Out of the Echoing Darkness the Avatar is Coming

Reflections in a Petri Dish — May 31, 2014

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Predictable trends in logarithmic expansion continue. This is quite similar to a recent event in Garden Grove. You may soon expect the unexpected callers at the homes of the rich. This is pretty muHere’s some more ‘protect and serve’ coupled with absolute ch a given. Speaking of crime, how about a shout out to the Blue Meanies? stupidity and juxtaposed by a horrific indifference. Whether it is the ubiquitous infiltration of Israeli instructors and policy, or whether it is a matter of collective possession by demonic entities, the police are now uniformly (pun intended) and reflexively brutal.
It’s official, I have nothing but contempt for Edward Snowden. Previously the jury was out. I didn’t particularly like or dislike him but after the self serving crap he recently said and his pandering for Howdy Doody, proving he’s an utter moron or a tool; most likely the latter since he can’t be lacking in intelligence given his former means of employment, though anything is possible… well, I’ve no more to say on the matter. He says he destroyed all the files. Does that make any kind of sense whatsoever? Then he mentions seeking to evade possible torture by the Russians. Were I Putin I would throw him out on his ass; ungrateful prat. Here’s a steaming load of bullshit meant to fog up the mirrors about 9/11
One of the players in the Israeli orchestrated 911 attacks, Michael Bloomberg, wants Snowden prosecuted for something which, whatever it was, was nothing compared to what Bloomberg and his cronies in Israel did.
The war against culture and sanity continues as gay head of The Interior, Sally Jewell sets in motion statues and memorials for distinguished gays. Yeah… modesty is on track to become a crime with the younger set Every single one of these multipronged efforts are designed to stick a fork in it. The PC juggernaut roars down the pike, interfering in every area of human interaction.
I’m going to sidestep away from this ongoing train wreck for a moment and give some notice to a couple of artists out there who are spreading the word, albeit in the first case the statement is quite strong but it doesn’t hold a candle to what is pumped out by rap on a daily basis. Here we see Bob Rylett venting Bob’s written a lot of interesting tunes about 9/11 and related matters. Now for something from my favorite unknown maestro, Scott Armstrong, banging on the Jew’s Harp but it’s mostly what he does after this that trips me out. He’s gigging in Goa most every year. This guy can sing like no one I have been up close with or sang with ever before and he plays everything like it came out of the womb with him. I’m expecting a visit from him shortly and that will be one of the high points of this year for me. He’s some kind of an inexplicable channel and when you watch him you know something other than only him is coming through. Every now and again I feel like giving a little publicity to people I appreciate and/or admire. Now back to whatever it is I’m doing here.
I HAVE TO post this again. It is the single most riveting piece of news I’ve run across in a long while How can this possibly be being blacked out on the catamite media? It has to break through at some point and when it does? Holy shit (pun intended)! What does this tell us about the majority of those at the top of the tier in politics, religion and entertainment? We know Lord Mandelson is deep into this kind of thing and obviously Jimmy Saville was highly placed. Here’s the thing, you got the high profile players like The Popes, the business leaders, the politicians and entertainers and then… then you got the highly disciplined black magicians that are the minders for each and everyone of them. In some cases these are visible entities and maybe we ought to pay more attention to the social gatherings of these twits and who attends. In some cases the entities are invisible and have been precipitating evil outward into the manifest for a good long while, in some cases centuries. When you go traveling about in the invisible realms, everything comes down to personal motivations and intentions. This very quickly attracts to you those whose job descriptions fit with what you are after, regardless of whether you know what that is. they certainly do. Before I continue to the concluding thoughts, which is why I went into this—
…Let me point out what appears to be behind that startling declaration about Pope’s and sundry. This should give anyone a great deal of thought and put into perspective what the motive engine behind all of this is. I don’t know any more than most about any of this but it makes you wonder. Now back to where I was, with the other, which came out of this consideration of the utter depravity of the rich and powerful.
Although it is definitely not common knowledge, it is one of the tenets of ‘ageless wisdom’ that somewhere around every 2200 years, an avatar shows up to sweep the planes clean of all the evil operatives who have been in business and growing in power and influence, ever since the previous avatar came around. Things are never clear and consistent for very long in The Kali Yuga. In other, more light saturate yugas, conditions are more lasting and over all more benevolent toward harmonious life. It’s been so long since weve seen any of that that the very memory of it has vanished from the ‘anals’ of history. Regardless, further according to ‘ageless wisdom’, the Aquarian Age, which we are entering with a general and pervasive reluctance and dragging of feet, is supposed to usher in a period of universal brotherhood, or something similar and not so sexist (given that the word police are never far away). In any case, this implies a period that would not be dissimilar to a golden age, somewhere on the horizon, in this seemingly interminable darkness before the dawn.
At present there is all kinds of chaos going on on the inner planes, as the avatar makes his presence felt upon the long entrenched residences of demonic creatures, whose deceptive and parasitical activities have long been a bane upon the lives of all of us. They say a new broom sweeps clean and the avatar has one of those. What we have to keep in mind is the inevitability of this. NOTHING can hinder or arrest the activities of the avatar. His power is supreme and unstoppable. We can call it a fait accompli because, surely, that is what it is. Regardless of the fact that the cosmos operates according to a different clock that that which mortal life and consciousness is familiar with, it proceeds. It may seem inexorably slow and in that sense be disheartening to those of us who are anxious for change, real change, not Howdy Doody change. It’s coming. It will arrive. It’s is only a question of when and that’s something I personally don’t know but… it will arrive.
As the avatar comes and… in keeping with the theme of universal brotherhood, it stands to reason that this second coming of Christ, which is analogous with it, will come in the collective hearts of humanity and may not manifest in a single life form such as has been the case in former times, when there was considerably less than almost seven billion people moving about. This is something that I hear internally and have heard for a good long while. Maybe I am mistaken but… we’ll see.
Given that this is how it is going to go down, we can look forward to huge leaps in consciousness and awareness in those who are open to or prepared for them. In many other cases it will go unnoticed and even involve a lessening of the consciousness already in place. For many, the manic focus on appetite satisfaction will lead to an increasingly bestial state of expression. Most of this seems, to me, to be nothing more than simple logic; if this is so, then that is so. It’s a good time to pay attention and to have a fixed focus, in anticipation of what is to come.
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