drawn directly into the conflict, offering the West the excuse to launch direct military strikes on Tehran.
However, it was not to be. Having seen off Sunni Jihadists following an ongoing military campaign Syrian President Assad seems more secure than ever. While Iran continues to develop its military power to the point where it would pose a serious threat to any potential aggressor. Including the U.S..
Western journalists may deride Iran’s claims but these are the very same journalists that once reported seriously on Saddam’s mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction. You can be pretty sure however that Western intelligence won’t dismiss Iran’s latest claims, at least not among themselves.
Leaving America with that one final option to deal with Iran, apart from honestly coming to terms with it. But as Lieutenant Commander Hossein Salami implies below, time is running out for America and should it decide on direct military confrontation it might be in for a nasty shock.

Iran boasts of ‘unmatched’ air defense, warns U.S. its time is limited

Michael F. Haverluck — One News Now June 3, 2014

Before boasting about Iran’s unparalleled “top secret” air defense systems Saturday, one of Iran’s top military leaders told Muslim news sources days earlier that the “global U.S. empire is coming to an end.”

Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Lieutenant Commander Hossein Salami made it quite clear to the world that he believes Iran is about to give the world a big surprise.

“The [Islamic] revolution has changed the balance of power to such an extent that no security and political equation in the Muslim world is possible without winning Iran’s satisfaction,” Salami told the Fars news agency.

The lieutenant commander went on to express that Iran’s Muslim allies around the world are no longer “stretching out a red carpet” for American officials.

One recent example of this, according to Salami, took place when President Barack Obama was forced into a surprise/unannounced visit of U.S. soldiers at Afghanistan’s Bagram Air Field to celebrate Memorial Day weekend, when the commander-in-chief told them their nation’s longest war would end before the year’s close.

Salami stressed that while Iran is growing in power and influence among Muslims, the presence of U.S. troops in Islamic nations across the globe is declining as its foothold in these areas is weakening.

The Muslim military leader also sent out a warning to those getting in Iran’s way. “Any enemy plot will entail an unexpected ending for him and this is due to the Iranian nation’s reliance on religious and Islamic beliefs,” Salami warned.

The brigadier general attributes part of Iran’s growing threat to its recent technological advances in its military that he says are top-secret and will “remain confidential.”

Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami

Brig. Gen. Hossein Salami

According to Salami (left), the Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ new “unlimited range” drones and air missile defense system that replaces the S-300 system, which it was formerly slated to purchase from Russia, is more advanced than anything on the planet.

“[It is] an air defense system more advanced than what they didn’t supply to us, due to their strategic interests,” Salami told Iran’s state-run media, saying it has “pinpoint precision capability when fired at mobile targets.”

His boast was an attempt to put Iran’s military might in perspective.

“This might be impossible in terms of science, but it is true and, in addition to us, only the Russians might possess this technology and even the Americans do not have it,” Salami continued.

Salami claims that above Iran’s new missile defense system, complete with drones, the IRGC’s new missiles are capable of high-altitude missions “without being limited in range.” He emphasizes that these enhancements are taking his forces over the top.

“[The Iranian Revolutionary Guards] stand atop the world, given its hundreds of martyrdom-seeking battalions and hundreds of highly trained combat battalions,” the commander expressed.

This view of Iran’s military dominance has recently been corroborated by fellow Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander Mohammed Jafari.

“Islamic revolution is not confined to Iran’s borders,” Jafari proclaimed in a recent press conference. He asserted that Iran must retaliate against “Satanic crimes “perpetrated by the United States and Israel.

He stressed that the battlefield stretches beyond Iran’s borders when it comes to jihad.

“Syria will turn into a more dangerous and deadly battlefield than the Vietnam War, and in fact, Syria will become the second Vietnam for the United States,” Jafari said weeks ago, promising that a military attack led by the U.S. against Syria would result in Israel’s “imminent destruction.”

Piling up the warnings, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sent a message to the U.S. last week that Iran is not intimidated by Western threats and that America’s diminishing global influence is being supplanted by Iran’s expanding reach. He maintains that the U.S. peacekeeping attempts are little less than a ruse for global dominance.

“Today the pretext [for Western pressure] is the nuclear issue, another day it is human rights, and some other time, it will be something else,” Khamenei said.

He says Iran is continuing to garner global support to impede the “imperialist” motivations of the U.S. Khamenei fuels this with the allegation that America’s endeavors to curb Iran’s nuclear program are just another excuse the West uses to try and “bully” the Islamic Republic, but he insists that the U.S. will succumb in the end.

“The [U.S.] got angry, so let them,” Khamenei stated. “Let them die in their anger.”


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