Madness is Only a Seashell Beyond the Sea’s Reach

Visible Origami — June 2, 2014

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You know how it is. You walk around in the world and most of the time it just looks like it always does. The mountains are still there (if you live by the mountains). The ocean is still there (if you live by the ocean). The seashells come and go. The sidewalks and streetlamps, as well as the crowds of people, are still there (if you live in the city). It’s back of the Hollywood setup where other things are taking place; back where the two by fours hold up the fake house fronts. It’s where things like this are going on. The war is everywhere. The war against you and I is in full swing and it’s an unholy war being engaged in by the perennial Tribe/Satanists/Atheist combine  In The Ukraine where the Zionists committed The Holodomor they have now taken over the highest political positions in the country.
In Zio-run Chicago, where 9/11 conspirator and practicing Satanist, Rahm Emanuel is rocking the madness and his horned master is tapping his cloven hooves to the beat, death is everywhere it seems. Perhaps you will note the number of women being shot for no apparent reason. This is something quite odd and looks like a very calculated affair. It doesn’t appear to be indicative of the usual gang activities. Something is up with that.
Of course, the relentless black helicopter tanks of the PC monsters grind onward ceaselessly  and the rehabilitation work on the behalf of absolute scum continues apace. This particular online periodical is worth a look to see who the large majority of the writers are and what the overwhelming focus of the subject matter is. I started out my internet writing thing at a forum there, called The Best of the Fray. It was a hotbed of self important, liberal intellectuals crossing swords with right wingers and you can imagine how I fared with the topics I presented. It was a free for all. The outrage, on the day I was made a gold star poster, was something to see. The scene got dismantled and they all migrated to wherever the new arguments were to be had and I went on to this.
Okay, as is usual, I’ve tiptoed through the Belladonna (to the windowsill) for a short time in the posting and now, we will shortly move on to our real intentions, sooner or later. The madness of places like San Francisco continues to press forward to where the earth will soon shake in outrage. It would be comical were it not so tragic. Due to PC concerns they can do nothing about The Rat Lady. We know about Afghanistan and why the International Consortium of high ranking politician and banker drug dealers, directly associated with the ones who committed 9/11 and then blamed it on Afghanistan, marched their killers into the land. We now know there are other reasons as well. It’s all high comedy at the moment, except that horror lurks in the wings behind nonsense like this. It’s all about rendering the important things absurd and I’m not talking about religion, which has been absurd for a long time. I’m talking about the incomprehensible truth and beauty that religion conceals. There is some really weird shit going on. I was puzzled about that very dramatic article, concerning popes and child sacrifices, as well as the naming of so many important others. Something didn’t seem right; not that they wouldn’t get up to such things and not that they aren’t, in fact, up to these things. Something wasn’t right and… as is my nature, my mind, on it’s own, probes and probes until the truth comes out or the lie is revealed.
So it is that I came across one Kevin Annett. He’s been a busy little bee, our Kevin Annett, hasn’t he? The litany of this fellow goes on and on. Oh what the heck, there are pages and pages on this fellow but… there was nothing about him in that article and this court in Brussels seems to not be a court at all. I may be guilty on occasion of not fully having researched something but I do not rest until I get it right, nor to I claim it must be so. I use disclaimers. I owe you that much and I owe myself that much. This leads me to where I have been headed since I sat down to write this piece.
In my last posting I declared that… in my opinion, Edward Snowden is a disinfo shill and if not, then at best he is a tool. He’s also a whiny and ungrateful fellow and I’ve no use for him. Did he or did he not destroy all those files which were, allegedly, the reason for his flight and so forth? But this is all secondary to the fact that he believes the outrageously nonsensical official story about 9/11 and the Boston Marathon. Once again, someone appears on the scene like Julian Assange and says a whole lot of nothing important, so as to misdirect the attention of the world from what’s really going on. Of course, there was something to be said about the extent of the spying but we already knew about that. It’s been clear for awhile just how intrusive, brutal and corrupt our governments have become under the heel of international bankers.
As a result of what I said, there are people who have objected to my saying it, or felt I was incorrect and when I didn’t ameliorate the situation, or play the diplomatic angle that one might expect from someone like me, doing the work I do, I expect I may have alienated someone or other here or there. That kind of thing is bound to happen and I pretty much expect it. I’m going to try to be crystal clear here and hope I can reach each and every heart so affected. I am sincerely sorry when I offend someone in the course of my work. Unfortunately, given what I do, it is unavoidable. If there were ever someone who knows the difference between fairweather friends and real friends and a friend and an acquaintance. It would be me. For whatever the karmic reasons may or might have been, I’ve experienced the very worst kind of treachery in my life; teaching moments, no doubt …but… I never seem to learn. I keep trusting people and hoping they are what they say they are but more often than not, when push comes to shove or when times get tough- more often then not, people will fail you. On the plus side, I do have a lot of friends, real friends and many of them I don’t even know and, of course, I’ve got my invisible friends which, by this time are a proven commodity to more than just me.
I have to walk a fine line and regardless of the small minority who have their gripes, since I stepped on one of their frogs; didn’t share their level of self appreciation, didn’t take them as seriously as they do, don’t cater to their self importance, or whatever, as I said in last night’s radio show, I don’t take myself seriously so how can I take anyone else seriously. None of us are as important as we think we are, nor are we correct as often as we think we are. Many of us are impulsive and then when we realize it later, it’s too much to backtrack on. If we can’t admit we are wrong and if we can’t be properly chagrined at our errors, we aren’t going to get very far. I’d like to think I do this and I am working on it full time. There is no project greater to me than continued self improvement and I am fully open to whatever changes need to be made and whatever difficulties I have to pass through. I fail again and again at doing things perfectly but I will never cease trying and in the end, as it’s been said, ” a fool who persists in his folly will be made wise”. Of course there are a lot of ways to take that quote (grin). William Blake said that “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.”

The point is, I deal with many, many multiples of circumstance each and every day. I deal with large numbers of people, some of whom I will never meet. As it stands, I do the best I am capable of and I sincerely give my all to the task but I cannot expect perfection in all my endeavors and no one else should either. It’s easy to snipe at anything from the outside. It all looks different from the inside. Each of us has to remember how difficult it is for any one of us to be ourselves all the time. Then there is the matter of personality. No way does any personality mesh effortlessly with every other. It doesn’t happen. Then there is the matter of mirror projection. People project their own shortcomings and dishonesties upon others. They believe the motives of others are like their own motives. This is not the case. So it is that we all have to live with other people thinking we are just like them, which we are not.
I had no ill to say about Snowden until just the other day. Even though there were some number of people who considered him a fraud from the getgo and expected me to share their view. I do not share anyone’s view until I share it. I had a woman get on my case a year or two ago because I stated that Julian Assange was a fraud (which he is). She said he could not be a fraud because he was an Australian. That’s a hell of an argument isn’t it? I didn’t know what to say to her and I never heard from her again.
People come and go around here for whatever the reason. It takes a lot of time and interplay for me to consider someone a friend. I’m in no hurry for it. I have to do my job right, regardless of whatever inconsistencies or otherwise may appear here and there, I have to try at least. If it works for you, it works for me. So… all that said, if you’re put off by my take on Snowden, I’m sorry but… I’m not going to change it based on what he has revealed about himself and if I don’t play the personality games you desire of me that isn’t going to change but… I will change in many other ways, every day and so will you, if you choose to. Like it or not, we’re in this together, so the best thing we can offer is some small degree of latitude for one another as we go on our way.
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