Freemasonry – Marriage Wrecking Ball

by Henry Makow Ph.D. — (from Aug. 22, 2012)

Checker board symbolism that is the hallmark of Freemasonry. Click to enlarge

Checker board symbolism that is the hallmark of Freemasonry. Click to enlarge

If the testimony of Freemason wives is an indication, the cult takes the place of marriage and family and conspires to break them up. The testimony below is selected from a forum on divorce devoted to Freemason wives. The women paint a consistent picture of men who want only to be with their “brothers,” who put their Masonic vows over marriage vows, who are led to infidelity in order to compromise and blackmail them, who worship Lucifer, and who devote all their time and money to the Lodge. Invariably, family neglect leads to heartbreak and divorce. It is outrageous that this satanic cult has been allowed to flourish unchallenged, and rot society to the core. They and their Cabalist Jewish sponsors are the reason humanity is headed in the wrong direction.
Here are some examples from the forum:
“I have done a lot of research on this group and i hate to break the news to everyone: it is a CULT!! …they will never ever fix their lips to say the truth. They have been brainwashed. Now after 19 years i am going to have to learn to live without my wonderful -best friend i ever had – my husband. THANK YOU MASONS I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY FOR BREAKING UP YET ANOTHER MARRIAGE!!!!!”
For 18 years my husband and I were partners in life. I loved him, was always there for him. I could count on him; he was there for me. Everything changed when he joined the Masons. He became a master mason , Shriner and a member of the Q. At first I went with him to functions that wives were allowed to attend. I was greeted with a cold reception from the other wives . My husband assured me that would change if I would join the women’s groups. I wanted nothing to do with this super secret organization Being a Mason takes precedence over all other,even wife and family . My husband was never home. He attended many important meetings and conventions where wives are not allowed. I learned that prostitutes are an important part of these conventions and meetings.
Wives are only important as props . Attachments to the members arm as he is honored and moving up in chairs. A wife completes the uniform and gives the appearance of being good and honorable men . Some of these honored ladies have been with these men for than twenty years as Masons. They have to know , but their friends and social lives are centered in the Freemasons, the men they love.
After many years of sharing our computer, my husband locked me out. After twenty six years our marriage is ending with divorce. I had his pass word removed from our computer. In it I found a prostitute service Shriners use when away from wives. I found the name of one of the wives that he shares a porn site with. He has been in a relationship with the widow of a Mason and with other women for a long time. Cheating and messing around on their wives is one of the secrets. My husband has found a prop. If I could have played along my husband, he wouldn’t be trying to put me out with only my personal belongings.
Please don’t tell me that Mason do good and kind acts with their secrets. Yes my husband has changed for the worst. I am almost afraid because some judges and lawyers in Las Vegas are Masons. (ksk)


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