The Ever Intensifying Madness of the Times

Smoking Mirrors — May 30, 2014

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Before it was occasional, it was random and unpredictable. It was what it was but… now… unfortunately, it is what it is. Insanity is riding a six legged horse and no demographic is being spared, save those who will not consent to union scale for the part of an extra in a cast of thousands; in this hokum Biblical epic, based on fraudulent Revelations and accompanied by other doctored scriptures pulled out of the ass end of a broken gyroscope of confused planets. This twisted symphony of dissonant voices; this unmanaged chaos, is akin to the sound of countless thousands of swine in a slaughterhouse. It’s not Ave Maria that we are hearing. Crazy? Gone with the wind Cyonotic? Collective violent outrage by those too privileged to appreciate what they have is the new schematic when corruption has reached the point of worship, smells good and then an automatic Pavlovian sexual response emerges from the visceral brain where you get rule bymob. The reality of it all should be clear even to the mentally challenged.
On the one hand how is it possible that people don’tsee and what is going to be left when the obvious comes to pass?
Funny huh?
Could it be any more certain what is on the horizon? I’m watching it all ina sort of horrifically transfixed state of WTF. The sheer horror and inanity of it all. One day follows the next and for every example given there are at least a dozen more that could be given but one is enough to be emblematic of this or that powerful trend down… down into whatever is down there. I find myself, unconsciously sometimes, walking in the forest, or somewhere, thinking and thinking and then saying, “Dear Lord, how long… how long?”
Yesterdaya reader sent this in to me. At first I thought it might be one of those hoax postings because of the intensity and graphic evil of the claims made against the highest authorities in this church. It’s not that I did not believe them to be capable of it; it just hit with a great deal of force. Then several people commented to tell me it wasn’t a hoax. Then someone wrote to tell me it was even worse, then someone sent it to me again. I guess it has gotten a lot of interest. This won’t be showing up on the mainstream news because the people who own the mainstream news are without a doubt also engaged in similar things. In lieu of reporting on this, we getwhat they consider important and on the heels of these things they mainline their coming objectives. The disconnect between the real and the irrelevant in someminds is… well, I don’t know what it is.
And let us not forget the connections between things like this and the relentless forces of themarketplace. I thought…, I assumed that all of what is nutritionally valuable in the potato is in the skin. Perhaps I am wrong, just as I am probably wrong about brown rice being of far superior value than white rice. I do not doubt that the white rice lobby will inform all of us about the intrinsic vitamin and mineral power of white rice. Then there’s the white flour which they remove all of the nutrients from while in storage, so that the rats and cockroaches won’t eat it. Then they, allegedly add it all back again, when they make those loaves of bread that you can reduce to the size of a baseball by compressing the whole thing in your hands. I have done this.
The absurdity… it is impressive. It is amazing the degree to which it pushes and pusheS and the arguments that attend it, such as “My comfort with my body should not be dictated by how others perceive me. However, I don’t wish to force this view on anyone.” “If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me,” she added. I’m trying to get my head around the part where she says, “I don’t wish to force this view on anyone.” There’s obviously more going on with all of this than what appears on the surface. It could be just one of those things where someone, even with the association of powerful family ties, possesses such marginal talent that it is necessary to generate publicity from other areas, like M. Cyrus and the tongue lolling twerks, or the completely staged antics of people who can fabricate events simply because they have all kinds of money.
I’m linking all of these things for a reason and posting them in Smoking Mirrors, when many of them, more appropriately belong in Petri Dish, because I want to illustrate something while it is still fresh in my mind. Okay… let’s consider the lidless eye of Sauron, the single eye of the illuminati; then factor in the force of ‘appearances’ as it applies to the eye as the organ of sight and then consider the 15th Trump of The Devil whose letter of association is Ayin, which means ‘the eye’. The impact of deceptively defined and wrongly interpreted appearances grows in power by the day. We are assaulted on every level by what is not true and the whole illusionary body of them is bulked up like weight lifters on steroids. Meanwhile the gap between what actually is and what is made to appear as what is, grows by leaps and bounds, creating a tautness much like a piano wire being stretched to the point where the laws of physics intrudes with a vengeance. The Center surely cannot hold. We are at all times, mere inches away from some form of spontaneous domino roll and you can see it in people’s eyes; whether this be the glazed fixation of the supremacy of appetite over all other concerns, or the incipient gleam of panic that is the regular state of all who are caught in the midst of endless fabrication, with no integrity of infrastructure upon which to hang.
One can look at this pandemic phenomena as being the work of the devil loosed upon the world for the near certain destruction of the majority of the residents, if one sees things in a Biblical sense, or it can be viewed as the strategic force of Mr. Apocalypse driving every form of insanity to its illogical end; well… it would seem logical as well or… it’s all just a random interplay of overwhelming crazy shit being pushed by a multitude of unrelated and related agendas, in pursuit of a personal triumph over all competing interests or… just the kind of thing that always happens in the transition zone between one age and the next. A lot of the time it is unimportant, after the fact, how you got wherever you got, following the strongest impulses impacting on you because… you’re there and that’s the sum of it and… whatever happens ‘there’ is what happens there. It’s pointless to argue about or speculate over how your legs got trapped in the crocodile’s jaws once that happens. It changes nothing and usually, you can’t reverse the video tape to an earlier point. All you can do is learn from whatever it is that came about, whether by crocodile or any other medium, provided you are around to do so. Of course, should any form of after life be a reality, one supposes you might learn at that point.
I want to point out that the madness of many permutations is rapidly increasing in an exponential way, just as the vermin which feeds on the carrion remaining, after whatever it is that happens, happens, are increasing in size and number by leaps and bounds like the rats in New York City. It just doesn’t seem that it can end well in the main. That goes against any theory one might conceive of otherwise, based on available evidence. It’s just getting more and more manic, at a higher and higher rate of speed. It’s some kind of demented, out of control, amusement park ride. Are those screams of terror? Are they screams of excitement? It’s hard to say.
I’m left in a state of shocked wonderment, as I watch is all come and go before my eyes, albeit at a significant distance but… is it really that? Two days ago I was returning from a trip and had to make a few stops in order to purchase items for a dinner party I held last night. Prior to this, people I had passed here and there seemed, more or less normal but on this day, it was as if every demented and perverted type in the area had all, by some sort of secret homing signal, converged upon those places I was passing through. I don’t know now if I was experiencing one of those hyper reality states that comes and goes with me or… was it just as it appeared? At one point I was in line and I felt this venomous energy coming at me and I knew it was the person behind me. I turned and saw this massively obese woman glaring at me. There was no reason for it but it was palpable. Her face was twisted into a monstrous state that might have been her usual state and everywhere I went and every time I turned, as I made my way homeward I saw another example. Someone or something had ripped the surface Formica off of the faces of the people as I passed. It was unsettling to say the least.
Lately I have also been having extremely intense dreams. I won’t describe any of them due to space and time constraints of the moment but they seem near prophetic in content and intensity and I awaken thinking, something’s coming. Something that has been coming for a long time, driven by inevitability and the collective pressure of millions upon millions of minds, at a far remove from the stable and sane, is coming round the bend and definitely not riding six white horses. I’m finding it hard to sketch out a clear expression of all I’ve seen and felt in recent days. What I have listed and linked here is only a fragment of what I have encountered and there’s a much wider awareness of the whole inside my head. I can’t know yet if this is responsible for the increase in my perception of the totality of now, in all it’s diversity of moments round the globe, or whether the cover is coming off of it all. what is pending… what is arriving …but not yet present it… it could take any kind of shape. It might be some very dramatic events or series of events, or it might be an instantaneous heightening of awareness in every consciousness where this is still possible. I don’t know. What I sense though is that it is transformative beyond anything preceding it. I’m not afraid… it’s more like watching a movie and knowing you are not in the movie. Many people might still be terrified, as they are when they watch a movie and are sucked into the performance. Those who know it is only a performance are not moved and can even see nuance as it comes and goes or doesn’t arrive at all (grin).
That’s all I’ve got to say to this point; this garbled, cluttered and inconsistent mess you just waded through but… it’s what I got. I hope for better in coming days, at least from my end of the contribution.
End Transmission…….

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